Could This “Simple” Strategy Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever?

Posted on 06. Jan, 2011 by in Performance, Singing

The economic situation is and has been tough for many.  We live in challenging times.  There is a lot of fear in the world.  Yet, 2011 could very well be your best year ever.   In fact, what if the following strategy would make success inevitable for 2011?

Whether success to you is to make more money, become more recognized as an artist and human being, attract greater love, or whatever, the key is really to become more valuable.
That’s probably no news to you, but the question is how do you become more valuable?

I firmly believe that it is far easier to become more valuable when we take the whole concept a step further and think about how we can make other people more valuable.

You become successful by making other people successful.  You become more valuable by making other people more valuable.  You become more powerful by empowering others.

But how does that work in the real world?

Beginner artists often make the mistake that they think people will or should show up to their concerts to “support them”.  Many live with the belief that “if I only get a chance I’ll reward you later” or “help me now and I’ll reward you later”.  Many grow up with a sense of entitlement. I think it is very hard to become a truly compelling artist, or gain much success in any endeavor, with this backwards mindset.

An artist becomes successful when the members of his/her audience have an emotional experience that is incredibly valuable for them.  Emotional experiences are indeed valuable for us all.  If you are part of a choir that creates a wonderful emotional experience for your audience, you are valuable to both the audience and to your choir. The more valuable the event is to the audience, the more often they want to come, and the more people will come.

If you want to earn more money, the same principles apply. If you can become more valuable to the people who pay you, you can also be paid more – whether that means becoming more valuable to one person or to a larger amount of people.
But, as I mentioned, what if we take it a step beyond “becoming more valuable”…

How does your customer, patient, client, student, audience, company, organization, community become more valuable to the people they interact with? If you can be part of that, then your value to them automatically increases and you can be rewarded tremendously – in the form of money, respect, opportunities, friendships, etc.

If a company gets the feeling that you will increase the value of the company you will be hired, you will be able to demand a higher salary or other benefits. If you audition and the producers feel that you will increase the value of the production, you will get the part.

I, as a coach, become more successful the more I can empower and make other people successful.  My job is not only to “be valuable” for my clients or customers but to make my clients and customers more valuable to their audience or the people they interact with.  My constant thought process is “what can I do to make them more successful”. It is a constant process of learning, growing and developing better and better ideas and strategies.  But it is that thought process that feeds the ideas. That thought process makes getting up in the morning very exciting. And I believe that thought process coupled with acting on the thoughts makes success in some form rather inevitable.

What do you think?

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