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Today, here in the US, is the day of Thanksgiving.  And, as we all know, reflecting on what we are grateful for is a very powerful activity.

As we get into reflecting on what we are grateful for, the more things pop up in our mind.  It’s one of those things that expand the more we do.

Gratitude comes easily as a result of success.  But I think it’s even more valuable if we embrace the belief that gratitude is a precursor to success (however we define success).  Perhaps gratitude is even a prerequisite for success.

As I look back, I am exceptionally grateful for having suddenly lost my health, voice and therefore gone broke some years ago.

If it hadn’t happened, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the kick in the rear to realize the importance of publishing my method that previously had helped so many people.

But the truth is, although I was miserable many times, there was something inside me that knew there was an opportunity.  I knew I couldn’t publish anything unless I healed first.  I couldn’t speak about health and about improving the body with integrity unless I could be a role model for what was possible. And I knew “healing” wasn’t enough.  I needed to become stronger, healthier and more knowledgeable than I had been if I were to expect success.

Even then, and every time I face a challenge now, I feel gratitude for the opportunity to grow, improve and learn something I need to learn

I am grateful for the back injury I had as a kid. Would I ever have become so interested in learning about the body and mind if I hadn’t experienced it?  Would I have experienced my achievements in sports if I hadn’t? Would I then have become a performer, coach, etc?

We’ve all heard the old talk about “obstacles being stepping stones to success”.  I am immensely grateful that I never believed that it was just “positive talk” from people who already had “made it”, but that I realized at an early age that it is actually true.

Yes, I am of course even more grateful for the painful events after the fact.  Let’s face it, it’s much easier to talk about being grateful when we no longer are in the moment of despair and pain.

However, I truly believe that reflecting on what we can be grateful for – even if it is just seemingly small stuff  –  is what becomes the fuel for healing and improving.

And of course I am extremely grateful for YOU – for you who are reading this, for all my customers, clients and members of The Singing Zone.  Hearing your stories – your struggles and your successes – is what gives me the reason to do what I do.  Your emails, your comments on this blog, your amazing insights and ways of assisting other members in The Singing Zone forum are just phenomenal.

You are inspiring and I Thank You!

As always you are welcome to share your thoughts.  Maybe you have found gratitude to be a way that has helped you out of pain?

With gratitude,

Per Bristow

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70 Responses to “THANK YOU!”

  1. Jean Gordon

    30. Mar, 2013

    Dear Per:
    Thank you so much for your Thank You letter! I did reply when I read it, but for some reason or other it did not go through. I am so grateful for having read about you, and being able to correspond with you! Nothing happens by chance! I thank God for people like you who make positive things happen out of not too bright situations! Even when I cannot offord paying for your courses, I am grateful that you keep e-mailing me and not giving up on me! I know it takes away your precious time that you need for your paying students, but God will repay your time and kindness with more paying students! I get so excited when I hear from you, because I know you care about people.
    Thank you, and God bless.

  2. Robert

    10. Mar, 2013

    Thx.Per.I,m motivated more everyday to be able to walk a little better,have some health issues but just want to say that just fr reading some of U,r tips has helped be to sing better than before,just by relaxing my face and vocalchords has inproved my range.I hoping in the near future,when i get back to work to take your singing course..Thx for being human an so relatable.

  3. Mary Young (Penny)

    08. Mar, 2013

    What can I say, it has been said over and over again. You truly have a beautiful spirit. What is important in life you posess.
    Giving as you have been given that is the key.
    God Bless You!

  4. Kaleb Stamey

    26. Feb, 2013

    Thank you so much for helping me, because I just like how nice you are and helpful you are to us:) c ya per:)

  5. urmi kotak

    25. Feb, 2013

    hi, a lovely message conveyed and beautifully expressed. i thank you for making me a part it. You have given me a new vision n i thank u for that


    23. Feb, 2013

    Per..I so appreciate your generous heart ..and fully agree about the great power in giving thanks and having a gratitude attitude..yes even the “small” things.I think this opens us up to be ready to move ahead in our lives and see our dreams unfold and I believe like the song title “young at heart” says..being grateful keeps us young at heart no matter how old we are, rich or poor this is a personal trait everyone can develop .My wife and I love to sing together and I’m looking forward to being able to have us both learn from you when we can …thankyou so much

  7. Sherry

    08. Jan, 2013

    I too have had multiple issues with pain, and feeling I needed to throw a pitty party for myself, but recently, that’s changed, and I attribute the change to my renewed belief in my Lord, and my being able to sing again. My joy has increased immensly, and I’m loving it. Thanks Per for making me laugh, relax, and have fun singing. May even try to write some lyrics, like I did as a child, and I was discouraged by my mother. She felt it was a waste of time. I’m going to try. Thanks again.

  8. Terrell

    07. Jan, 2013

    hi I HONESTLy thank you for takeing time out to help in any way, but i do have a concern, an that is iam trying to train myself on breathing right, not so easy. i realize that is most important, an I also have a problom moving frm a mid note to a high note without cracking or fading out please help me to resolve this problem. O by the way you have an amazing story!!!!!

  9. julie Ko

    05. Jan, 2013

    I use to take voice lesson with a very good local Bel Canto teacher in my college days. Due to my love in music i took up bachelor of music in education major in voice as a second courser. I was able to perform a small graduation recital. When i got married, i was involved in my husband corn mill business where the environment was not favorable to my vocal cord. Being allergic to dust, i developed monthly allergic and infection attack. Finding difficulty in singing, i went fo seek medical help and was diagnosed to have permanent nodules and somewhat scar on my throat. Sadly, i can’t sing high note and my throat got hoarse after a few songs. upon seeing your program, i got hooked to it right away, deeply hoping to gain back my voice as you did
    . At the same time i am training my 33 year old son to sing classically which started 3 years ago for a hobby. He has a very good high baritone voice.. He has been invited to sing in weddings and some special events. He sang once with our communicty orchestra and he might be singing again with them at the end of this year. He is still weak on his volume, His voice get throaty when he starts singing loud. he needs improvements on his articulation. His high notes got stiff when he misses the right position. Generally his voice is so beautiful. I am so excited and enthusiastic in implementing your program on him. Thank you Per !!! Thank you too for all the wisdoms you shared with us in every mail. Happy new Year!!!!

  10. parviz

    11. Dec, 2012

    here in iran we have nothing for thanksgiving?here sadness .unhappy.crying are very

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