The  STRATEGIES Of 2024 – How To Make Advertising Your Golden Ticket To Greater Income And Higher Impact!

Tuesday JANUARY 30 - 8 am, US Pacific Time (5 pm Paris Time)

A Special Workshop For You Who Have Gone Through The Business With Freedom Training.

There have been tons of challenges when it comes to facebook and Instagram advertising in the last couple of years.

However, there is a reason why I'm spending thousands of dollars each and every day on advertising. On Thursday you will learn the secrets, and the results of my tests in the last couple of months.  

You should know, that I'm part of high level networking groups with advertising agencies and media buyers, and I test a lot. I am always on the cutting edge of strategies that work and don't work.

If you're not advertising you are losing out. If you advertise in ineffective ways, you are also losing out.

We will cover:

  • How to track and measure effectively
  • How to test with low amounts of money to still get great results
  • How to train the facebook algorithm to work for you
  • How to setup and test campaigns, adsets and ads
  • The different types of biding and the huge mistakes people make when it comes to bidding!
  • How to get greater result than you would compared to hiring an advertising agency!
  • when to use video, when to use images, how much text to use and more!
  • The secrets to audience targeting!
  • Facebook vs Instagram
  • And much, much more

Yes, since you have engaged in the Business With Freedom training, this training is FREE. However, you must register here so I know who and how many are showing up.