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Wohooo, you're in. Fabulous! Now, let's make 2021 amazing!

As promised, I am going to help create a converting sales page for your product. 

They key is to address what you have to offer in a compelling way and make the offer irresistible.

First, go through these questions and dump your brain. Write, write, write (it's not about good or bad) and let me see what you got. What headlines have you played around with? Let me see what you've been thinking.

 If you have already written a sales page or a draft of a sales page, or a presentation video, let me see that. Add links to your websites and social media profiles (if used for business), testimonials, and whatever else I should see in a doc. Then add this document as well as photos if you have some into a dropbox folder or google drive folder that you'll share with me. Add the link in the field below.

Let's do this!

What products/services do you want to make available for sale or sell better. Write what you have right now or what you would really like to have. What are the price points, your back end etc. How will you deliver it? Are these videos, live sessions, or what do they get when they buy?

What problems does this product help solve, or what pain/struggle/challenge does it help with? What are the benefits? What will the customer feel/have accomplished from having engaged in what you have to offer?

Who would benefit most from what you have to offer?

What makes you/your product uniquely equipped to help this person? Why should the person buy this product/service from you instead of someone else?

What kind of person have you helped in the past? What were their struggles, and what benefits did he/she experience? If you have testimonials, let me see them.

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