Here's How To Enhance The Value Of YOU, Your Message, Your Skills And Experiences… Turn That Into Powerful Creations, Products And Services… And Learn To Present, Promote And Attract Customers For Impact, Income And Freedom!

If your income is still confined by geography or you are still being paid for your time, the time has come for you to take the leap into the new economy.

The time has come for you to release greater capabilities within you and recognize greater possibilities of the online world.

How To Create Massive Impact With Little Resources

I'm Per Bristow and perhaps you know that I'm the creator of the Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone and Speak with Freedom program.

In 2008 I made a big decision. I was at that time broke after I'd desperately been working on recovering from a career threatening health issue for 2 years.

Previously, my voice coaching business had started to take off, but with my health in shambles I had to close it down.

It was now 2008, and I had finally regained my health. It was in the midst of the global financial crisis when everybody said not to start a business.

So on June 10, 2008, I launched my coaching online... 

How Is It Possible To Serve People in 146 Countries With Zero Employees And From Wherever?

Today, you may know that my coaching has helped people in 146 countries, and I have launched several products since.

But what you may not know is that although I have a run a multi 7-figure business for 10 1/2 years (yes, it took me 18 months to get to 7 figures), I have zero employees.

I don't hire advertising agencies, but I've spent $11.5 million on advertising.

When I do events around the world. I don't hire production companies or marketing agencies even though I've done events on 4 continents.

I have learned how to run a significant business reaching and serving customers in 146 countries from the comfort of my own home. And I travel when I feel like it.

To Be Secure And Free When Crisis Hits

As you can imagine, a situation such as Covid has no negative impact on a business like mine. I am of course incredibly grateful for that. And that's why I want to help you.

Now, in the last couple of years, even before Covid, more and more people were reaching out wanting me to help them with their businesses. So I did.

I, for example, helped improve and launch a friend's business who went from zero income to making $380,000 in the first 10 days of launching his product.

From Zero To $380,000 In 10 Days 

Now in 2020, due to the covid situation, I put all my energy into creating the most powerful training for the budding online entrepreneur that's available. And that is what you have here today.

(Yes, I'm quite comfortable saying that, as I know of most of the trainings out there.)

I am going to help you, and teach you every necessary ingredient of launching and growing your business.

The Ability To Travel Or Be Home And Make A Difference For Someone Else

Yes, I do love to travel, do events and meet people all over the world.

Imagine being able to earn income whether you travel or whether you stay home.

However, few things are as gratifying as being able to make a difference for someone else, even though you haven't met that person.

Thousand of people have reached out thanking me for having touched their lives. 

And I wake up everyday in gratitude and inspired to make a difference for someone else.

That is why we need to embrace technology, develop the skills of being able to reach people, and be able to make a difference for others.

I Am Going To Teach You Every Necessary Ingredient Of Launching And Growing Your Online Business!

So what are these ingredients?

Why can I accomplish such incredibly results with a small team that others with big teams can't?

I'll give you a few examples, and this is what you'll learn too. 

Why Coaches And Creatives Often Struggle With Business 

I come from a music background and a sports background and moved into coaching. (I was a full-time music teachers straight after high school.) But I had no clue what business was all about.

One of the reasons I wanted to launch my business was because I was tired of the "broke artists syndrome". I was tired of not being able to help my clients with their business and income. I wanted to be a role model for what is possible.

These are some of the areas that I have become really good at and that have enabled me to prosper. And these are the areas that you will become really good at too:

  • Discovering, Releasing And Enhancing Your Unique Abilities - Your Genius – And How To Become More Valuable To Others.
  • Deep Understanding Of, And Empathy For, Human Psychology And Behavior. This is what makes all the difference in every area of human interactions such as coaching, presentations, sales, negotiation, marketing and advertising.)
  • Powerful Presentation Skills. This applies to writing (copywriting) or presenting on video and in person.
  • The Art Of Entrepreneurial And Business Thinking. This is a high level skills that we don't learn in school or in normal life.
  • Math And Numbers. My dad's a mathematician and I have high level math skills , which is one of the reasons why I was been able to explode my business rapidly. I will show you how to do it without having great math skills.
  • Embracing Technology And Automation. Many fear technology, but I will show you how to make technology your greatest friend. This way you save time and energy and become more helpful for others.
  • The True Art Of Marketing And Advertising. If you have something that can improve another person's life it is your responsibility to make sure that person finds you. That is called "marketing".

The Beauty Of Being Able To Positively Impact Others

I remember the heartfelt email I received shortly after a launched my Sing with Freedom/ The Singing Zone program.

A 64 year-old woman had given up on singing 15 years earlier because of the tension her old training had created.

And now she was facing a terminal illness.

Her last wish was to be able to sing again at a small performance and enjoy it again. 

She ended the letter with this:

"I do want you to know that stumbling onto your website resulted in a very precious gift to my life--the ability to enjoy singing (and sing well) again! Thank you for what you are doing!" 

I cry everytime I read it. In fact, even now that I write about it.

What if I hadn't spent all the years and effort of learning how to market myself and what I do?

Her "stumbling across my website" didn't just happen. It was a result of marketing.

This is why we have to get good at marketing.

If You Can Help Another Person Improve Their Life, It Is Your Responsibility To Make Sure He/She Finds You. That Is What We Call "Marketing".

And that's why I have engaged in studying the art of marketing for more than a decade. (I study what's new every single day.)

That is also why those in marketing circles know me as one of the most prolific and effective "marketers" out there. (I'm a member of some of the most elite networking groups out there.)

And again, if you allow me to coach you, then you will get an education unlike anything you've experienced and which will enable you for tremendous growth.

Imagine For A Moment When You:

  • Become Extraordinary At Presenting Yourself, Your Ideas, Your Products And Services!
  • Are No Longer Held Back By Technology But LOVE IT!
  • Become A Highly Skilled Copywriter!
  • Are Able To Sell Effectively Without Being Salesy! (Creative people hate selling and for a good reason. It's time to do it differently.)
  • Create Products In 1/10th Of The Time It Takes Most People! 
  • Never Have To Hire A Web Designer Again!
  • Create Irresistible Offers That People Love! 
  • Build An Email List That Becomes Your Personal ATM (Cash) Machine. Yes, they are wanting you to present an offer!
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website And Social Media In Inexpensive And Innovative Ways!
  • Become Super Effective With Your Time And Energy To Create Massive Progress Without Overwhelm!

Is It Easy To Become Successful?

No. It is, in fact, very difficult. 

And that is why you want serious, comprehensive training and not just some tips, or a course on one subject matter.

I take on what is difficult in life, and I help others take on what is difficult in life. That's why I've become known as an effective coach.

And the beauty is that when you experience progress with what is difficult, it gives you enormous feelings of gratitude. It provides energy, vitality and purpose.

Yes, it gives you freedom.

So to help you be able to really learn the art of prospering doing what you love to do, that is why I have now launched my Business with Freedom training.

Every module is an education in and of itself. However, the real power lies in when we combine all this. That's when you get the real results.

Here's What The Business With Freedom Program Includes:


The Psychology Of Success

However much tactics and practical strategies we learn, success will always come down to psychology – Your psychology, as well as understanding the psychology of your prospects and customers.

Psychology is one of my strengths and this module alone is one of the reason we will ensure your success through this program.


Business Thinking

When you create your first product, your next product suite, your funnel, offer, pricing, etc. how well you succeed very much depends on how you think.

Most people, especially creative people and coaches, don't achieve anything close to what's possible because they haven't learned to think like a business person.


Business Strategy

Here we go into being able to see the options of business strategies that you are building and what you are growing into.

You'll get a clear understanding on what to focus on first, but also realize what will bring the real income after a while.


Business Setup

This crucial module covers what you need to know about the technology needed, and what is not needed. 

How not to waste money on what you don't need, but how to effectively set up a system that can bring you income while planning ahead for growth. 


Clarity And Purpose

Who are you really? What makes you and your product/service unique? What really makes someone want to pay you/buy from you?

The answer to this is many times not the obvious. However, through this process, you will gain insights to make you and your product/service far more attractive to buyers.


Business Building

Here I go through in detail how I built my business from scratch, and what has changed over time. 
I go through how I use technology and automation and behind the scenes processes that you don't know about, and how you can build your business effectively.



Now we're really getting into to the meat of the program.

Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills for success. The foundation lies in the psychology and clarity that we have covered in previous modules.

Here you learn to write powerful headlines and copy that people say yes to. This applies to oral presentations also.


Your Product

You'll learn how to structure and develop your product in the most effective ways. 

You'll learn how to get paid before the product is produced, and how to enhance what you have to make it even more valuable.


Creating The Offer And Your Funnel

The most important aspect of making a sale is how you construct the offer of your product/service. 

You'll learn what only elite marketers know and implement. The successful marketer can create many offers for the same product, and can rapidly create funnels to test new offers in order to find the winner.

And you'll see many case studies!


Presentation In Video and In Person

Video rules in this day and age. If you are the face of your business, you need to be captivating on camera.

As you know, my forte lies in the area of presentation skills and how to engage an audience. Here we cover how to do that, as well as the various tech tools for effective video.


Social Media Savviness

Getting likes on a social media post is not the same as having income. Yes, you can become someone who posts everyday, but you don't have to. 

Yes, I have 780k followers on facebook, but you don't have to. Here we cover the ins and outs and the effectiveness of each platform.


Advertising Mastery

I have personally spent $11,5 million profitably on advertising. Five times I have hired high-end advertising agencies and everytime they have done worse than I do myself.

You might as well learn from someone who has actually has done it and knows all the ins and outs. Hiring an advertising agency is the last thing you need to do.

Every Module Is An Education In And Of Itself

Yes, please realize that every single one of these modules could be made into a stand alone course and be sold at a significant price.

But the real power of this training is the combination of skills. That's how you really build a business.  

You need the psychology, copywriting, business thinking, understanding of math and metrics, presentation skills, how to build high-converting funnels, opt-in pages, sales pages, etc.

Now you can be in charge of growing your dream business.

New Videos And Case Studies Are Added Regularly

Having these skills you can now effectively choose what to outsource and what team members to add when it comes to that.

So What Is The Investment?

The median annual salary in the US is $68,000. If you're creating a business it's assumed you're striving for significantly higher annual revenue than that.

So is that possible? Of course it. Most businesses operate at far greater numbers than that. Our goals is to effectively get you into the 6 figures and beyond.

The most costly for us all is time and lost opportunities.

For example, a sales page that converts just okay versus a sale page that converts 20% better can make or break a business.

But here we are improving much more than just a sales page. 

The are so many ingredients to attracting an audience, and make irresistible  product and offers. Even small improvement in several areas make an enormous difference.

Your Investment: $2,997

If you already have a product and offer, one tweak can make that investment back right away.

If you are brand new, it might take a little more time of course. But the money you save in wasted time will far exceed the tuition.

In fact, I know many who spend more than this on creating a website alone. That's crazy. Please DO NOT waste money on a web designer before you've done this course. (You won't need to ever again.)

Today you get this comprehensive training for

ONLY $1,997!

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