Fine, I’m doing it again. After having run a successful multi 7-figure/year online business for 15 years without any employees, I’m going to show you!

The  STRATEGIES Of 2023 – How YOU TOO Can Increase Your Income And Truly Prosper Doing What You Love To Do!


If you’ve dreamed of having an online business, or if you already have an online business but would like to increase your impact and income...


The world is changing fast. Advertising on Fb, Instagram, YouTube is costing more and more. We have IOS.14 updates, new technologies, new "competition" (with everyone and their cousin trying to "make money online")

With this you also have more and more people trying to be advertising agencies, or marketing agencies, or business coaches, who have actually never run a successful business on their own.

The good news is that this "competition" does not in any way affects us negatively.

I will show you how to get greater results without paying unnecessary amounts of money, why to never hire a web developer, or advertising agency or copywriter ,etc., and why this myth of "delegation" is another reason why great ideas never get off the ground, or people never flourish they way they could.

Seriously, it frustrates me more than anything, when people have tons of knowledge, tons of capacity within, but aren't aware of it, or don't know how to bring it out to the world.

Unfortunately, many give up, or never start int the first place, or don't thrive as they could, because they don't have the skills to create products and services, present and make offers, reach more people, use technology to their advantage, etc.

Many people could likely benefit tremendously from what you could offer. It's just that you're not offering it effectively yet.

And that's why I'm coming to you today - to show you what I do, how you can effectively do it too, and how I've helped many others.

Yes, I am immensely grateful that:

** Covid had no negative impact on my business (quite the opposite).

** I serve paying clients in 146 countries with my many training programs. (My first training was launched in 2008.)

** Since January 2022, I have traveled the world with no negative impact on my business (quite the opposite).

** Since January 2022, I've visited 20 countries on 4 continents. and I don't pay for hotels or flights. (That's right, I fly business class and stay in hotels for free.)

** I have ZERO employees.

** I have spent more than $10 million on advertising and I don't hire advertising agencies (Because I frankly know more than 99% of all "agencies", and I'll show you how you can do it.) 

** When I've done live events, as I've done on 4 continents (and may do again later), I don't hire production companies.

And I never talk about money. But for the sake of this, you'll want to know that I'm not running a hobby. I run what people flaunt as a 7-figure / year business, and have done so for 14 years (first year was not 7 figures) . 

And most importantly, I am now helping more and more people with their online businesses.

YES, In This FREE Online Workshop, I’ll Demonstrate The True Art And Craft Of Increasing Your Income, Having More Impact, And Feeling More Fulfilled

We will cover:

  • How to make yourself more valuable to others!
  • How to effectively create products and services that people will actually love to pay you for!
  • How to create offers and presentations that people say yes to!
  • How to get to sales-producing copy written without hiring an expensive copywriter. (Good copywriters charge a lot for a good reason.) 
  • How you can get things done faster than most ever dream of!
  • How I made one person $380,000 in 10 days!
  • How to get unstuck and become a creative and productive genius!
  • Why it’s NOT about delegating or hiring!
  • Why you do NOT need to hire advertising or marketing agencies (and very likely never)!
  • Why social media is good, but exceptionally limited!
  • And much, much more!

YES, You'll Finally Learn The Real "SECRETS" Of How To Effectively Create And Grow A Successful Online Business!

Let's make it so you can live your life on your own terms – so you can wake up every morning excited to be engaged in what empowers you and fulfills you.

Yes, it is absolutely possible that you can have more income for yourself and your family, and so you can contribute the way you want.

This “workshop” will be online so you can join from anywhere. The date and time is:


Email [email protected] if you need assistance