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Yes, it’s true that you can get my help to start/grow your online business… to make it profitable, enjoyable and fulfilling… so you can have a positive impact on others with your products and services… and also so your business impacts the way you can live your life.

There is a reason why most of my training programs have the word ‘FREEDOM” in them. Freedom is what I love and I love to help others become free. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs just get stuck in overwhelm and struggles. It doesn’t have to be that way.

So, if you would like my help getting your vision out into the world, and develop powerful ways to present and offer what you have to the world, then fill out the form below.

Yes, it’s true that I serve people in 146 countries without employees. Yes, it’s true that I, like so many, was confined to my home during the pandemic, and since January 2022 have been traveling the world. Neither of those situations have had any negative impact on my business or my ability to help people.

While I can’t guarantee that you will suddenly make $380,000 in 10 days as Stig Severinsen did when I launched his breatheology program to the world, I can certainly dramatically improve your income, impact and level of fulfillment, when you get to do what you love to do more successfully.

If you're interested in me helping you to create/grow a prosperous and fulfilling business, then fill out this non-binding application form here:


1) Check your email inbox and in the email that you receive, click the link that takes you to a questionnaire. Fill it out and that way I can get to know a little more abut you and what you would like to accomplish.

2) We'll have a conversation (no charge) and talk more about who you are and what you want to accomplish. Based on that we'll figure out if and how we'll go forward.