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Here's How To Create A Life Of Greater IMPACT, INCOME And FREEDOM In 2021!



The 3-DAY VIRTUAL EVENT Where You Will Discover How To Enhance The Value Of YOU, Your Voice, Your Message, Your Skills And Experiences…

…And Turn That Into Powerful Creations, Products And Services…

…And Learn Breakthrough Ways To Present, Promote And Attract A Bigger Audience For Greater Impact, Income And Freedom In 2021

“Per Bristow epitomizes the true art of coaching, influence, artistry and entrepreneurial freedom

During these 3 jam-packed days, Per will pull back the curtain and reveal how he went from broke in 2008 to becoming one of the most prolific "solopreneurs" out there serving customers and clients in 146 countries.

Whether you don’t yet have a product that provides income online when you sleep, or you already have a 6 or 7-figure (dollars) business, get ready for a mind-expanding experience where you will discover how to create greater success, joy and fulfillment in 2021!

Yes, YOU TOO Can Live A Life Of Greater Freedom Prospering From Doing What You Love To Do!

Watch this important video message:

Hello beautiful soul,

I'm Per Bristow and after my July event, an attendee posted this on Instagram: “This is like spiritual propulsion fuel amidst a sense of calm and purpose. My mind is cranking out new ideas!” 

I just love that.

With your permission, I will ensure that your mind will also be exploding with ideas and actionable strategies to take your life to new levels of joy and success. 

New Ideas And Actionable Strategies That Will Take Your Life To New Levels Of Success And Fulfillment 

Maybe you’ve been severely affected by the pandemic?

Maybe this situation has also ignited a drive within you to create a career, business and life where you are less dependent on external circumstances? A life where greater capacity of you is more rewarded?

Imagine not having to be confined by geography or that one entity is paying you? Imagine not getting paid for time?

Well that is what successful online entrepreneurship is all about.

My life changed dramatically once I launched my online business in 2008. I become more prosperous of course, but most importantly, I became an even greater resource for others.

I became an even better coach, a happier human being, and I became a greater role model to positively impact others.

This is what I want for you too. 

The Art Of Successful Online Entrepreneurship

Maybe you already have a successful online business. Or maybe you dream of having one?

Maybe you're not sure of how to put together a course or product and be able to offer it in a way so people are delighted to say yes to it?

Maybe you're not sure of what's really possible for you?

Well after our 3 days together, you will have clarity, insights and skills to rapidly propel you forward. Like I said, we are going to make 2021 an extraordinary year.

In order to create success, there are several skills we need to improve. I will give you those that have become my unique specialty and that have helped numerous others. 

We will, for example, cover these vital topics:

Gain Greater CLARITY Of Who You Are, Your PURPOSE, Your UNIQUENESS, And What Drives And Inspires You! 

Most people don’t realize their value and don’t see what’s possible for them. That’s why we hire coaches.

One of my strengths, and what I have become known for, is to help people discover greater capacity within, to ignite their inner fire, and develop strategies to dramatically improve.

Get ready to be lit up with new ideas and be excited to wake up each morning to implement. 

Release And Empower YOU, Your VOICE, And Your MESSAGE To The World! 

The reason People in 146 countries have sought out my voice coaching is because my method is known for tapping into greater awareness and for effectively developing the most important instrument you have for communication.

While this event is not directly about voice training, you will discover how your inner voice can become far freer, more captivating, influential and impactful.

RELEASE FEARS, Past Traumas, Conditioned Habits And Beliefs That Have Held You Back, And SET YOU FREE!

Part of my coaching has always been to help my clients transform fears into freedom and peak performance. When it comes to career and business, as well as life decisions, it’s always fears that stop us.

However, we are often unaware of those fears. Get ready for some fascinating, and mind-expanding discoveries. It’s time to set you free.

IGNITE Your CREATIVITY To Create Products And Services That Have GREATER IMPACT And Produce HIGHER INCOME!

As we all know, being creative doesn’t equal income. In fact, many creative people are very bad at turning their creative endeavors into income and suffer in life because of it.

Here you will learn how you can indeed turn that creativity into income and become even more creative, fulfilled and be of greater service to others because of it.


What you provide could potentially be life-changing for many. But if you can’t present and influence in an effective way, it won’t happen. 

On the other hand, when you become better at presenting, positioning, negotiating, and selling, then your business will sky-rocket.

In today's world, being comfortable, charismatic and influential on camera is key.

ATTRACT Your Ideal Customers/Clients/Audiences in Larger Quantities!

There are customers all over the world who will want what you offer once we position it in the right way.

But where are they? How will they find you? Making sure they find you is a very advanced skill. But when you learn, your income and impact multiplies.


Today you have the ability to serve a limitless amount of people on autopilot.

Learn how I get more done in 3 hours than most do in a week.
AND you can get help from great people without spending a lot of money!

Please, whatever you do, DO NOT hire a web designer, social media manager or anyone else to do work for you before you have attended this event. You will save thousands of dollars, and a you'll save even more in terms of time and stress 

Greg Warburton

Sport Performance Mental Training Coach, Author

I find Per Bristow to be one of the most effective and articulate teachers I have come across in the past 30 years! His work is authentic, practical, and a truly useful contribution to the world of performance, as we as setting people free to become their authentic selves!

Become A Creator Of Extraordinary Opportunities!

Yes, imagine being able to effectively create courses, products, services, presentations, performances, creations, and experiences that truly make a difference for people.

Imagine when significantly higher income becomes an inevitable by-product.

I’ll show you how I helped a person go from having no product/service online to create, market, and launch his product making $380,000 in the first 10 days without any advertising costs!

How He Made $380,000 In His First 10 Days!

It sounds crazy, but it’s just one of many examples of the people I’ve helped.

I’ll show you how, in this Covid-19 mess, I’ve helped artists have bigger reach and greater income than they had before the pandemic.

I’ll demonstrate how entrepreneurs in any field can have far greater impact with less resources than you likely realize.

 Do You Want "Likes" On Social Media Or Do You Want True Influence And Income?

Having a big presence on social media can be great. However, people liking you on social media and people paying you are NOT the same thing.

You have to be able to get your clients/customers/audience to do what they need to do to get the results that they want. This is the true art of influence.

 Learn The True Art Of Influence

This is, frankly, also the true art of coaching.

My job as a coach (and my success as a coach) is to develop ways so the client does what he/she needs to do to get the desired results.

However, there is one more thing we need to cover to be able to create success, and that is…

 The Art Of Peak Performance To Live A Fulfilled And Inspired Life

The art of Peak Performance is one of the cornerstones of my teachings. The ability to let go of judgements and transform fears into FREEDOM... to become more present, alive, and enjoy life fully.

Let’s face it, success isn’t easy. That’s why we need to develop high level skills. And we especially need these skills that I will teach you in order to handle the inevitable challenges and crisis' in life.

The ability to be calm, resourceful and find solutions in the midst of crisis is likely the most valuable skill we can ever develop. That is how we can face and take on challenges in life. That is how we can succeed.

This is how we can live a healthier and happier life with less stress!

Some voices from previous events:

Per Bristow is known as:

 — The world’s most followed voice and performance coach with 1.5 million email subscribers, whose revolutionary training is used by singers, performers and speakers in 146 countries!

— One of the world's most prolific "solopreneurs" who built his online platform without any employees and only a few outsourced helpers.

A child prodigy violin player in his home country of Sweden, who became an elite youth athlete, then overcame his fears of singing and speaking to star in the two biggest box office successes in Swedish theatre history, before moving to Los Angeles to launch his now world-famous trainings.

Creator of the revolutionary method for Peak Performance that releases fears, draws out unknown capacity in each individual so they become more confident, empowered and successful in any area of life – used by singers, speakers, business leaders, athletes and more, who want to perform at their peak when it matters the most!

— A world-renowned inspiring and charismatic speaker, who has done events on 4 continents, has gotten to travel the world, and live the life of his dreams.

Carren Smith

Speaker, best-selling author

I've been speaking for 10 years around the world and have trained thousands of exceptional speakers and when I see brilliance, I just have to shout it from the roof-tops! Per is absolute world-class. Per's ability to captivate an audience and inspire them took my breath away!

Dawson Church

Best-selling author, speaker

In the world of keynote speakers, there are just a few who have that magical ability to lift a whole audience to a new level. Per Bristow is one of that elite group. He motivates his audiences to explore the full scope of their human potential!



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8am-3pm US PACIFIC TIME (Los Angeles Time)
(Day 3 ends at 1 pm)

A one-hour meal break will be provided each day.