JULY 10-12  
(Americas, Europe)

JULY 17-19 
(Oceania, Asia)

Welcome To Be A Partner For This Unique Virtual Event!

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By being a partner and promoting this event you will be helping the individual who attends, as well as being rewarded for it in the form of commissions.

Each ticket is $97.

For each ticket sold through your special partner link, you will be paid $80 for each ticket sale!  

When 5 tickets are bought through your partner link, you get $400 + any of my Sing With Freedom, Speak With Freedom, Sleep With Freedom, or Perform With Freedom training programs.

Sell 20+ tickets and you get $1,200 + one of my programs above + my Peak Performance Mastery training ($997 value).

NOTE: Your own ticket is non-commissionable. This is to prevent that someone signs up as a partner and then only gets a ticket for themself. You also have a much stronger marketing angle when you tell your followers that you have bought a ticket yourself. However, with 10 or more sales, you will get credited for your own ticket also.

Remember that my coaching has a very broad appeal and applies to achieving greater fulfillment and success in numerous areas of life, career and business.  

These 3 days will, for example, be extraordinarily beneficial for (in no specific order of importance):

  • The coach who wants to improve his/her coaching and expand the business online.
  • The artist who wants to take their abilities to the next level, reach a bigger audience and monetize their passion in new innovative ways.
  • The entrepreneur who seeks to live a life of greater freedom, have greater impact, and be more prosperous and fulfilled doing what he/she loves to do.
  • The speaker/communicator who wants to excel and be more confident expressing and communicating with greater influence and impact. This applies to being more successful when teaching, coaching, inspiring, parenting, speaking, singing, selling, negotiating, presenting, etc.
  • The growth oriented person who wants to grow and improve their abilities and combine that with living their passion.
  • The person who wants to be more creative and productive, be able to live life with less fear, and have greater ability to find solutions and be successful under pressure and in crisis.
  • The person struggling with where to go, where to take their career, how to thrive in life.
  • The person who wants to learn how I've done it, how I do it live in a virtual setting, and how I can run a global business from my home and no employees.

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