Joshua Turner

Connector – Event Producer – Vision Actualizer

Turning Bold Visions Into Reality

Joshua Turner is known as one of Saigon's most connected individuals and responsible for actualizing numerous groundbreaking events in Vietnam's entertainment industry.

Some notable projects include being the head of marketing for GRAND PRIX Formula One, organizing United Kingdom's Royal Polo Charity Cup in Vietnam, as well as bringing the first ever major golf tournament, and very first Disney production to Vietnam.

He has worked with the Who's Who of Vietnam's entertainment industry, has produced some of Vietnam's biggest music concerts, and was instrumental in bringing major international stars, such as West Life, Sergio Garcia and David Beckham to Vietnam.

A devoted father of 3 daughters and with a background as an elite athlete, he is known for combining his unique ability to understand and enhance a vision with bringing together the best people, and devising effective strategies to make each project uniquely successful.

With My Tam on her national tour

Charity Polo Cup first time in Vietnam

To Work With Joshua

Besides taking on pioneering projects, as much as his time allows, Joshua aims to also be approachable and helpful to the smaller up-and-coming visionaries and passionate entrepreneurs – whether that is to share general wisdom, assist in brainstorming sessions, consultations, or take on a project from start to successful finish.

Reach out at:
Email: [email protected]

Some More Notable Projects

With My Tam on her national tour

Charity Polo Cup first time in Vietnam

Brought David Beckham

with some insignificant Swedish guy