After sold out events on 4 continents, world-renowned voice, performance and success coach Per Bristow is finally coming to Vietnam!



How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be In Your Career, Business And Life!


September 7

Artists • Entrepreneurs • Coaches • Business Leaders • Team leaders • Speakers • Teachers • Content Creators • Influencers

And ANYONE who wants to experience greater success and fulfillment in life.

Join 1,000 other creative, ambitious, and high achieving individuals in this powerful and entertaining full-day experience. 

Walk away with new connections and usable strategies to take your career and life to new levels of success and fulfillment. 

People In 146 Countries Have Benefited From Per Bristow's Unique Trainings

Some know Per Bristow as the man who created the world’s most popular trainings for singers and speakers. 

Others know him as the peak performance, entrepreneurial and success coach that has given him the nick name of “The Dream-Enabler”. 

Others know him as one of the world’s most prolific online entrepreneurs, who has empowered people in 146 countries.

We will focus on these 5 areas:

Master Your Mind And Psychology

You’ll develop a deeper awareness of what drives you and what holds you back.

You’ll learn how to release hidden fears and beliefs that limit you, how to reduce pressure and stress in your life, so that can you can do what you love to do with greater confidence, success and fulfillment.

Master Your Voice

Experience the world-renowned method that has trained singers and speakers in 146 countries. Learn how to make your voice healthy, strong, resonant, attractive, and impactful.

This makes you a more powerful and influential communicator in all fields of life.

Master The Art Of Influential Communication And Persuasive Presenting

Discover how to become more inspiring, influential, attractive, respected and impactful when presenting, performing, communicating, leading teams, coaching, selling, negotiating, etc...

As well as being able to attract and connect with the people you want in your life on a personal level.

Master The Art Of Peak Performance

Learn one of the most valuable skills of life: How to regulate your nervous system, mind and emotions to perform under pressure, find solutions in the midst of crisis, and become free, calm and resourceful when it matters the most.

This is how you achieve greater success in life while reducing stress.

Master The Art Of Creativity And Entrepreneurship – To Create The Life You Want

The ability to create something that did not exist is not just for artists and entrepreneurs, but for people from all walks of life who want to feel alive and fulfilled.

We will ignite your creativity like never before and design a roadmap to the life you want!

And We We Will Have Lots Of Fun!

Yes, on top of the powerful and hopefully life-transforming learning, we will have fun - lots of fun!

You’ll connect with new wonderful people!

You’ll participate in, and witness, many practical examples and learning experiences. (Maybe you’ll get up on stage ;))

And why not also join the fun after party!


Yes, join connect with Per personally at the after-party and meet other wonderful people.