Mind To Matter – Science Of Peak States

I just read Dawson Church's new book "Mind To Matter – The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality" and it is truly a fascinating read.

So I thought  it would be great to chat with the author directly, and I'm grateful that Dawson granted me this video interview you see below on very short notice.

If you have followed me, you know that much of my training is about developing greater awareness of body and mind – to be able to heal a voice problem, release restriction (physical, mental and psychological) , so you therefore can access muscles in a newfound way,. That’s how you can heal a voice problem, get a stronger more resonant voice, sing those high notes, etc.

But, as you know, singing, speaking and expressing is more than muscles. It’s about being able to release your “inner voice”, so you can become freer, more confident, charismatic and influential.

Much of my training also centers around the art of Peak Performance – how to become free and alive and perform at your best under pressure, or when it matters the most. The art of Peak Performance applies not just to performers and athletes, but to any person who wants to experience greater success, joy and fulfillment in life.

If this interests you, I think this book could be very helpful to understand your body and mind on a deeper, as well as more scientific, level. learning more about your psychology, your mind and how to affect your nervous system, brain waves, etc., is very important in order to release greater capacity within.

Dawson Church founded the National Institute for Integrative medicine, wrote the best seller “Genie In Your Genes” and has a remarkable combination of skills  being a scientific researcher, medical practitioner (PhD in Natural Medicine), trainer as well as a wonderful writer.



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