How To Come Alive Under Pressure, Find Solutions In Crisis, And Be At Your Best When It Matters The Most


If you’d like to live with less stress, be more creative and productive, and excel when facing challenges

If you’d like to be more at ease and resourceful, be able to turn things around in bad times, and therefore be more confident in life…

The Art Of Fears Into Freedom Into Peak Performance

Do you suffer from performance anxieties?

Does pressure from within and/or from others get to you? Do you feel stressed? Do you feel you want to live up to higher expectations?

You're not alone.

We live in a stressed society. We feel pressure from an early age. We want to be good, perform well,  not disappoint and be at our best when it matters the most.

But few can live up to it.  And the fear of not being good enough often becomes our greatest fear.

The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough Often Becomes One Of Our Greatest Fears

But imagine instead being in that pressured situation, and for some magical reason you come alive in a way you've never experienced before...

You become more spontaneous, and you do better than you might ever have.

And afterwards you know it wasn't luck. It was because you had acquired maybe one of the most powerful skills you can ever acquire 

The Art Of Peak Performance May Be One Of The Most Valuable Skills We Can Ever Develop

This applies if you are an artist/performer, or athlete, or you speak /present, or are an entrepreneur/business person.

But it fact, it applies to all kinds of situations in life. With this skill you'll frankly be able to live a less stressed life and accomplish more.

Because when you can handle challenges and are confident you can succeed, then you also can take on greater and greater challenges with greater ease.

What Is Your Level Of Stress? 

The truth is that most live under too much stress.

You might be a driven, ambitious person. You might be very good at what you do. But you never have enough time. Others put pressure on you. You put pressure on yourself.

Maybe you’re facing a crises with your health or in a relationship. Maybe you’re facing a financial crisis.

Maybe you wish your career would be in a different place, and that you would be more rewarded for your efforts.

You play hard, but you don’t win they way you’d like to.

With this training you'll not only be able to excel when facing challenges, you'll be able to 
turn something around when it's not going well.

And you will, therefore, be able to live your
life with less stress, greater joy and purpose, which affects your health, relationships and obviously your income.

Why Most Underperform Under Pressure

Did you know that research shows that most students underperform on tests?  The result of that can be a dramatic difference in options for higher education.

Many instrumentalist feel the necessity to take beta blockers in order to perform on stage.

Pieces they otherwise would perform great in practice, suddenly pose new challenges when performing.

Maybe you experience stage fright or become tongue tied when presenting?

Maybe you prefer not to speak up in pressured situations even though you know inside that your thoughts could be valuable?

Numerous artists feel a need to take a stimulant in order to become free on stage, or in the recording studio.

Some athletes perform great in practice but have a hard making it flow the way they would like to on a consistent basis in competition.

Maybe you experience the "jitters" in big moments.

Others perform well on the field, but when facing a crisis in life, they crumble.

Research has even shown that relationships fall apart due the inability to handle pressures in life.

Mastering Your Nervous System

When a situation is seen as a threat by the Amygdyla in your brain, the "fight or flight or freeze response" is triggered (Sympathetic Nervous System) .

We could call that fear, and that triggers a host of neurochemicals for the purpose of survival. And it affects your ability to function optimally in a number of ways.

Your ability to think clearly, be creative, find solutions, and your physical abilities are severely diminished.

And when triggered for prolonged times, at is for many (stress), it creates havoc on your health.


We develop high levels skills to use fear as a trigger to actually become calm, poised, focused and perform at extraordinary levels.

Peak Performance It NOT about not being afraid. Nor Is It About Confidence or "Mindset"

That’s right, Peak Performance is not about avoiding fear or preventing fear.

Peak performance is not even about having “confidence”. And it's certainly not about "mindset".

Here we instead  learn to accept, welcome and use fears. Yes, you will discover how to become even more aware of fears and transform fears into freedom and ultimately into peak performance.

You will learn to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation response) in the midst of crisis, and it is actually the initial fear that helps you do it.

Now you can enter this so-called “flow state”.

To Enter The Mythical And Mystical "Flow State" 

Now you can become super alert and alive and you become creative and spontaneous in new ways. 

You have genius insights and you become a greater version of you. 

This is when you "break your record”. You come up with brilliant creative ideas. Solve a problem, feel energized and experience love and joy.

And your body works at its optimum, seemingly on autopilot.

Hello, I’m Per Bristow

Before I share a little of why it might be helpful to pay attention to what I have to say, let’s talk about the year of 2020.

That was the year when my plans, just like everyone else’s, went down the drain.

But that is also the year that became my most creative and productive year that I can remember.

And the reason for that is that I have for decades developed and become good at the skills that I’m about to share with you.

When I was 11, I was facing my first violin recital...

What I Discovered From My First Violin Recital

As it was getting close for me to enter the stage, my hands were suddenly super sweaty. Especially the the left hand – the hand that was vital for playing!

How was that possible? I was starting to panic. I can’t play with my fingers slipping around on the strings.

Suddenly, my name was called. I entered the stage, and my accompanist started playing…

And then something happened…

I ended the difficult piece, my gaze etched to the strings.

And suddenly, the audience erupted in thunderous applause. I had played the piece absolutely flawlessly.  How was that possible? What had happened?

And Then The Hurdles... 

A few years later, I entered a school race in 110m hurdles.

I felt confident. I was determined to win. The race was on… and approaching the last hurdle, a flash of a thought passed through my mind: “Yes, I’m winning”…

…and then I tripped and fell on the last hurdle.

What had happened?

It was the last time I ever fell, and my year culminated with a surprise bronze medal in the National School Championship (In the country of Sweden where I grew up.) A far better placement than my ranking. How come?

The True Power Of The Body And Mind

One of my greatest interests through my life has been about the relationship between mind and body, and about how to perform under so-called “pressure”. Not just on stage and on the sports field, but in life.

One of my greatest learning experience came when suffering from a back injury at the age of 12. How do I get out of pain? How do I heal? 

How do you deal with life, when you can’t sit without pain, and you’re not sure if you’ll walk or run again?

It was only after that injury that I managed to transform from mediocre to elite athlete.

Using similar strategies, I was able to transform from being scared of speaking or singing in front of people, never having never sung a note before the age of 17, to landing one of the leads in the two biggest box office success in Swedish Theatre history.

From Broke To Building A Global Business 

If I hadn’t developed these skills. I wouldn’t have been able to turn my life around in the mid 2000s after coming to Los Angeles and being hit with another career threatening health challenge, not able to work and being broke.

Today, you may know that I have single-handedly built a global business that serves people in 146 countries.

I have helped artists, speakers, athletes, business leaders and entrepreneurs overcome extraordinary challenges, and transform their lives and careers.


  • Perform at your peak – with freedom and confidence – when it matters the most.
  • Take on challenges you say yes to with ease, and be comfortable saying no.
  • Be confident to be in power and not succumb to other people’s pressures.
  • Turn things around when things aren’t going well (A skill few people are good at and which will make you truly stand out.)
  • Become a more successful performer, presenter, athlete, entrepreneur, business leader, coach, student, parent, etc.
  • Be able to lift others up when they struggle.
  • Become a greater leader of your life, as well as a role-model and leader for others if you want.
  • Have bette relations, as you can defuse resistance and conflict.
  • Be an ultimate winner – a winner that inspires others.
  • Have greater health and be able to heal more effectively (since health issues are directly related to stress in our bodies).

And this is the training that will make this happen for you:


The Ultimate Training Program To Reduce Stress, Come Alive Under Pressure, Find Solutions In Crisis, Transform Fears Into Freedom, And Be At Your Best When It Matters The Most!

The beauty of this powerful training is that it is NOT time consuming!

You watch one short video and then implement what we cover during your day.

Then every new video builds on what we covered the previous day.

So, DO NOT watch more than one video in a day.

This is not information gathering, but advanced training and the results come from implementing what we cover into daily situations and into more and more challenging situations.

Here's What The Training Includes – Every Module Consists Of Many Lessons:

Module 1: Emotional Mastery 

Emotions drive us and emotions stop us. Emotions make life fascinating. Emotions connect us with human beings. For artists, emotions are part of their toolbox, which make them fascinating.

A big mistake people make is to believe in the concept of  "controlling emotions", or labeling emotions as good or bad. People see a peak performer achieve something extraordinary while being calm, cool and poised and they think the person is "controlling" emotion. WRONG.

The dilemma is when you are unaware of your emotions. You're angry and stressed, but are unaware of the fear that triggers it. Many have grown up believing fears is a weakness and therefore deny it.

Emotional mastery means to become more aware of your psychology and be able to affect, guide, influence, release and use emotions to get the positive outcome and lead a healthy and empowered and high achieving life

Module 2: Perspective Training 

How you see, react and act to a situation always depends on perspective. Your beliefs are based on perspective.

The art of perspective training is an advanced skills, but enables you to adjust in any situation, practically and emotionally.

This is what you do to come alive, to find opportunities, to be spontaneous, to improvise, and to engage, lead and inspire others.

Module 3: Effortless Focus And Flow State

How do you get into "flow state"? Sometimes it just happens. But as a peak performer you want to be able to go there on purpose and when you choose.

This is the state of focus, alertness, creativity, spontaneity, higher productivity, greater health, and high performance.

And with this advanced training it will change you life.

Module 4: Training Your Nervous System

Your nervous system regulates your chemistry and regulates the functions of basically everything in your body.  

If we want to function optimally in daily life, developing the skill to regulate your nervous system is key. 

And if you want to be at your best when there is additional pressure, then it becomes even more vital

Module 5: Visualization Mastery

You visualize and "audiolize" (self talk) every day, pretty much all the time.

But most of the time you are not aware, and most of the time it's not productive. 

This is something very different from meditative "guided visualizations", but instead developing your innate power to be used in any real situation.

Module 6: Goal Achievement

Traditional goal setting states that a goal needs to be measurable with a time line and should be written it down.

The real truth is that what gives you the great fulfillment in life is what cannot be measured. Your feelings of joy, love and inner satisfaction cannot be measured. Nor can your levels of fear and stress.

In this module, you develop the NEW WAY of looking at goal achievement and what really makes a difference.

Module 7: Peak Performance

In this module we tie everything together and apply it all to challenging situations (that, not surprisingly, don't feel all that challenging anymore).

We cover mental rehearsal vs mental practice, competition, releasing pressure, and much, much more.

Might This Turn Out To Be The Most Life-Transforming Training You Have Ever Engaged In?

Let's face it, this is not about learning some ordinary skill. This is about affecting the most fundamental aspect of you as a human being.

This is about you becoming a greater version of you.

This Is A True Life-Skill!

This is the difference between winning and losing, between getting a yes versus getting a no, versus getting the opportunity vs being dismissed.

The value of this training is not measurable. It would be silly to try.

Then again, this is not some cheap course with some tips. This is advanced training - and the training becomes as advanced as you make it.

And There Is No Risk On Your Part!


That's right, there is absolutely no risk on your part.

Experiencing this training. Go through the sessions. Apply it to your life. And let's see what happens.

If for whatever reason you would like a refund, just send an email to [email protected] and it is done.

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