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If your voice gets tired, strained or hoarse... If you have a hard time projecting... If you don’t like the sound of your voice...

Today you get to experience the word-renowned muscle isolation and vocal release training that takes care of these issues, and effectively  makes your voice stronger, more resonant and more attractive.

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Hi, I'm Per Bristow and, as you may know, my Speak With Freedom training has been the go-to training for people all around the world for more than a decade.

It has helped people prevent and recover from surgery. It has helped people from all over the world develop functionality, strength, resonance, range, and make people more confident and influential communicators.

When you learn the life-skill of protecting and improving the most valuable instrument you have for communication, you realize that the regular price of $497 for the Speak With Freedom training provides an extraordinary return on investment.

But today, you are invited to experience the first session of the Speak With Freedom training for only $7!

Yes, for only $7 you will get get the first session that covers:

** The anatomy of the voice and the power of muscle isolation skills - the foundation to heal and improve effectively.

** Why power and projection is NOT about “speak from your diaphragm” - a shocking discovery for many.

** The 2 experiments that reveal your habitual tendencies - and that makes your voice freer immediately!

** The one exercise that immediately releases hidden tension! - It's probably been restricting your voice for a long time.

** How to release your natural voice – and why your voice today is not as "natural" as you may think, but rather habitual.

** The physiology of your vocal cords - how do they work, and, most importantly how to feel the functionality of them.

** Why we MUST release tongue root tension to heal, strengthen, and free the speaking voice - Tongue root tension is a culprit of all voice dysfunctions. And for most people this tension blocks strength, resonance and flexibility.

**How to project with less effort - most people add more strain and effort when trying to project. Do this instead.

** How to speak softly but still with authority - most people can’t do that until they develop this.

** Why being able to speak a long sentence on one breath has nothing to do with breathing. (Singers are blown away by this as they always thought singing long notes was about “breath-control”.)

** Why vocal rest is NOT the solution to laryngitis - Instead we do this to gain a functional voice, as well as to heal the inflammation.

And much, much more!

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