FREE DEMONSTRATION: How This Breakthrough Muscle Isolation Training Releases Tension And Makes Your Speaking Voice Stronger, More Resonant And More Attractive!

Maybe you want to command the attention in a room, inspire thousands from a big stage, calm, seduce, soothe and reassure others, and be more confident, captivating and impactful in any situation when you communicate…

Maybe you experience fatigue, hoarseness, or strain when you speak. Or you have a hard time projecting and being heard, or sound nasal, squeezed and restricted…

Watch as world-renowned voice, performance and presentation coach Per Bristow guides you through the method that has healed, freed and empowered voices in 146 countries

In this video we will cover how to:

  • Overcome / heal a voice problem.
  • Speak for hours without getting tired.
  • Project with less effort.
  • Communicate with greater confidence and assertiveness
  • Get a deeper voice.
  • Have a more resonant and attractive voice.
  • Present with greater authority, Influence And Impact
  • Get a more dynamic and melodic voice.
  • Speak a second or third language with greater fluency and flow.
  • And much, much more.

Per Bristow is known as one of the world's most in-demand voice, presentation and performance coaches.

Originally from Sweden, and then moving to Los Angeles, he launched his method online in 2008, which has now trained singers and speakers in 146 countries...

...from overcoming voice dysfunctions, solving crisis situations (such as before big concerts/events), to helping any person get a healthy, strong, dynamic, resonant and attractive voice, and become a confident, captivating and impactful presenter, communicator, and performer.

His live events have sold out in 9 countries