FREE VIDEO Demonstrates Per Bristow's Method That Has Healed, Freed And Empowered Voices in 146 Countries.

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Whether you want to be able to speak for hours without getting tired... project with less effort... command the attention in a room... be more confident and influential when you communicate...

Maybe you get hoarse, or you feel your voice is tight and thin, or you would like a deeper,  stronger, or just a more resonant and attractive voice...

Then you are about to watch something quite remarkable about how to train your voice, and it doesn't matter what language you speak.

Hello I'm Per Bristow.

Perhaps you know that the method I developed, which first became known in Los Angeles for helping singers and speakers, has now been available online for 15 years.

Yes, it's true that this method has helped voices in 146 countries. There are thousands of success stories out there. And while I also coach singers, what we are going to focus on in this video is the speaking voice.

Speaker coaches all around the world talk about the importance of the voice, but few know how to actually develop it.

Today you are going to learn how, for example, you can:

  • Overcome / heal a voice problem!
  • Fix Muscle Tension Dysphonia!
  • Speak for hours without getting tired!
  • Project with less effort!
  • Have a more resonant and attractive voice!
  • Get a deeper voice!
  • Have a more dynamic and melodic voice!
  • Command the attention when you need!
  • Be calm, soothing, reassuring, and even seductive, when you want
  • Feel more confident when communicating!
  • Reduce a stutter dramatically!
  • Speak a second or third language with greater fluency and flow!
  • Be more authoritative when you want, or more calming when you want!
  • And much, much more!

"Per is absolute world-class both as a coach and a speaker"

"I've been speaking for 10 years  and have trained thousands of exceptional speakers and when I see brilliance, I just have to shout it from the roof-tops! Per is absolute world-class. 

CARREN SMITH –– Speaker, Best Selling Author

"I was tired of losing my voice"

"As an elementary school teacher, I was tired of losing my voice and decided to try out your program. It's been very helpful, and exceeded my expectations. I already know how to use my voice in a healthier way."

Cheryl Vanik –– School Teacher