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How To Develop And Deliver A Captivating Presentation… Effortlessly Bond And Connect With Your Audience/Listener… And Influence The Ideal Outcome Anytime You Communicate!

If you aspire to be a more successful public speaker, presenter, leader, coach, teacher, social media influencer, negotiator, sales person, etc…

…your level of success is very much related to your ability to communicate – to inspire, influence and impact how others feel, think, and act.

Imagine striding onto that stage, or stepping into that meeting, and everyone immediately leans in – captivated by your confident and charismatic presence, and genuinely inspired by what you have to say.

Hello, I’m Per Bristow and you may know that my Speak With Freedom training has become the go-to voice training for speakers around the world.

In fact, my Speak With Freedom and Sing With Freedom programs have now trained voices in 146 countries.

And maybe you've heard about my live events and workshops that have sold out on 4 continents.

But when it comes to captivating an audience…

… when it comes to delivering a powerful speech/talk/presentation…

…there is more to it than having a healthy, strong and resonant voice.

Much more.

Turning Self-Consciousness And Fears Into Confidence And Impact

Maybe you’ve been on stage but for some reason you felt self-conscious, and your message didn’t come across as you would have liked.

Maybe you’ve been called to present something at work or in your business and it causes stress and anxieties.

Perhaps those fears of not being good enough, of forgetting what to say, keep bothering you.

Maybe the outcome of past presentations have been decent, but you feel there is room for improvement.

Well, as you’re well aware of, there is an opportunity here…

…a huge opportunity...

Your Improved Ability To Present, Connect With, And Impact Others, Automatically Leads To New Opportunities And, Frankly, Higher Income

Yes, when you become a better communicator/speaker/presenter it automatically opens up opportunities that lead to higher income, greater stature…

new leadership opportunities, more business, higher levels of fulfillment, and much more.

And what if it you were no longer affected by stress and anxiety?

In fact, you’ll learn how to make stage fright and performance anxieties become a thing of the past and no longer relevant.

Now, to unleash your genuine charisma (that has likely been held back by social conditioning and fears)… to turn you into a confident and influential presence in front of people… and to develop presentations that will move an audience…

…we approach this differently compared to what you might have been exposed to in the world of “speaker training”.

A New Kind Of Training That UnleashesYour Natural Charisma, Ignites Your Authentic Personality, And Makes You A Truly Confident And Powerful Communicator

The world is full of “speaker trainers” who talk about the words you should and shouldn’t say... the gestures you should and shouldn’t make... what to do with your hands, articulation, where and how to stand, and lots of other external advice.

And as the guy who’s renowned for training voices, I find it both sad and funny when speaker trainers talk about “how to use the voice".

“Speak louder, faster, slower, use more melody” etc, they say but without any knowledge of how to actually train the voice.

I heard one speaker trainer give the advice that you should record yourself when you rehearse and then listen back.

No, no, no!

That’s exactly what you should never do.

No professional actor or real speaker would ever dream of doing that, and you’ll learn why. This is very important.

The Spontaneous, Charismatic, And Authentic Soon-To-Be-YOU Speaker Beats The Polished, Do-What-I’ve-Practiced Speaker Every Day

Yes, some do get good at the external stuff and they get away with it. They might even be impressive on stage.

I’ve seen fairly well-known speakers produce fake emotions, exaggerate their gestures, and execute what I can see was rehearsed. Some in the audience buy it and are impressed.

But for most people, that kind of training just makes them limited and unauthentic. It might make them somewhat “skilled” but not good or interesting. And many times it makes them more self-conscious.

"Per is absolute world-class both as a coach and a speaker"

"I've been speaking for 10 years around the world and have trained thousands of exceptional speakers and when I see brilliance, I just have to shout it from the roof-tops! Per is absolute world-class. Per's ability to captivate an audience and inspire them took my breath away!"

CARREN SMITH –– Speaker, Mindset Mentor, Best Selling Author

You Are About To Become That Genuine Presence Who Exudes Confidence, Competency And Charisma That Pulls People In

Now, I’m a trained actor. Advanced acting training is to stop acting.

That’s not easy.

Beginner actors try to produce emotion and illustrate behavior, while the good actor learns to BE and fully live organically (under imaginary circumstances if it’s in a role).

Yes, we can be scripted. Yes we can rehearse. Yes we can improvise.

But in all situations, it is your truthful spontaneous, alive, expression that we tune in to.

When we combine that with developing powerful content that influences your listeners to think, feel and act…

…then in a very short amount of time you will excel on a whole new level as a speaker/presenter/communicator.

And As A By-Product It Enhances Your Ability To Connect With And Influence People In All Kinds Of Situations

Yes, what’s really interesting is that this ability transfers to numerous areas in your life…

…such as coaching, teaching, inspiring your friends, being a better leader, influencing your kids and/or parents, being interviewed, speaking on video, going on that first date, you name it.

I remember my shy and fearful days when there was no way I would stand up in a class room and make a presentation – not to mention my discomfort in trying to connect with a girl. Phew, I still break into a cold sweat when I think about it. 😬

Well, as you can imagine, I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve developed the skills to be able to connect with anybody.

Now, having said all this, we are of course also going to go deep into all elements required to create and deliver a planned presentation.

You’ll Learn How To Come Up With Ideas, Actually Create/Construct/Write The Presentation, Use Stories, Adapt To The Audience, And Much More

Yes, we will cover everything from developing ideas, writing the script, crafting the presentation, to actually delivering it successfully on a big stage or in a small room.

And this is the BRAND NEW

Speak With Influence And Impact 

 Home-Study Training Program

How To Become A Truly Confident, Influential And Successful Speaker/Presenter/Communicator

Some of what you’ll discover inside:

* How to come up with ideas by releasing the floodgates to your internal content idea generator… Yes, you have a lifetime of content that is more valuable than you think.

* How to write and craft a captivating presentation… even if you have little writing skills (and in a way that saves you time and stress.)

* Master the psychology of your audience to quickly connect and bond with them, influence and impact them – even if you’ve never met anyone before.

* How to unleash your natural (but likely hidden) charisma – a speaker's most valuable asset. (It has nothing to with being “extroverted” or “introverted”.)

* The true art of “reading the room” – to influence the energy and the outcome — whether you face thousands in an auditorium or one person in a room.

* The perspective shift that makes you far more attractive and interesting – and which sets you apart from most people when they communicate.

* The common mistakes that even pro speakers make that makes them lose part of their audience… and how one simple easy adjustment fixes it.

* The secret to effective story telling – and why most speakers miss the mark and ruin the golden opportunity that the story could provide.

* The truth behind “non-verbal communication” and why so many “speakers” and academics get it completely wrong.

* How to set your body and voice free so you become more authoritative, confident and attractive - even if you’ve felt awkward and self-conscious in the past.

* The most effective ways to create interest and turn even the most bored and jaded audience into eager listeners.

* How to begin and how to end your presentations – it makes all the difference in how you are remembered and how they feel about you and your presentation.

* How to avoid the common yawn-inducing usage of slides! Instead use them like this when you want to have an impact.

And much, much more!


As we've gone through, this training is not for the person who wants to become a good reader of scripts with planned exaggerated gestures and vocal patterns (what most speaker training produces).

This is for you who want to become a truly fascinating, confident, intriguing and impactful human being.

"In the world of keynote speakers, Per is one of a few who have that magical ability to lift an audience to a new level"

"In the world of keynote speakers, there are just a few who have that magical ability to lift a whole audience to a new level. Per Bristow is one of that elite group. He motivates his audiences to explore the full scope of their human potential. He asks provocative questions stimulating people to question their own thinking and to stretch their abilities beyond the limits they previously assumed."

DAWSON CHURCH –– Author of the best-selling book: Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.

So what is the investment? 

Well, less than what you should be paid for any kind of presentation you make.

Yes, speaking and presenting is likely the highest paid skills in the world, because it's always how you present something that makes the difference.

And of course you have a 30-day 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

30-Day 100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Speak With Influence And Impact

The home-study training that makes you a confident, charismatic and captivating speaker/presenter and communicator.

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