The Ultimate Training To Become A Truly Confident, Captivating And Charismatic Speaker

This is for you if want to be a more:

Influential and impactful public speaker and presenter…

Effective leader, sales person, teacher or coach…

Confident communicator in everyday situations.

Yes, whether you aspire to captivate an audience on a huge stage or get a “yes” when you present your next business idea, here’s how we do it:

Hello, I’m Per Bristow and you may know that my Speak With Freedom training has become the go-to training for people who want to train their voices - from overcoming severe vocal problems, to getting strong, rich, resonant, dynamic and attractive voices.

In fact, my Speak With Freedom and Sing With Freedom programs have now trained voices in 146 countries, and my live events and workshops have sold out on 4 continents.

But when it comes to getting up in front of people to deliver a powerful speech/talk/presentation, there is more to it than just having a healthy and resonant voice.

Much more

Ans\d that is what you will learn in this Speak With Influence And Impact training”.

However, what exactly is that “more” stuff?


What Is It Really That Can Make You More Charismatic, Confident, Influential And Impactful?

Well, likely not what you get from the majority of speaking trainings out there.

The world is full of “speaker trainers” who talk about the words you should and shouldn’t say, the gestures you should and shouldn’t make, what to do with your hands, articulation, where and how to stand, and all the other external advice.

And as the guy who’s known for training voices, it’s both sad and funny when speaker trainers talk about “how to use the voice" and then talk about pitch, pace and dynamics - when they have little knowledge of how to actually train the voice to make it naturally more dynamic, resonant and melodic.

Something Very Different, And Likely Far More Effective, Than Traditional Speaker Training

Now, some do become skilled at this external stuff. The bummer is that they often actually become quite artificial.

And if you don’t become skilled at it, it just makes you stiff and self-conscious.

So I’d like to invite you to experience something quite different.

Even if you’re a highly skilled speaker, you will see how everything you do going forward will suddenly have new life to it.

To Become Spontaneous, Alive, And Free

You will not only become more influential and impactful, but far more spontaneous, charismatic, alive and free. And they audience will love you for it like never before. You’ll not only become more likable but also more respected.

And if you’ve never or seldom been on stage, well this is the training to engage in so that next time will be a truly pleasurable experience.

And if you experience stage fright and performance anxieties.

Well, would you be totally opposed to that becoming irrelevant?

I’m serious. Look I’ve had plenty of stage fright in my days. It’s real. And yet, I am hereby proclaiming that it will indeed become irrelevant.

Stage Fright Becomes Is Thing Of The Past

Stage fright will melt away and you forgot about it because of this new way of approaching speaking and performance that you are about to discover.

Your stage freight will melt away like my favorite ice cream did when I brought it into the sauna. Sad but true and you will just have to accept it ;)

And what more…

Okay, here’s another warning.

The truth is that the way we do it here, will impact your life in every communication far beyond the stage and your prepared presentations.

It Will Impact Your Life Everytime You Communicate

Yes, you’ll become more captivating, inspiring and effective even in spontaneous situations, such as when you’re in a group meeting, when you’re at dinner with friends, when you need to talk with your boss, when you want to inspire your kids, heck even when you’re on a first date.

Yes, your personality will light up in new ways and don’t blame me when you become more attractive and respected in numerous situation.

It was you who did it by going through the training. And yes, that especially applies if you (like me) are more introverted.

We will cover, how to:

  • Create, write, and construct a powerful talk/speech/presentation
  • Master storytelling in ways that empower your listeners, and avoid the common mistakes most make when telling stories
  • Ignite and use your uniqueness in the best way possible
  • Connect with, captivate, and inspire an audience like never before
  • Prepare and memorize your talk so it frees you and not so it locks you up (which is very common)
  • Unleash your unique and natural charisma.
  • Come alive on stage to be free, spontaneous and confident
  • .How to memorize so it frees you and not so it locks you in (which it does for most)
  • Use your hands (kidding!). Seriously, yes body langue is of course important, but how to make your body powerful and free is the question.
  • Use your voice. No, not by the artificial talks about pace, pitch and dynamics, but by learning how to really train and use your voice.
  • Make a powerful entrance, how to end and what to do in between – whether it’s a 30 minute talk or a 3-day event.
  • And much, much more