April 29 - May 3 - May 6 - May 11.

Deadline to register is Monday April 17 - US Pacific Time


You missed out!

Join this 4-session live virtual bootcamp where we will go deeper and apply what we covered in the online Speak With Influence And Impact training – AND MORE!

You will practice and improve your presentations and speaking skills and get live feedback and instructions!

We will cover the art of creating a presentation, and how to use stories and your life experiences to benefit others better!

We will also go deeper on the true art of positive influence and persuasion!

It Is The Presentation Of The Idea Or Product That We Say "YES" To 

Yes, developing our presentation skills enhances our lives in every area. The art of communication, presentation, and influence is directly related to your income. It is directly related to how you are are able to attract friendships and even love.

It is directly related to how we are able to coach, inspire, lead and help others in life.

Yes, I am making a bold prediction (actually a rather safe prediction) that your income will increase as a result of doing and implementing what we cover in this bootcamp!

The Person Who Can Present Is Also The Person Who Is Confident.

This bootcamp applies to you being hired as a keynote speaker, running your own workshops or events, presenting an idea to attract business partners, rally your friends, selling a product or service, etc., etc.

We will begin at 9 am US Pacific Time each of these days:

April 29 - May 3 - May 6 - May 11.

Each session will run for 2-3 hours (depending on how many register).

You will get some homework before the bootcamp so register as soon as you can.

Each session will be recorded. If you miss a session, then review the recorded sessions as quickly as possible (the recorded session will be available later the same day) so you are up to speed for the following session.

The recorded sessions will be viewable for 30 days. 

Register below and get ready for a fun and rewarding bootcamp!

If you need assistance with your order, email [email protected]