Today, here in the US, is the day of Thanksgiving.  And, as we all know, reflecting on what we are grateful for is a very powerful activity.

As we get into reflecting on what we are grateful for, the more things pop up in our mind.  It’s one of those things that expand the more we do.

Gratitude comes easily as a result of success.  But I think it’s even more valuable if we embrace the belief that gratitude is a precursor to success (however we define success).  Perhaps gratitude is even a prerequisite for success.

As I look back, I am exceptionally grateful for having suddenly lost my health, voice and therefore gone broke some years ago.

If it hadn’t happened, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the kick in the rear to realize the importance of publishing my method that previously had helped so many people.

But the truth is, although I was miserable many times, there was something inside me that knew there was an opportunity.  I knew I couldn’t publish anything unless I healed first.  I couldn’t speak about health and about improving the body with integrity unless I could be a role model for what was possible. And I knew “healing” wasn’t enough.  I needed to become stronger, healthier and more knowledgeable than I had been if I were to expect success.

Even then, and every time I face a challenge now, I feel gratitude for the opportunity to grow, improve and learn something I need to learn

I am grateful for the back injury I had as a kid. Would I ever have become so interested in learning about the body and mind if I hadn’t experienced it?  Would I have experienced my achievements in sports if I hadn’t? Would I then have become a performer, coach, etc?

We’ve all heard the old talk about “obstacles being stepping stones to success”.  I am immensely grateful that I never believed that it was just “positive talk” from people who already had “made it”, but that I realized at an early age that it is actually true.

Yes, I am of course even more grateful for the painful events after the fact.  Let’s face it, it’s much easier to talk about being grateful when we no longer are in the moment of despair and pain.

However, I truly believe that reflecting on what we can be grateful for – even if it is just seemingly small stuff  –  is what becomes the fuel for healing and improving.

And of course I am extremely grateful for YOU – for you who are reading this, for all my customers, clients and members of The Singing Zone.  Hearing your stories – your struggles and your successes – is what gives me the reason to do what I do.  Your emails, your comments on this blog, your amazing insights and ways of assisting other members in The Singing Zone forum are just phenomenal.

You are inspiring and I Thank You!

As always you are welcome to share your thoughts.  Maybe you have found gratitude to be a way that has helped you out of pain?

With gratitude,

Per Bristow