Per Bristow is the creator of what are considered the world’s most popular voice, performance and presentation trainings that are used by singers and speakers in 146 countries.

He was born in Sweden where he was considered a child prodigy playing the violin, an elite youth athlete, and then singer and actor, who in his 20s had one of the leading roles in the two biggest box office successes in Swedish theatre history.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, his unique method for training singers and speakers quickly gained notoriety for healing voice dysfunctions, and improving all aspects of the physical voice...  

...and also for the mental /psychological peak performance training to, for example, overcome stage fright and performance anxieties, and to become confident, free, charismatic and impactful when performing and presenting - even in pressured situations.

He launched his first training program (the Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone training) online in 2008, and is increasingly in demand coaching other online entrepreneurs.

Some of his trainings include:

Voice training for singers - from high-in demand artists who need to overcome voice problems and/or be in top shape for concerts, tours and recordings, to the amateur singer who loves to be able to sing with greater joy and freedom.

Voice training for speakers, coaches, teachers, actors, business executives, leaders, sales people, negotiators, and anyone who wants a free, rich, resonant, attractive, and influential voice.

Performance training for singers who want to be more confident, captivating and successful as performing artists

Presentation training for speakers, leaders, business executives, coaches, lawyers, sales people, negotiators who want to be more confident, influential, charismatic and impactful when communicating.

Peak performance training for artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, business people, and more, who want to master the art of coming alive under pressures, turns fear and stress into freedom, be the person who finds solutions in crisis, and perform at your peak when it matters the most.

Entrepreneurial training, including presentation, marketing, online marketing/advertising, and systems building to accelerate success.

Per speaks and presents at various conferences around the world, and he has produced his own sold-out events and workshops in 15 countries on 4 continents.