Use This To Achieve Your Goals

Posted on 26. Dec, 2013 by .


I’m sitting here in the Los Angeles sunshine today (we have had a couple of really warm days), doing what I love to do this time of the year. And that is to reflect. I am in one sense a very future driven person.  I have always been a big dreamer. However, part of dreaming […]

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The Abuse That Kills Children’s (And Adult’s) Voices

Posted on 19. Sep, 2013 by .


I am addressing this for the sake of our children, for the sake of you adults, as well as society in general.  In my previous article, I wrote about the tragic beliefs that prevent so many from living fulfilled lives.  In fact, it prevents people from fulfilling some basic human needs.  As a parent, educator […]

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Is It True People Believe This About Singing?

Posted on 09. Aug, 2013 by .


Is it really true?  Please say it isn’t so.  Help me out here. Is it really true that people in this day and age believe this about singing? Here are some examples posted from people on Facebook: “U can not teach anyone to sing! It is a gift!” “If you aren’t born singing, it is […]

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How To Succeed When Things Aren’t Going Well…

Posted on 21. Jun, 2013 by .


I started out this series of blog posts about “Exponential Learning and Peak Performance” by using my son’s experience in his first baseball game of the season as an example. I wrote that the ability to perform at your peak when it matters the most, and to be resourceful when things aren’t going well is […]

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The Mindset Behind Creativity and Innovation

Posted on 05. Jun, 2013 by .


I’ve written before about the ability to turn failures into successes, and why it is a developed skills – a crucial skill if we want to be able to learn effectively, be creative and productive, and be resourceful to find solutions when things aren’t going well. Therefore, I’d like to share with you a wonderful […]

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