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EPISODE #1: From Troubled Childhood To Celebrity, To Healing His Lost Voice - Jason Gardiner

Today’s guest, Jason Gardiner, is known in the UK as a singer, dancer, choreographer and TV personality, being a celebrity judge on Dancing On Ice and more.

In this episode, Jason shares his journey of growing up with shame and guilt of being ostracized and bullied and not feeling comfortable expressing himself, to becoming a celebrity in the UK. 

However, he then faced the challenge of his life when he completely lost his voice.

After vocal surgery he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to speak, let alone sing again. He was told “the chances of you ever being able to sing again are so slim”.

In this episode, Jason shares what he did to heal, and what he discovered during the times when he wasn’t able to use his voice, such as other people’s stories and their bottled up voices.

Inspired by several life-defining moments, he has now created his one-man-show “IN THE CLOSET” that premiered in London to extraordinary reviews.

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