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EPISODE #2: From Personal Tragedy to Speaking on 3,000 Stages - Carren Smith

Carren Smith is known as one of Australia’s most exciting and dynamic motivational speakers - an extraordinary human being who exudes positivity and success.

But how is this possible?

After finding her partner having committed suicide, falling into depression herself, she decided to go to Bali to attempt to heal... only to find herself in a burning inferno with half of her head blown off.

Fighting for survival, she made it back to Australia knowing she were never to see her friends again… 

In this episode, we talk about what made her survive, the creation of her book Soul Surviver and how she then decided that she wanted to speak on stage about her story to help others.

However, after her initial attempt to speak on stage, she was advised to not do it again as she was no good at it.

Listen to Carren’s heart-breaking, yet inspiring story and what has enabled her to become such a powerful speaker, coach and source of positivity and love.

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