My friends,

The news is in. As you probably know, on the website at we state that we have members from 65 nations inside The Singing Zone. It turns out that this is incorrect. We just did an updated count of all our customers this morning. And guess what? It turns out that I now have customers from 84 nations!

Naturally, I am personally immensely grateful for the success of the program, and that I am able to reach and communicate with so many people. I thank all of you who put trust in me and I certainly feel the responsibility to live up to that trust (which is a good feeling of responsibility in my opinion).

I also reflect over what a phenomenal world we live in. There is no denying that there are many problems in the world, and there likely always will be. Yet, the fact that we are able to communicate with each other the way we can today is mindboggling.

I still remember the first computer I got. How could I forget. It wasn’t that long ago really.

I remember the first time I talked to someone via web camera. It wasn’t long ago at all.

Today I can can acquire information that I never could before. I can learn from, study with, communicate with, work with people from most parts of the world. I can communicate with friends and family all over the globe.

It's amazing.

Saturday I had a class with my virtual singing class which has participants from many parts of the world, and we reflected on the fact that our grandparents would have been absolutely blown away seeing what we can do today.

It truly is amazing.

And let’s not forget that the amazing technology we have today is a result of the rapidly evolving capacity of the human mind.

We’ve always known that singing is part of every culture, and it makes me warm inside knowing you are singing away in every part of the world. Perhaps I can soon travel and study the culture of singing in various parts of the world in person. And meet you!

Send me an invitation! 🙂

How about reflecting on the positive developments in the world today and how you can utilize them to enhance your life. What is it you can do today that you couldn’t have done a few years ago?

Love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share below.

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  • Hi Per,
    yes the technology which is helping us to communicate is revolutionary these days and the opportunities that are opening up for us all are staggering.  I write songs with a friend of mine and we're actually getting comments from all over the world about our music, this could never have happened only a few years ago – it opens up the whole world as an audience and allows everybody to experience a much richer and diverse mix of music and ideas. I'm sure it's only a matter of time until some great problem is solved or decision is made by a huge collective collaboration by millions of people via the communication made available by the internet.  We live in truly historical times.

  • Congratulations!   You've got a good product and it fills a marketing niche.  What's not to like?

  • I am a 65yr old female who receives emails from you and I get so thrilled  hearing about the thousands of success stories your course has given people. I play the guitar and love to sing but I have an underactive thyroid and am finding it increasingly more difficult to sing. I am taking levothyroxin 75mg is there anything I can do to help myself I would love to join your course but think for me it might just be a waste of money. please tell me I'm wrong.

  • Hi Per,
    Hello from one of your (not so old times) students. I had the privilege of taking live lessons with you in Los Angeles and, alhough I have not been singing much lately (crazy busy schedule) I will NEVER forget what I've gained from your teachings. I am rejoicing of your amazing success. Passion and perseverance pay off.

  • One of the up-sides of living in the world today is the presence of all this modern technology without which I would be completely frustrated. My computer and digital technology enables me to fulfil my great desire to communicate what I know as a Christian using what I have as God given talent.
    I am a bit of an artist, writer and a self taught Gospel singer (with room for lots of improvement,) and song writer. I have the great privilege of having a website which utilizes all of these abilities and reaches people further than I ever thought possible.
    Of course the wonderful world of modern technology brings to me from far away these wonderful lessons, which have been a great help to me. I’m only in my second month and I can already see that there is much more to come. I wait with anticipation to see what’s coming next
    Thanks for your help, it’s very much appreciated.

  • Singing should be a part of all our lives.  It helps to let go of all sorts of negativity and inspires alot of positivity.  The sad fact for me though is I have a miserable neighbour who I have always struggled to talk to since he told me he killed the next door neighbours cat with weed killer and finished it off with a shovel and threatened several of my visitiors when he was drunk.  No singing here any longer, he reported me to the council and they sent me a letter threatening to fine me £5000 if I didn't keep as quiet as a mouse.  I feel like a prisoner in my own home more than ever now and have always been careful about making noise.  I really don't see any other way out.

  • Hi Per,
    I'm Deinmy O'Neill from Africa! Not new to your site and ideas but I am yet to start your program. Can't wait. I have been singing and writing songs for some years but would love to broaden my range and pitch. Thanks for this opportunity to work with you that I perhaps wouldnt ever get where it not for technology!

  • Hi Jacqui, I am 66 years old and have an underactive thyroid, but well managed with the same medication as you have. Once your thyroid levels are well controlled, this should not interfere with your singing, I started Per's course last year and I am now happy with my singing. What you need is practice as Per demonstrates on his DVDs or the Sing with Freedom program. lt really helps and gives you your voice back and confidence. It is worth trying!! One cannot buy happiness, but the course will lead you towards it….best wishes Helena

  • Hi Per,
    Firstly, thank you for introducing me to a fantastic way in tuning my vocals, I am a shower singer but love singing and when I do I feel it in my solar plexus and I can feel the song within, if this makes sense.
    I professionally teach "How your Thoughts and mind can change your life and heal your body", in a very positive way, it truly is amazing. So yes it is amazing the technology we have available to us today and the way in which we can use the mind is incredible.
    I also believe that music has a healing energy within the vibration of the instrument used. Incidentally, people that I have taught this technique, have had some wonderful results and experiences, with every day ailments and with terminally ill conditions. Keep up this fun and fantastic way in which you teach. I love it and it makes me laugh.
    PS. Per, you have an open invitation to visit us in Scotland anytime you feel like a wee break.
    Take care
    Tom Anderson

  • Thirty-some years ago I was BA's man in Washington when we introduced the Concorde and had the excitement of travelling at twice the speed of sound.
    Yesterday I "flew" with my grandsons a simulated helicopter through canyons and over mountains at the Royal Navy museum in Portsmouth.
    Now Virgin Galactic have taken bookings to fly passengers into space! I am not sure I would do that, even if I had sufficient time left or the fare, but it appears that many are sure enough of both to have put their money down!
    I know that, with your help, Per, I will achieve my more modest goal of still singing in my church choir when I turn 80 in five years' time, hiatus hernia or not!

  • hii! I'm 16, and i haven't got a credit card so i can't buy your program:( but I've always LOVED singing, and i wish i could learn, and go to singing lessons, to work on things like my breathing, i just feel like I'm not getting anywhere at the moment. I think It's amazing the amount of diferent cultures you have joined together, and I wish I could join in! thankyou so much for making this software available, I thinks It's great that so many people are able to benefit from your lesson over the internet, please let me know if there's any other way of joining in!:)

  • Well, Per, a perfect example of technology that boggles the mind is YouTube, through which we can enjoy many an old, legendary performance at will.  Fantastic.
    And singing brings cultures together like nothing else. You are on the right track with your work — it is a balm for the world.  Thank you … Michael 
    PS – Though I am turning 60 on 1 May, singing lets me feel much younger than that.  

  • I am the family historian of my extended family.  Before those recprds went online in 1999, my information was very limited compared to what I know today.  My grandfather came to Canada in 1895 with his brother and lost touch with him in 1903.  Although he serched the rest of his life, he could never find him.  With the help of the internet, I found the descendants of this long lost brother and many details of my grandfather's life that he never told us.  I have also helped many others to find their own history.  One of my neighbours asked for help to find out what happened to his father who died when he was 2 years old.  All he had was his name and a photo of him in WWII uniform.  From that, I eventually found where and when his father was born and died, his ancestors in Scotland, and half siblings in Canada.  He was overjoyed.  Family history is very important to many people.   This is just another asdpect of what can be done today.  Your lessons are also a wonderful resource.  I don't know where else I could learn what you teach, as my attempts with local voice teachers did not give me what I needed.  Thanks for all that you do to help us.   JoAnn in Canada

  • Hi Per,
    I am a senior high school student in China and I like music very much. But I didn't sing well. So I always doubt that if I could be a singer. It is your free couses that change my mind. You give me confidence to stick to my dream and I wish I can be a great singer in a couple of years. I will buy your amazing couses when I gain my salary in the summer vacation. Thank you very much!

  • What I can do today that I couldn't do a few years ago would be to have the confidence in myself and get through the ego barrier that I have allowed to sit inside me for what seems forever.  It wasnt until my mother passed, whom had suffered years of illness that I thought, I dont want this to happen to me and have this experience in my life; what the heck to I have to hide from, YOU only live so long and as long as you are loving what you do and do it with passion then it will be a wonderful experience:)

  • Hi Per Have enjoyed all your newsletters and would love to be  a member of your singing Zone but have problems to solve before this can happen. I am a widow and live in a lifestyle village and am unable to move about much as I've had polio. All my life I have sung from the moment I wake up in the morning I'm happy I sing in shows we put on for the residents and concerts for the patients in our hospital here.I love to see their faces light up when it's a song they know and they often join in. It's a way of reaching out in love to our fellow human travellers.and is a joyful experience.
    I do not have a credit card that is accepted in the U.S .A and am not sure how I could  reimburse you for the lessons.Can one trial your method for three months or does one have to sign on for one year etc?
    I feel you have brought happiness into many peoples lives .So wish you all the very best. Dawn.

  • Per…it is wonderful knowing you and the way you bring happiness to humanily and transform lives through what looks disarmingly simple…I mean your singing programme…I am from India where we have great classical traditions of singing in both hindustani and karnatic tradions. This involves voice training too. In fact, our "pranava swara" (divine life giving voice) is "Om" the first life spring voice as it is generated from the navel and given expression through the vocal cords. What is a spiritual exercise and tradition with us has been transformed into a  scientifically tempered practical tool in your dextrous hands or rather voice !Good luck to you and the tens of thousands of your fans and followers ….including me of course !
    Girish, India

  • Hi Per,
         I have always love to sing because I love music but I have been so frustrated because of my narrow voice range. That means my voice breaks when I reach some not very high notes.I am curious how you give your lessons but I really would love to sing solo and not hide behind the choir. I am interested in taking your lessons but I am not ready financially at the moment. Meanwhile, I am trying to take in as much information as I can from tips you give freely over the internet. May be I can afford to buy your product by November of this year and it seems so far away yet. Thank you so much for sharing with us and for your desire to help ALL OF US enjoy the art of singing. 

  • Thank you very much PER for your Singing Zone being a role model in the singing industry you gave us the confidence, motivation in this video your positive outlook that nothing is too late to begin with and nothing to fear at all. Once again thank you very much and I gonna keep on Singing.  

  • per i missed out on that special cos my c/c didnt work can you please forward my deal again i enjoyed our conversations of late it was lovely to hear from you again singing is my life but being a poor muso i cant afford this without that special offer please my credit card now works

  • Hi I need to update my computer. As the music world has changed since I had a CD out over ten years ago. My singing could always improve and has any help that anyone could give me to move forward with another CD that is complete now I am divorced and previous CD was on his label. But he is not a writer on this one. I would love to put this one out but the way things have changed from ten years ago. Gavin distributed to radio stations and another company but with the net it is different. Help

  • Hi Per,
    I have been singing since I was a wee girl. Sadly my nerves get to me and for that reason I wasn’t able to make the career out of it I would have liked. I think your programme is amazing. I have twice had your programme on the singing zone and twice my computer has crashed and i have lost it plus lots of personally valuable data main one being the singing zone programme and all my practice songs.I have just bought a new laptop and and am ready to download your wonderful programme again. For me personally your programme has given me the desire to sing again publicly, even though I am in my 60’s. I hope to be able to join your singing lessons in early 2012.. The linkup is an awesome way of getting lessons from one of the best. Privately I have no off key problems but in public due to my lack of confidence and shyness I do at times have that problem.I am able to get my key within the first few bars but it throws me and nevers attack. Is it too late for me to get back on the horse so to speak. I would love to have a few years singing again publicly. Thank your for your wonderful programme and all your support.
    Happy Thanksgiving USA from New Zealand.
    Kind Regards Noor Coleman-Khalaf.

  • Hello Per
    Thank you very much for your amazing newsletters it is amazing how you can give confidence to so many peoples
    I like to sing .to play on guitar I’m not a superstar,in all my life I sing in choirs since from 1983 ,it is very easy to sing when near you are very good singers and you have a very good conductor.I like very much your type of teaching how to sing,is something else ,in a good way.In my country it is hard times and in the first place is my family and financially I can’t join your singing zone ,maybe later , till than if you send me your newsletters I will be your sincerely gratefull.thank you again .I wish you all the best

  • I’m not sure now, how we got to be friends but you are a worthy friend. If you would like to hear from an older singer, still singing & wanting to improve, let me know. A

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