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EPISODE #7: From Bullied Teen To Impacting The Nation In The UK X Factor - Peyton

Peyton was an audience favorite in the UK X Factor, and had before then had many years performing all over the world as a renowned singer in the house music genre.

Recently, he released his powerful album Sinners Got Soul Too.

However, even though he loved the arts, and loved singing from childhood, he denied participating in any arts all through high school. Why? Because of severe bullying.

In this episode Peyton shares his journey, how it took a long time until he realized he could have a career doing what he loved to do - to sing.

We learn about the process of auditioning and how he was able to conquer his incredibly fear when going for the X factor audition, but what he then did to come alive and mesmerize that judges as well as the UK public.

We learn about his work as an anti-bullying ambassador, about what drives him, and about his mindset that has enabled his success and enabled him to release his powerful and captivating voice that has had an impact on millions.

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