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The Power of Vulnerability 2

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In the previous post I addressed performance anxiety and the power of vulnerability, or in that case "how to get a standing ovation". Here's another example, although maybe in a different way.
Below you see a clip from my Live Event in Las Vegas (Click here to register for next event). This was a moment that became very special and inspiring for everyone in the audience.

Whatever age you're at, whatever you think of your singing/speaking ability, wherever you are in your life and career, I’m sure you can relate to what she shares and her situation.

My Live Event is much about how we can release fears and restrictions that hold us back, and “perform” and succeed at higher levels in life. At this specific event, I offered some people to get up on stage and take the mic.

I especially encouraged those who would normally shy away from doing so. There was little preparation as far as what to say, but the task was to give permission and go with the flow and implement what we had learned throughout the day.

We had seasoned professional singers as well as non-singers in the audience, and everyone was equally moved by this. If you don't feel comfortable speaking or singing in front of an audience, I would like you to realize that you can have a tremendous impact. And it helps you, as well as those around you, when you become more comfortable releasing your voice and sharing who you are in song and speech.

Take look at the video below and see what happens. Relate to her story, as well as to this challenge of sharing your story from the stage. Notice how she comes alive, and recognize that the standing ovation is a genuine result from her genuine presence.

Yes, she actually became a beautiful and inspiring role model in many ways, which she likely hadn’t expected.

So, how many times do you hide behind a friend? How many times have you decided to not show up at an event just because your friend can’t make it? In what areas of your life have you lived up to exceptions of what you’re supposedly not good at?

How does this video inspire you?

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“Tone Deaf” Sings Magically On Key After 5 Minutes!

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What you will witness in these videos below may seem magical. In a sense it is. However, you should know it works every time, and the reason I do this on stage is not only to crush the false belief of being "tone deaf", but to demonstrate the process of how we all - even the seasoned professional singer - can discover amazing unknown capacity within us.

Realize it’s not only these individuals who believed they were tone deaf. Their environment believed it too. People often post on FB that a "tone deaf" cannot learn to sing, or that the ability to sing on key is something you either have or don't have.

Numerous people think that just because they have tried and failed at something, it serves as proof that it's not possible, failing to realize that it was the strategy that failed. Numerous people live with beliefs of “inborn talent”.

One point of this demonstration is to crush the belief that being able to sing on key is all about your hearing. These "tone deaf" people's ears were fine and singing on key has far less to do with your ear than most people think. (It wasn’t the ear that improved in 5 minutes.)

However, the real point of of my live events are to teach the advanced skills of releasing what holds you back, rapid skill development, as well as mental peak performance training - not just for singing, but for life.

Whose who attended the previous live events witnessed not only what happened during those 5 minutes but also what had preceded it. While I of course cannot go through all of that in this short video, I hope this serves as an inspiration.

The Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone provides important training in these mental/psychological/mindset strategies to improve effectively. At the upcoming Live Events in Las Vegas, Melbourne and London we'll take the psychology of learning and achieving to new levels.

What do you believe you cannot do or are not good at? Have you come to believe that "you are who you are" and that you can only marginally improve? Do you think you can't heal, increase your income, or become more influential? Do you think you can't do something because someone told you so, or that don't have the "talent"?

If you want to learn how you can dramatically improve any skill, and improve your life in a short amount of time, I'd love to see you at the next Live Event!
At "Per Bristow Live" in Toronto:
At "Per Bristow Live" in Miami:

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83-Year-Old Singer’s Amazing Comeback After 50 Years Of Silence

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At my Live Event ("Per Bristow Live") in Toronto, I had the great honor of meeting Elaine Small in person for the first time. And what a gift she gave us all - the most beautiful lesson on the subject of “it’s never too late”. What a great role model for those who think they’re too old just because they’ve turned a certain age.

Her passion that had lied dormant for decades had awakened. She trained. She improved. She wrote a book. She recorded a wonderful CD backed by some of Canada’s top musicians, and then…

It was such a pleasure to invite her back on the same stage where one of her absolute last performances took place 50 years ago - at the famous Royal York in Toronto.

What passion lies dormant within you?

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy and be is Elaine Small…

Come to the next Live Event in LAS VEGAS, MELBOURNE or LONDON:

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Remarkable Performance at Per Bristow Live Event

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At "Per Bristow Live" in Toronto, I had the pleasure of inviting Deidrey Francois up on the stage. Only a few years ago, she didn't believe she could sing - that she wasn't "good enough". No one in the audience was prepared for the emotional impact she would have on us all. Here's the video. (Although this video does of course not do justice to the amazing experience we had in the room.)

Much of my Live Event is about learning how we can recognize the restrictions that hold us back in life, and then learn strategies to release them. (The next Live Event is in London May 21.) It's remarkable what happens when we ignite our ability and love to improve, learn, and discover, and develop greater awareness and freedom.

That's how we can become more creative and productive in life. That's how we can lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life, and accomplish great things.

Deidrey expressed how music has changed her life, and her song "I Am Free" became an inspiration for us all.

We of course realize that Deidrey has been able to sing for a long time. But however "good" we are, many (perhaps most of us) walk through life with the hampering feeling that we are not "good enough". Deidrey expressed how music has changed her life, and her song "I Am Free" became an inspiration for us all.

Thank you Deidrey for being such a positive role model, for releasing your voice to the world, and for sharing your passion.

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Sing For Good – Tania de Jong – How Singing Together Changes The Brain

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Here's a beautiful global initiative to sing for good - Yes, to do good and feel good through singing - to help our brains and lives become healthier, happier and more creative.

The benefits of singing, as you probably already know, are numerous. There are significant changes in your brain chemistry from singing.

In addition, this global Sing For Good initiative gives us a way to help others.

Learn more about Tania de Jong and participate in the Sing For Good project here:

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Per Bristow with Opetaia Foa’i and Te Vaka


I had the pleasure of having Opetaia Foa’i and his wonderful group Te Vaka come by for lunch.

These beautiful souls from the South Pacific who entertain audiences around the world with their "South Pacific fusion" are now in the works of creating the music for Disney's new animated movie "Moana", plus preparing for their US/Canada tour. I also had the pleasure of seeing in action (and trying) the Polynesian percussion instrument “pate”. Ah, what a beautiful instrument. Have you played it?

I love that through this international language we call “music” we can truly celebrate different cultures. I love learning about cultures and their music, dance and art. And I love that Opetaia and Te Vaka are such fabulous ambassadors for their culture.

Te Vaka has previously represented the South Pacific at the London and Beijing Olympics, have toured the world (40 countries so far), and have won numerous awards for their contributions. Check out this video below with me and Opetaia Foa’i, hear his approach to writing songs, and meet Te Vaka.

Isn’t it beautiful when music not only entertains us, but enriches us culturally? Actually, how about listening to music that you might not normally listen to this week?

I really look forward to seeing Te Vaka in concert. Are you coming?