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Mike Massé – 95mil YouTube Views – On Training His Singing Voice

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Does Mike Massé engage in singing training? If you've heard/ seen Mike Massé on YouTube, or even better seen him live, it’s hard not to be impressed by his incredible renditions of some of the world’s greatest rock songs.

Toto called his rendition of their song Africa, the best cover they had ever heard. It now has over 13 million views! (More than 95 million views total.)

Last week I got a message that Mike had posted this video below to his youtube channel. Wow, I was taken by complete surprise.

I would like you to watch it. Then continue reading below as I go through some things that make Mike so great and how it can make you greater.


One Trait Among Successful People

One trait among highly successful people, and which I truly admire, is their appetite for learning. Mike is a prime example of someone who not only has high ambitions, but who also deeply values constant learning and training.

When it comes to the voice, many up-and-coming singers don’t have the awareness that Mike has (most pros don’t either), and they don’t recognize the tension that Mike mentioned that creeps into their voices (or that has always been there).

Singers vs Athletes

Most singers are also not as knowledgeable of strategies to release tension and improve coordination and functionality as athletes often are. Many singers still think singing scales is a warm-up. (In the not so distant past, hobby athletes thought jogging was a warm-up too.)

So hats off to Mike for being someone who, although he is already exceptionally good a what he does, is still eager to explore ways to improve, and to want to operate at maximum levels.

Athletes always need to take utmost care of their bodies and they train differently depending on if it’s off-season or in-season or if they experience tension, pain and imbalances somewhere.

A singer is wise to adapt similar strategies and mindsets. We want to engage in singing training to build the voice to be able to sustain long studio sessions and long tours, to be able to recover effectively after gigs, to be able to express the song you want to express with less effort and more passion and freedom.

The Art Of Giving / Sharing 

Now the other thing that Mike demonstrates in this video is how he operates as a human being. Why does he make this video? Does he expect something specific in return? Of course not.

He’s a great example of someone who expresses his gratitude and passion without expecting anything in return. He does it because that is who he is. Same thing on stage. He doesn’t expect or demand the audience to love him. He gets his instrument in the best shape possible to let his voice soar with the intent of creating a magical experience for the audience. And that’s exactly why they love him. Do we understand that we will likely experience tremendous returns somehow when we operate like that? Of course.

When we give and express without expecting something in return, the returns actually become greater. Call it Karma. Call it just how the universe operates. Most importantly, it happens because we then open our hearts and minds to not only give, but also to experience and receive the abundance of the world. It’s a stark difference compared to living a lifestyle with expectations, demands and restrictions.

What comes around goes around. 

Experience the same Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone training, that Mike and other singers around the world use.

Recognize that Mike talks about me, not just for my benefit, but because he genuinely wants other singers (you) to feel confident and sing their hearts out.

I want to help Mike, especially because of that mindset, and I also want you to be the best you can be.

I also sincerely think you can learn a lot from Mike. Listen to how he approaches the songs. Watch him live and see how he engages the audience and you’ll be inspired to do it you too.

As a final note, it’s funny that his recording of Africa was in a small place with a not so engaged audience quite some time ago. Instead, the video now has an audience of 13 million viewers. Isn’t that funny how things can happen? Amazing really. You just never know what happens when you sing with passion, whether it’s to a small audience or a big audience. Watch that recording and his other songs.

If you ever want my help, my singing training is always available to you here.

Keep on singing!


Per Bristow

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When “Follow Your Dreams” Gets Tough

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Follow your dreams”! You’ve heard that all your life.

And you’ve done so – maybe as an artist, athlete, or entrepreneur.

But then you face challenges. And after some time with constant struggle, it’s not so fun anymore. You’ve lost the joy.

And worse, you may feel bad, event guilty about it.After all, you're supposed to love what you do and do what you love.

This is actually a very common feeling for artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Creative people face rejection all the time. Financial struggles are often part of the game.

Many artist love to create, but dealing with the business side of things becomes less inspiring.

Dominic Cincotta is an amazing singer, but he lost the joy he once had for singing. I had the pleasure of meeting him at my Live Event in Melbourne, where he was gracious to come up on stage.

Watch this video first. Then we’ll talk about how to ignite that joy again.

Much of what my work as a coach is and has been to help reignite joy in artists and entrepreneurs. I want to help ignite that spark within to make their lives and careers much more fulfilling and successful.

So what can we do to reignite joy? What can we do to achieve greater success?

There are several aspect to this of course, but let’s begin by addressing one word Dominic mentioned:


Anyone who has participated in any of my live or online training knows that developing greater awareness is key to be able to effectively improve in any area.

It applies to effectively healing a voice problem, but frankly, also in order to achieve greater success in any area.

Here’s why:

The trap of the "results".

A big trap we tend to fall into is the drive for a “results”. It’s understandable. We all want results. Me too. I have high ambitions and big goals. But the question is how to achieve "result". 

After some time of struggle and you still haven’t achieved the result you want, more and more frustration sets in.

If you feel expectations from the outside world, as well as from within, with time you feel more and more pressure.

What are your dreams?

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and goals of course. But operating with a result oriented mind is something very different from having dreams and goals.

Part of my training is to lead you through processes to awaken your awareness.

When we do so we become better at living in the moment, and become better at being engaged in exciting processes. Through this you also begin to recognize progress that you would otherwise not have done.

Yes, one big part is to learn the difference between...

Result-oriented vs. process-oriented.

It's the process-oriented individual who actually gets the results.

When you shift your awareness and mindset in this way, you experience the world differently. Practice becomes fun.

It become exciting to get up Monday morning to explore and discover, rather than try and do something “right”, or live up to someone’s expectations.

It's interesting that it's often the driven, ambitious person who is the one who falls into the trap of becoming more and more results-oriented.

Think about this:

If time passes and you’re still not achieving the "results" you think you should, it becomes very easy to feel “I’m not good enough”, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to be result-oriented from an early age, through school, and through a lot of “training”.

Let’s look at traditional singing training as an example:

No discipline I am aware of tends to use words such as “proper”, “correct”, and “right” vs. “wrong” as much as in the world of traditional classical singing training.

We should realize that effective sports trainers don’t use such nonsensical words.

In the world of effective training, there is no such thing as “proper”.

The only thing that matters is what is EFFECTIVE for you in your stage of development and depending on what you want to improve.

That futile search for “proper”, for “perfection”, for what you “should accomplish”, is a surefire way to sap the joy out of you. 

The feeling/fear of not being “good enough” hampers many. Probably you too, 

The day when you are doing it “right” is a day that will never come. It’s a fantasy. 

In fact, most “results” people strive for are fantasies because they actually aren’t aware of what they really want.

The most common feedback you get.

The most common feedback we get in life is when someone points out what is wrong. Why? Because that’s easy.

we've been conditioned avoid the spelling “mistake”, avoid the math “error”, avoid making a fool out of yourself, don’t “miss”, don't be flat, don't be sharp, don't crack, don’t do this and don’t do that.

The fear of making mistakes, the fear of being wrong, the discomfort of messing up, the feeling of not being good enough, etc., takes a toll.

Artists tend to get into the feeling that they always have to prove themselves.  Have you ever felt that?

And the more successful you become, the more critiqued you'll become on social media, for example.

Athletes compete all the time and are benched the day they don’t do well.

Entrepreneurs have to constantly fail and reinvent themselves, and struggle all day long. And many get into these fields with a deep desire to prove themselves. (This can be turned into beautiful fuel for the benefit of mankind.)

So it’s very easy to become caught up in the feeling that “I’m not good enough”, and that “I’m not doing enough”. And with that pressure, joy quickly becomes absent.

What is joy really?

Joy comes from engagement in the process.

Once you become deeper engaged in processes and develop deeper and deeper awareness, you develop at far more rapid speed, and experiences greater success as a results from that.

Yes, “results” are actually a bi-product from how effectively you can engage in the process.

So here are questions for you…

Do you judge yourself or others in terms of “correct” vs “incorrect”, or “right” vs “wrong”, or “good” vs “bad”?

What and who’s expectations are you trying to live up to?

Do you feel you are not good enough? Do you feel life “should” be different?

Yes, life COULD be very different when you become engaged in beautiful processes where you are engaged in exploration and discovery, and then experience rewarding progress from it.

Post your comment below​.

“Follow your dreams”! You’ve heard that all your life. And you’ve done it. Maybe as an artist, athlete, or entrepreneur. But now with all the struggle… the challenges… it’s not so fun anymore… you’ve lost the joy…

It’s a common feeling for artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Dominic Cincotta is an amazing singer. But he lost the joy he once had for singing. I had the pleasure of meeting him at my Live Event in Melbourne, where he was gracious to come up on stage. Watch this video first. Then we’ll talk about how to ignite that joy again.

Peak Performance: A Lesson From Tom Brady


Those who watched the Super Bowl Sunday witnessed something absolutely extraordinary – a remarkable display of peak performance that became the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Now let’s see what we can learn from this…

I’ll be honest, I’m not a super fan of American Football. And however much you love or hate Tom Brady is irrelevant in regards to this subject matter. We should realize though that Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, who by many is now considered the greatest quarterback in history has, in fact, often been derided for his far from exceptional physical skills.

But there is something extraordinary that he has: His mental ability.

The main reason I wanted to watch the game was to see what Brady, known for his peak performance skills, would do. How would he react in various situations?

So how did the game begin for Tom Brady and his New England Patriots?


Absolutely disastrous.

After the first half they were down 3-21.

But the questions I’d like to ask you is this: If you were in that situation, how would YOU feel? How would YOU respond?

Now, we should realize that a “peak performer” is not someone who performs well all the time. The true essence of a peak performer is someone who is able to rise to the occasion, to be able to unleash the greatest capacity within when it matters the most, to be able to turn things around and find solutions when things aren’t going well.

Improving this skill (and it is a developed skill) is not just important for athletes and performers, it makes all the difference in every area of your life.

So the second half begins. Do things turn around for Brady and The Patriots? No, it gets even worse! Suddenly they are down 3-28!

How would you feel? How would you respond?

Now I’m in a room with about 100 people, and how do you think people react? Well, as usual, most people predict the future. Some leave, assuming it’s over. They may not realize this, but likely this is what they do in life too. That’s understandable.

However, peak performers, high achievers, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, are always about doing what hasn’t been done before, are always exploring what others may deem impossible.

And then it began…

Tom Brady and his teammates staged the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl and perhaps in American Football history… perhaps one of the greatest comebacks in sports overall in a final performance…

It was one of the greatest displays of peak performance I have ever seen… Brady and his team… intense, yet calm and poised… methodically moving forward… one play at a time…

It’s about having the mental capacity to be calm, cool, poised, focused. It’s about getting into “flow state” or “the zone” where there is no rush of adrenaline (fight or flight), even though fear and anger can be powerful triggers. Your sensory experiences become heightened. You see possibilities in the toughest of situations. And you are able to unleash something remarkable from within.

Well, when you watched the game, were you jumping up and down from excitement, feeling nervous, becoming emotional, yelling at the umpire, looking at the clock, thinking about the future and what must happen, reflecting on the past and how different it could have been if this or that had happened?

Did those emotions increase the closer the Patriots came? Did you become more and more excited, more and more nervous as the game came to the final moments? Did you become more and more frustrated if you were rooting for the Falcons? Of course you did.

But what if you were a player and not a spectator? Would it be different?

For most people it would likely be marginally different. Increased anxiety with more pressure is common. That’s how most people react in life. Why wouldn’t we? It’s how the nervous system has been trained to operate. Reacting differently is a developed skill.

I would argue that far too often we live our lives being spectators. Most have trained their nervous system to react based on being spectators. We get excited, angry, frustrated, ecstatic, and miserable from watching sports. We get excited, scared, angry, and violent by watching and reading the news. This is the training we have had, to be reactionary.

I have often, from when I was young, played a mental game with myself to take on the role of a person in a specific situation. I want to live their lives in that moment, and I play out how would I want to be able to respond in that situation.

Not only does that train you to take on challenges in your life, to become a higher “performer”, but it also serves to become more empathetic and understanding of other people.

So as I watched the game, I play I’m in Tom Brady’s situation. I became cool, calm, poised, determined, feeling a deep sense of love and gratitude for being in that moment – the moment I love, the moment when I know I shine, the moment when I become one with my teammates, the moment I become unstoppable.

Try it next time. Instead of just reacting to news, sports, a crisis, or any tough situation, imagine how you would like to be able to respond.

What if you in that moment of “pressure” became calm, poised, bigger and stronger?

What if you in that moment feel a deep sense of love, you embrace fears, and start seeing amazing possibilities and opportunities, knowing that you are unstoppable?

This is what Brady is so good at. This is why he, like other peak performance masters, are always the best when the game is on the line. When it’s on the line, that is exactly the moment when he becomes the most calm, the most focused, the most poised, and why it rubs off on his teammates as we saw happen Sunday.

So here’s a suggestion:

Don’t just be a spectator. Practice mentally. Then do for real.

Imagine that people will ask you afterwards “How were you able to that that?” Whereupon you respond: “Because that is what I do”.

Please post your thoughts below.

Taylor Swift’s Former Manager Shares Powerful Insights

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Do you want a bigger and more enthusiastic audience when you sing? What if you had a bigger following on social media and could have a bigger impact on your world?

In the video below you meet Rick Barker - Taylor Swift’s former manager. I had the pleasure of having Rick attend my live event in Las Vegas and I truly appreciate him as a person and what he does for artist.

Yes, Rick was Taylor Swift’s manager and was instrumental in launching her career. He has also been the social media mentor for American Idol contestants, and has been advising and helping many artists and record labels. Most of all he is a human being with a big heart wanting to help people.

Navigating the industry, getting work, getting seen as an artist is tricky. Many up-an-coming artist approach it backwards and lose out on enormous opportunity. But with skills and good guidance things become so much easier. And this applies to any field, not just artists. Watch this video:

Click to check out Rick's Social Media Challenge
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The Power of Vulnerability 2

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In the previous post I addressed performance anxiety and the power of vulnerability, or in that case "how to get a standing ovation". Here's another example, although maybe in a different way.
Below you see a clip from my Live Event in Las Vegas (Click here to register for next event). This was a moment that became very special and inspiring for everyone in the audience.

Whatever age you're at, whatever you think of your singing/speaking ability, wherever you are in your life and career, I’m sure you can relate to what she shares and her situation.

My Live Event is much about how we can release fears and restrictions that hold us back, and “perform” and succeed at higher levels in life. At this specific event, I offered some people to get up on stage and take the mic.

I especially encouraged those who would normally shy away from doing so. There was little preparation as far as what to say, but the task was to give permission and go with the flow and implement what we had learned throughout the day.

We had seasoned professional singers as well as non-singers in the audience, and everyone was equally moved by this. If you don't feel comfortable speaking or singing in front of an audience, I would like you to realize that you can have a tremendous impact. And it helps you, as well as those around you, when you become more comfortable releasing your voice and sharing who you are in song and speech.

Take look at the video below and see what happens. Relate to her story, as well as to this challenge of sharing your story from the stage. Notice how she comes alive, and recognize that the standing ovation is a genuine result from her genuine presence.

Yes, she actually became a beautiful and inspiring role model in many ways, which she likely hadn’t expected.

So, how many times do you hide behind a friend? How many times have you decided to not show up at an event just because your friend can’t make it? In what areas of your life have you lived up to exceptions of what you’re supposedly not good at?

How does this video inspire you?

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The Power Of Vulnerability

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Yes, the power of vulnerability — or we could in this case call it “How To Get A Standing Ovation”.

The video below is from the recent Live Event in Melbourne ( next event is in London May 21 ). Every event is slightly different, and this time we had Alinta come up on stage. As with many performers, performance anxiety is (was) a real concern for her. (Yes, it’s not just beginners who experience anxiety!) And one of the purposes of the event is to learn how to transform these common fears into creativity, spontaneity and peak performance.

This is a crucial skill to develop (yes, it is a developed skill that few ever engage in developing), not just for performers, athletes,and entrepreneurs, but for anyone who wants to achieve greater success in life. Without training the skill to be able to transform fears into high level performance during challenging times, challenges in life become overwhelming and associated with fear and pain. As a result, most people never discover what they are truly capable of.

Here I have a little fun with Alinta, and she initially finds herself out of her comfort zone to be singing in a key she wouldn't normally sing in. Understand that this is not a performance, when you would have rehearsed, have a good accompanist (I'm not a pianist), and sing in your optimal key. This was an exercise to implement some of the things we had covered earlier in the day. Alinta beautifully went for it, and allowed herself to be open and vulnerable. The standing ovation speaks for itself.

Note: The resulting standing ovation is not to be nice. It's a result of the genuine vulnerable energy Alinta emitted that truly captivated the Melbourne Grand Hyatt Ballroom room. Bravo Alinta.

So, what might you experience if you give yourself permission to be vulnerable?

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Paul Shortino at Per Bristow Live

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At “ Per Bristow Live ” in Las Vegas, Paul Shortino – star of the Las Vegas hit show Raiding The Rock Vault – showed up. Why? Even though he was struggling with overcoming the flu…

“Raiding The Rock Vault” is known not only for the amazing vocal performances and musicianship, but also for the beautiful connection with the audience.

Yes, you want to effectively develop your physical voice so you have an instrument that can express with passion and freedom. (Paul Shortino has a mighty powerful voice.) And the beauty is when this freedom leads to a greater ability to create bonds with other people – whether singing on a big stage, or in other instances of life.

What insights did you get from this?

What insights did you get from the event if you were there?

If you haven’t been to either “ Per Bristow Live ” or “ Raiding The Rock Vault ”, which one are you going to first? 🙂

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Beyond Goal Setting – How To Excel in 2016

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Have you set goals for 2016? Have you been taught goal setting strategies and been told that goals have to be measurable? Hey, measurable goals and clear visions for your future are great. But how about this:

Here are some of my upcoming challenges/events. Maybe you want to come and take the art of advanced skill development to the next level:

What skills are you engaged in developing this year? Post a comment below.

“Tone Deaf” Sings Magically On Key After 5 Minutes!

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What you will witness in these videos below may seem magical. In a sense it is. However, you should know it works every time, and the reason I do this on stage is not only to crush the false belief of being "tone deaf", but to demonstrate the process of how we all - even the seasoned professional singer - can discover amazing unknown capacity within us.

Realize it’s not only these individuals who believed they were tone deaf. Their environment believed it too. People often post on FB that a "tone deaf" cannot learn to sing, or that the ability to sing on key is something you either have or don't have.

Numerous people think that just because they have tried and failed at something, it serves as proof that it's not possible, failing to realize that it was the strategy that failed. Numerous people live with beliefs of “inborn talent”.

One point of this demonstration is to crush the belief that being able to sing on key is all about your hearing. These "tone deaf" people's ears were fine and singing on key has far less to do with your ear than most people think. (It wasn’t the ear that improved in 5 minutes.)

However, the real point of of my live events are to teach the advanced skills of releasing what holds you back, rapid skill development, as well as mental peak performance training - not just for singing, but for life.

Whose who attended the previous live events witnessed not only what happened during those 5 minutes but also what had preceded it. While I of course cannot go through all of that in this short video, I hope this serves as an inspiration.

The Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone provides important training in these mental/psychological/mindset strategies to improve effectively. At the upcoming Live Events in Las Vegas, Melbourne and London we'll take the psychology of learning and achieving to new levels.

What do you believe you cannot do or are not good at? Have you come to believe that "you are who you are" and that you can only marginally improve? Do you think you can't heal, increase your income, or become more influential? Do you think you can't do something because someone told you so, or that don't have the "talent"?

If you want to learn how you can dramatically improve any skill, and improve your life in a short amount of time, I'd love to see you at the next Live Event!
At "Per Bristow Live" in Toronto:
At "Per Bristow Live" in Miami:

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83-Year-Old Singer’s Amazing Comeback After 50 Years Of Silence

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At my Live Event ("Per Bristow Live") in Toronto, I had the great honor of meeting Elaine Small in person for the first time. And what a gift she gave us all - the most beautiful lesson on the subject of “it’s never too late”. What a great role model for those who think they’re too old just because they’ve turned a certain age.

Her passion that had lied dormant for decades had awakened. She trained. She improved. She wrote a book. She recorded a wonderful CD backed by some of Canada’s top musicians, and then…

It was such a pleasure to invite her back on the same stage where one of her absolute last performances took place 50 years ago - at the famous Royal York in Toronto.

What passion lies dormant within you?

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy and be is Elaine Small…

Come to the next Live Event in LAS VEGAS, MELBOURNE or LONDON:

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