Yes, the power of vulnerability — or we could in this case call it “How To Get A Standing Ovation”.

The video below is from the recent Live Event in Melbourne ( next event is in London May 21 ). Every event is slightly different, and this time we had Alinta come up on stage. As with many performers, performance anxiety is (was) a real concern for her. (Yes, it’s not just beginners who experience anxiety!) And one of the purposes of the event is to learn how to transform these common fears into creativity, spontaneity and peak performance.

This is a crucial skill to develop (yes, it is a developed skill that few ever engage in developing), not just for performers, athletes,and entrepreneurs, but for anyone who wants to achieve greater success in life. Without training the skill to be able to transform fears into high level performance during challenging times, challenges in life become overwhelming and associated with fear and pain. As a result, most people never discover what they are truly capable of.

Here I have a little fun with Alinta, and she initially finds herself out of her comfort zone to be singing in a key she wouldn't normally sing in. Understand that this is not a performance, when you would have rehearsed, have a good accompanist (I'm not a pianist), and sing in your optimal key. This was an exercise to implement some of the things we had covered earlier in the day. Alinta beautifully went for it, and allowed herself to be open and vulnerable. The standing ovation speaks for itself.

Note: The resulting standing ovation is not to be nice. It's a result of the genuine vulnerable energy Alinta emitted that truly captivated the Melbourne Grand Hyatt Ballroom room. Bravo Alinta.

So, what might you experience if you give yourself permission to be vulnerable?

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