How can you have a far higher probability of being hired, of succeeding in a negotiation, winning a sale, succeeding with a presentation, winning the audition, and more?

In short, how do you become more influential and get the outcome you want?

Well, it’s actually far easier than you might think. But very few people know how…

Right now, I’m hiring. I have an ad out looking for a person with writing and marketing skills to join my team. Tons of people have applied.

But shockingly few know the “secret” I’m about to tell you. Most, I would say 95%, shoot themselves in the foot and lose opportunities because they simply don’t know this.

(Why it is that so few know is amazing in and of itself. You would think we would learn this in school, but no…)

Now, I will direct most of those 95% to this a page, and here’s a fair warning if you’re one of them: Reading this might at first upset you. (I’ll address why below.) However, when you read the last section, you might realize that this could be an extraordinary blessing.

So here we go…

Did you know that for any business owner finding and hiring good people is incredibly difficult?

I’m part of several high level business networking groups, and I know many extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs and business owners. They all agree: It’s extremely hard to find “A level” people.

And yet, so many are looking for work. This seems strange, doesn’t it?

Have you ever gotten angry when someone less qualified is hired, or gets a pay raise instead of you? I know many nice people, with great experiences and high level qualifications that can’t get an interview. Many grow bitter and feel their years of experience and their expertise should qualify them.

Well, here’s the shocker: Your experience and expertise is not what matters.

Here’s what matters…

What is the most fundamental and important part in any communication, in any performance, in any situation where you would like to influence the outcome?

In fact, what do you think the most important word is for any copywriter?

What is most important if you want to create a connection with anyone? Whether it is to make a sale or have a great first date?

That’s right, it is “know thy audience”. It is the word YOU.

It’s funny, because the position I’m looking to fill right now is for someone with good writing and marketing skill. And even among these, 95% fail. Isn’t that interesting?

Every cover letter tends to be about me me me me. Very few address “you” – the person they are writing to. The cover letter is almost always generic talking about themselves. Big mistake.

In my ad, my name is mentioned, and there is a link to one of my sites. How hard is it to do a little research?

A letter that talks about me me me me, shows that you have not bothered to do any research whatsoever. You haven’t bother to find out who your audience is. You therefore come across as not understanding the most fundamental part of writing, copywriting, marketing and sales, or even communication.

Why do you think my business is successful? Why do so many buy my products? Because I talk about me me me? No, because I understand your dilemma, such as when your voice isn’t functioning, when those high notes feel squeezed and you go flat, or when you experience performance anxiety.

I understand the fear of not feeling loved, of not sounding good enough, and the desire of wanting to become more charismatic, attractive and feel more confident.

If you have a performance coming up and your voice isn’t functioning they way you want it to, I know the enormous stress and anxiety that creates. The idea of performing is no no longer fun. I also know how amazing it feels when we release the tension, so your voice soars like never before and the audience goes wild because of it.

I can help you with this. You know I can, because you’ve seen many others with similar issues having been helped.

You know I offer you a way to experience profound improvements within yourself by trying the Sing With Freedom or Speak With Freedom programs without any risk what-so-ever. (Yes, you get a 100% refund, which few ever ask for.)You know you can come to my live events and have a tremendous experience like so many in 4 countries have had in the last year. You’ll learn about the power of influence, how to become a super effective communicator, a rapid learner, and a high performer in life.

Yes, it will have a profound impact on your singing, speaking, performing and your life, as you become more empowered and confident. With these newfound skills you’ll be able to wake up every morning being more inspired, creative and productive.

See, I just sold my products and my events there, didn’t I?

But I spoke about you, not me. And I am sincere about wanting to help you, and have developed skills in order to be able to live up to that promise.

Now if you had submitted an application and you realize you only wrote about yourself in your cover letter (some don’t even send a cover letter and seriously think anyone cares about a resume), the initial reaction might be that you now feel embarrassed or dumb.

You might even feel anger and resistance to this article. Your brain goes “oh well, he doesn’t deserve my skills anyway”, and you become bitter like a lot of people.

And this brings us to a vital part of the art of Peak performance that I teach at my live events. How are you conditioned to react to “failures” and “mistakes”?

What if you react with “Aha, I made a mistake. This is awesome”, and then you write back and say “Hi Per, your article was really fascinating, and it made me realize how you…. etc., etc. What if you write back and say “Hi Per, I watched your video about… and I really like how you…etc., etc…”

See now you have become a potential winner. Now you have shown that you are someone who rapidly learns from mistakes and grows from them. Now you have shown that you are willing to do research, that you care about and respect the company/person, it’s product and it’s message and that you realize how you could be a wonderful addition.

THAT is the person one wants to hire!

Any business owner want the person who is not afraid of making “mistakes”, who is not afraid of “failing”, but who quickly learns from them. It is the person who can effectively learn from every experience who becomes a superstar for the business.

The last person a business wants to hire is the person who thinks he/she is an expert, who thinks many years of experience is what counts. Yes, the worst person to hire is the person who think he/she knows it all. A business owner wants someone who is creative, innovative, and someone who loves to learn.

The dilemma among many who have been in the work force for a long time is that they forget that. They think it’s unfair that a young person with less experience is hired.

But people aren’t hired because they are young. They are hired because they have a young mentality. We want the person who is hungry, who wants to learn, grow, and be challenged, who is not stuck in seeing something one way, but who is flexible, open-minded and therefore learns any new skill rapidly. That is the person who is valuable.That is the person we want!

Is that you?

(If you are a great writer and communicator, good at social media and marketing or want to be part of my team in some other way, then you are welcome to email [email protected]

So here’s what to do: Next time you communicate with someone, be curious and be there to learn about that person. What is their dilemma? What is holding them back? What do they love? What inspires him/her? What makes him/her happy? How can you help? How can you make him/her feel better and loved? How can you help someone become more successful?

This applies to whether you are on a date, in business meeting, or on stage. If you know your audience and you are there to do something for your audience, you instantly become far more attractive, charismatic and influential.

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