Do you want a bigger and more enthusiastic audience when you sing? What if you had a bigger following on social media and could have a bigger impact on your world?

In the video below you meet Rick Barker – Taylor Swift’s former manager. I had the pleasure of having Rick attend my live event in Las Vegas and I truly appreciate him as a person and what he does for artist.

Yes, Rick was Taylor Swift’s manager and was instrumental in launching her career. He has also been the social media mentor for American Idol contestants, and has been advising and helping many artists and record labels. Most of all he is a human being with a big heart wanting to help people.

Navigating the industry, getting work, getting seen as an artist is tricky. Many up-an-coming artist approach it backwards and lose out on enormous opportunity. But with skills and good guidance things become so much easier. And this applies to any field, not just artists. Watch this video:

Click to check out Rick’s Social Media Challenge Click to check out Rick’s Social Media For Music

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