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Mike Massé – 95mil YouTube Views – On Training His Singing Voice

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Does Mike Massé engage in singing training? If you've heard/ seen Mike Massé on YouTube, or even better seen him live, it’s hard not to be impressed by his incredible renditions of some of the world’s greatest rock songs.

Toto called his rendition of their song Africa, the best cover they had ever heard. It now has over 13 million views! (More than 95 million views total.)

Last week I got a message that Mike had posted this video below to his youtube channel. Wow, I was taken by complete surprise.

I would like you to watch it. Then continue reading below as I go through some things that make Mike so great and how it can make you greater.


One Trait Among Successful People

One trait among highly successful people, and which I truly admire, is their appetite for learning. Mike is a prime example of someone who not only has high ambitions, but who also deeply values constant learning and training.

When it comes to the voice, many up-and-coming singers don’t have the awareness that Mike has (most pros don’t either), and they don’t recognize the tension that Mike mentioned that creeps into their voices (or that has always been there).

Singers vs Athletes

Most singers are also not as knowledgeable of strategies to release tension and improve coordination and functionality as athletes often are. Many singers still think singing scales is a warm-up. (In the not so distant past, hobby athletes thought jogging was a warm-up too.)

So hats off to Mike for being someone who, although he is already exceptionally good a what he does, is still eager to explore ways to improve, and to want to operate at maximum levels.

Athletes always need to take utmost care of their bodies and they train differently depending on if it’s off-season or in-season or if they experience tension, pain and imbalances somewhere.

A singer is wise to adapt similar strategies and mindsets. We want to engage in singing training to build the voice to be able to sustain long studio sessions and long tours, to be able to recover effectively after gigs, to be able to express the song you want to express with less effort and more passion and freedom.

The Art Of Giving / Sharing 

Now the other thing that Mike demonstrates in this video is how he operates as a human being. Why does he make this video? Does he expect something specific in return? Of course not.

He’s a great example of someone who expresses his gratitude and passion without expecting anything in return. He does it because that is who he is. Same thing on stage. He doesn’t expect or demand the audience to love him. He gets his instrument in the best shape possible to let his voice soar with the intent of creating a magical experience for the audience. And that’s exactly why they love him. Do we understand that we will likely experience tremendous returns somehow when we operate like that? Of course.

When we give and express without expecting something in return, the returns actually become greater. Call it Karma. Call it just how the universe operates. Most importantly, it happens because we then open our hearts and minds to not only give, but also to experience and receive the abundance of the world. It’s a stark difference compared to living a lifestyle with expectations, demands and restrictions.

What comes around goes around. 

Experience the same Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone training, that Mike and other singers around the world use.

Recognize that Mike talks about me, not just for my benefit, but because he genuinely wants other singers (you) to feel confident and sing their hearts out.

I want to help Mike, especially because of that mindset, and I also want you to be the best you can be.

I also sincerely think you can learn a lot from Mike. Listen to how he approaches the songs. Watch him live and see how he engages the audience and you’ll be inspired to do it you too.

As a final note, it’s funny that his recording of Africa was in a small place with a not so engaged audience quite some time ago. Instead, the video now has an audience of 13 million viewers. Isn’t that funny how things can happen? Amazing really. You just never know what happens when you sing with passion, whether it’s to a small audience or a big audience. Watch that recording and his other songs.

If you ever want my help, my singing training is always available to you here.

Keep on singing!


Per Bristow

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Beyond Goal Setting – How To Excel in 2016

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Have you set goals for 2016? Have you been taught goal setting strategies and been told that goals have to be measurable? Hey, measurable goals and clear visions for your future are great. But how about this:

Here are some of my upcoming challenges/events. Maybe you want to come and take the art of advanced skill development to the next level:

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George Mumford – Mental Coach to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and more

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George Mumford - sports psychologist and meditation teacher - was a secret weapon behind the NBA Championship team the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan years, as well as The Lakers NBA Championship team helping Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and more improve their performances.

You who have followed me know that a big part of what I do is teach awareness and mental skills of effective learning and high performance. (These are subject I go into deeper at my live events.) As you can imagine, I was extremely pleased to chat with George Mumford. His insights benefit not only athletes and performers (singers), but are vital for us in all areas of life. Watch this video:

Learn more about George here:

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Use This To Achieve Your Goals

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I'm sitting here in the Los Angeles sunshine today (we have had a couple of really warm days), doing what I love to do this time of the year.

And that is to reflect.

I am in one sense a very future driven person. I have always been a big dreamer. However, part of dreaming big and being able to accomplish big goals and dreams is to also be able to reflect on the past.

In order to achieve goals we need to learn, develop, and grow in some way. Right? After all, what point is a goal if it doesn't include a challenge? The whole point of a goal is to achieve something we haven't achieved yet, to be able to do something we cannot do yet.

In order to achieve something challenging, we need to become something we are not today. We need to develop skills that we don't have yet. It's not about changing who we are. It's about becoming a better version of yourself. It's about evolving as human beings. It's about living and enjoying life.

And in order to evolve, learn and develop effectively we USE THE PAST.

Yes, the past is wonderful. The effective learner is the one who uses past experiences and transform them into new learning experiences. Every new experience becomes integrated with past learning experiences.

I've written many times about the art of transforming so-called "mistakes", "failures", etc. into successes.

The dilemma is that, although we all tend to measure the present against some past experiences, many have not been trained to transform it into new learning. For many, past experiences have become the very roadblocks for future learning, rather than being the building blocks for extraordinary achievements. Many people transform failures into more failures, rather than into successes and an empowered life.

Learning effectively means transforming "successes" and "failures" - i.e. every experience - into a new, more worthwhile, experience. And we cannot learn and develop effectively unless we understand how to use the past.

However, in order to use dreams and visions of a great future as magnets for our actions, and in order to be able to reflect on the past, it all begins with developing a high level of awareness. We want to develop greater awareness of the present moment, as well as awareness (and knowledge) of who we are and what drives us.

I believe one of the biggest lacks of awareness among humans is the lack of awareness of fear. We do everything we can to pretend we don't experience fear - fear of living our dreams, fear of doing what we love to do, fear of singing out, fear of not being good enough, fear of making a mistake, fear of what others might think of us, fear that I might fall short, fear of my own potential, fear of being wrong, fear that my beliefs might be completely erroneous, etc

But awareness is more than being aware of fears and emotions. Many times we are not aware of what are body is saying to us until we are in serious pain and it becomes much more difficult to fix. And many times we are simply unaware of solutions because of lack of education and research.

So Future, Past and Present are equally important. I believe it serves us well if we understand and are able to distinguish which is which, and also understand how they affect each other. Our ability to reflect on the past and envision a future is what sets us apart from other species. Let's use it to our benefit.

I highly encourage you to use these last days of the year to reflect on the year that has been (and previous years). Reflect on the good and the bad. What did you experience that you would consider "mistakes" and "failures"? Were you able to use those experiences to evolve as a human being? Maybe there are patterns in your life that you are sick and tired of?

What about your singing this year?

What gives you a sense of gratitude? (As a matter of fact, once you get used to this kind of thinking, you realize that it becomes easier and easier to actually feel gratitude towards everything - including the failures, mistakes, pain, the time you were burned, or someone was mean to you."

In fact, I never engage in silly New Year resolutions. In the next blog post, I'll explain why I don't, and why I consider them meaningless - even destructive.

Feel fee to share some of your reflections of the past year.