Are Singers Extroverted?

Posted on 15. Nov, 2012 by in Communication, Performance, Singing

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? What is an introvert and what is an extrovert?

As you may know, I am not big fan of labels of any kind. On the other hand it’s not necessarily a bad thing to understand that there are differences within us. But are we born with these traits, or is it something we become later due to circumstances?

I am, on the other hand, a big fan of developing awareness. Awareness is more than being able to feel some muscles (such as the muscles that are involved in producing sound). It is also about understanding how we function as human beings.

So let’s stick to the categories of introvert and extrovert, and ask the big question:

Do you need to be an extrovert to be an effective performer?

In fact, I am going to make it short today and not say too much about the issue, and instead ask YOU.

Do you think performing singers are more extroverts or introverts? Does one or the other bode for greater success as an artist?

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68 Responses to “Are Singers Extroverted?”

  1. Jessie Stark

    10. Apr, 2013

    The comments posted have just turned on a light for me. My husband is normally introverted but can be quite extroverted when he has a mike in his hand. I have always wondered where this character came from.
    I am more extroverted but down deep I am introverted. I freeze up when I attempt to sing in public. I joined the church choir about six months ago. If I had not seen and heard what Per teaches I would have missed some of the best experiences of my life. Thank you Per.

  2. Randy jay

    01. Apr, 2013

    I Agree with both Marynne and Diane, discipline along with
    Inclination to express oneself will guarantee a better per-
    Formance! Hugh Jackman quoted, that besides acting,
    Singing is the only way one can express true passion and
    Vulnerability , most difficult for us with Macho traits!!!


  3. James Ho

    30. Mar, 2013

    Directly provide your instruction how to enhance my singing technique.

  4. Henning

    27. Mar, 2013

    Bristow-scholars are PER-verted! ;-)

  5. Pauline

    23. Feb, 2013

    i don’t think it matters either way. I know a young lady who I would describe as both and introvert and an extrovert, her normal singing voice is powerful! When she hits a high note there is only one response, WOW! The air around you just vibrates! Seriously! It’s as if you can tough it.

  6. Sherry

    08. Jan, 2013

    I have sang a lot since I was little, but I did it mostly for my own enjoyment. However I have sang in school choirs, Up With People, and in church, often doing solos. So, I believe I am an introvert by birth, but have had to get better at acting like I wasn’t to get what I needed. I have somewhat enjoyed the act of being an extrovert at times, as it seems to get me farther with people. If I just be exactly who I am, I don’t usually get noticed or get the job, or whatever I’m trying to get. However, I know I’ll never truely be a full extrovert, as it is not my preferred style. It makes me wonder though, if maybe, we are all just somewhere on the continuum of the introvert-extrovert scale, just as we are with many other personality traits.

  7. Jenny

    08. Jan, 2013

    I am very intro when off stage but as soon as I am behind the mic I become an extreme extrovert which I think you need as a performer otherwise your audience can become bored.

  8. Judy

    07. Jan, 2013

    It took me a long time to be comfortable with being an introvert – especially with an extreme extroverted husband who was always in the limelight and loved by everyone! But I’ve always associated my introversion with my nerves and fear of singing in public – even though I’ve done so hundreds of times. Guess I’m learning now that my nerves is my judgment of others – but that’s a difficult concept to get my head around!

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