George Mumford – Mental Coach to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and more

Per Bristow and George Mumford

George Mumford - sports psychologist and meditation teacher - was a secret weapon behind the NBA Championship team the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan years, as well as The Lakers NBA Championship team helping Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and more improve their performances. You who have followed me know that a big part of what I do is teach awareness and mental skills of effective learning and high performance. (These are subject I go into deeper at my [Read more...]

Use This To Achieve Your Goals

I'm sitting here in the Los Angeles sunshine today (we have had a couple of really warm days), doing what I love to do this time of the year. And that is to reflect. I am in one sense a very future driven person.  I have always been a big dreamer. However, part of dreaming big and being able to accomplish big goals and dreams is to also be able to reflect on the past. In order to achieve goals we need to learn, develop, and grow in some way.  Right?  After all, what point is a goal if … [Read more...]