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The Mindset Behind Creativity and Innovation

I’ve written before about the ability to turn failures into successes, and why it is a developed skills – a crucial skill if we want to be able to learn effectively, be creative and productive, and be resourceful to find solutions when things aren’t going well. Therefore, I'd like to share with you a wonderful resource to be inspired and

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Exponential Learning and Peak Performance

I feel a little uncomfortable using my own son as an example today. However, this is incredibly important so I hope you and he will forgive me. You’ll see how this ties into being able to learn and develop effectively – yes, exponentially - whether it is singing or something else.  This is crucial if we want to become more

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To Get A More Powerful Voice

Have you ever had that feeling when things aren’t working out? You’re working so hard but results refuse to appear? I sure have. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? It’s like your banging your head against a brick wall. You may experience it in your singing, such as frustration of not reaching those high notes. Or maybe you experience frustration with your

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Today, here in the US, is the day of Thanksgiving. And, as we all know, reflecting on what we are grateful for is a very powerful activity. As we get into reflecting on what we are grateful for, the more things pop up in our mind. It’s one of those things that expand the more we do. Gratitude comes easily

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Are Singers Extroverted?

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? What is an introvert and what is an extrovert? As you may know, I am not big fan of labels of any kind. On the other hand it's not necessarily a bad thing to understand that there are differences within us. But are we born with these traits, or is it something

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Mental vs Physical in Voice Training

I read a fascinating discussion on the Internet a while ago. It was in respect to mental versus physical. My name was also thrown into that discussion by someone who suggested I was very much into the mental aspects. And it's true. I am. Very much so. However… …we could also argue that I am very much into advanced muscle

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