Have you ever had that feeling when things aren’t working out? You’re working so hard but results refuse to appear? I sure have. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

It’s like your banging your head against a brick wall. You may experience it in your singing, such as frustration of not reaching those high notes. Or maybe you experience frustration with your finances, health, relationship, career… you name it…. Most of us can relate to the frustrations when things aren’t going well.

It’s like that brick wall is pounding you right back.

Well, here’s what’s interesting. If you hit your fist against a brick wall, the brick wall does in fact hit you back.

This is, in fact, Newton’s third law of motion. The opposing forces are equal in magnitude.

Now, for practical purposes today, we could call that opposing force “resistance”, or why not “tension”.

Those of you who have done the Sing With Freedom program recognize that we already in lesson one did experiments that released tension and resistance. And what happened? That’s right, suddenly the voice became freer and more powerful. (We also reduced mental resistance.) For many, the changes can be immediate and dramatic.

The human tendency is to force more and more when we meet resistance. The bummer is that when we do that we just create more resistance. This can be in communication with others at work or at home, or forcing our bodies with drugs, forcing our minds to come up with ideas, adding force to any problem.

And by pounding that fist into the wall harder and harder out of frustration we just creates more and more resistance, restrictions, tension and stress in our lives.

I believe it is incredibly valuable to become more and more aware of the difference between power and force, and how by reducing resistance you actually achieve greater power – in your voice and in life.

Having said that, a certain amount of resistance is not always bad.

When we work out with weights we call that resistance training. We use resistance to our benefit in order to become stronger. Challenges in life are useful to make us stronger. And challenging our voice is useful for getting a stronger voice.

However, forcing becomes counterproductive when we don’t recognize where the force is and what it is leading to. That is why athletes are exceptionally aware of “good form” so that strength is being built in the desirable muscles. (I illustrated and gave examples of this in the free video that I provide at The Singing Zone.

Unfortunately in singing, people are seldom made aware of this, and when they sing and speak they just create habitual resistance/tension (as I demonstrated in the free video)

(And let’s not forget that much resistance also resides in the emotional area, such as fears.)

But once we become aware and skilled enough to release the habitual tension and restrictions, a newfound power emerges.

Now power is no longer about being loud. You can, in fact, be exceptionally powerful when singing softly. Now it's not about forcing the notes or forcing the audience to like you (which obviously never works). Instead, you can become powerful because you have the ability to empower and positively influence others.

Can you apply the principles of reducing resistance to achieve greater power today?

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  • Recently I have read a book from Steven C. Hayes about acceptance and commitment therapy.
    Which means to accept the opposite mental forces instead of fighting against it and guess, by doing so they almost immediatly dissapear.
    I found it really a helpfull tool since in my case its more important to set my mind free than to learn physiclly to sing

  • Thanks Per, It’s always a pleasure to listen to your advises and to learn more and more from your experience. I really like your letters and videos and I try to put them into action when I sing, and also in life. Thanks Per! God bless!

  • I also find that letting go of pretty much everything, external and internal, allows good things to come to me. (Easy to say, hard to do.) When I try to stay “in control,” I find I become the brick wall — I block the positive from finding me.

  • Always a challenge to consciously apply the ‘release’ noted in exercises, to my performing voice – determined however to have it become second nature and be able to sing – well! and forever! 🙂

  • Fine article and a good reminder… to let go of fear and control and trust in the flow of life and the ability of my body and mind which I was holding back with fear and control…

  • Thank you. Reminders are always welcome. I’m sad I missed your notice regarding the 6-week sessions. Life is much too busy; I was leader of a church retreat sans internet accessibility. Available time continues to be sooo tight, but I am more determined than ever to continue, even if I can’t keep up. These lessons are miracle workers for me.

  • Per, thank you so much for your insight!
    I look forward to each article every month.
    They really help me so much!
    All your effort is so appreciated.
    I wish you the best in all you do!
    Thanks again, for all your continued efforts to strengthen your students!!!
    You are the Best! 🙂

  • Thank you Per, I agree with all the positive replies and after a long spell due to circumstances beyond my control, have begun to study your program once again God bless

  • Thanks for the reassurance you are spot on its like you live with me and experience my day to day challenges, you have reassured me the approach i have been taking recently i am on the right track, i will definitely be reading your post from now onward.

  • I have hit a big brick wall and I don`t know where my voice has gone. I seem to be doing the right things but the sound is terrible. It`s lost its richness and tuning is difficult. I don`t know where I`m going wrong.

  • Hello Per, have read some of the articles posted and agree with you in some of the points that you make. I have the first three videos and was so excited that I started practising immediately. Unfortunately it did not do anything for me although I practised every day. I then gave up in frustration. But I accept that without trying to iron out the problems with my voice I would lose the God given gift that I once had and have started using your method again. I hope to be able to post a positive comment in time. Take care. Sincerely, Ashby

  • I would like to share what the singing zone means to me.
    Not only has it given me the ability to sing with freedom but also the freedom from all the wrong teaching I hear out their and even in the recording studio. I have built on this foundation and like a painter I can use different colors (moods) different brusher some are thick (well connected) some are thin( breathy-soft)some are inbetween (blend-mix-voice).My voice has become an adventure discovering something new everyday. This is without a doubt one of the richest blessing ever bestowed on me. Eternally greatful.


  • All of what you said is very true Per. My worst enemy is allowing myself to relax. This takes TIME AND PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCING the relaxation. The question is – is it worth the time and effort to sit, listen and experiment…..
    I find it very challenging and rewarding when I finally reach the place I am striving for.
    You cannot undo years of possible bad habits and misguided information in a day..Sift down what you learn and apply what you can handle day to day..
    I do not beat myself up if I can not grasp what I am reaching for today, tomorrow I WILL.
    I love the practice tracks and warmups. This will be a daily routine for me…..Looking for some good singing soon!!
    Prayers and Blessings!

  • Years ago I took voice lessons and learned that you have
    to RELAX and not force your voice. Also to pick out a
    person in the audience and sing to them… Take in breaths
    by expanding your stomach (it fills your lungs more.)
    I love to sing, home, choir, etc… I am 82 years old and am
    told that I have a beautiful voice… I really look at the words to the song and try to feel what the author was trying to say.
    P.S. I don’t think my voice is beautiful, but I enjoy singing anyway, especially hymns… Good luck to all of you…

  • I am very happy with Per’s “Sing With Freedom” method !!! My voice is much better now. I have a wider range. I am singing with freedom; and I have a lot of confidence whenever I stand in front of the mike. Love you, Per !!! Your method is really GREAT !!!

  • Per, what you have written about releasing tension and lowering resistance is probably true in all areas of our lives. For example, creative ideas are generated when one is in a relaxed state and not when one is under pressure. Thanks
    for keeping us mindful of the benefits connected with keeping a relaxed state. A great article.

  • cooking is the main part to a house wife, especially one whose family members are all picky eaters, but valuing each meal time in the hopes of having a good day. It is a long history since I felt so disabled in cooking that I’ve developed my kneel pain each time I stand in the kitchen while cooking. Other times I don’t feel the kneel pain. I’ve cooked for twenty years, but I made no progress. The past four years I’ve been engaged in school, and almost get my BA degree in English major. I have been trying too hard and built up too much tension and stress in my cooking, psychological, mental, and emotional. But school is a way to escape from my nightmare cooking, Eng is my second language but I enjoy the learning . Thousands of thanks to your teaching, Per. I will be your student soon.

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