I’ve written before about the ability to turn failures into successes, and why it is a developed skills – a crucial skill if we want to be able to learn effectively, be creative and productive, and be resourceful to find solutions when things aren’t going well.

Therefore, I'd like to share with you a wonderful resource to be inspired and really learn the mindset behind creativity and innovation by one of the true experts in the field. (Plus it’s for a good cause.) Watch this video:

(P.S. My son and I listened to Peter’s absolutely fascinating audio program “Exponential Thinking” a while back. It’s something every teenager, as well as adult, would benefit greatly from. Another fun fact is that Peter works a lot with Ray Kurzweil – named "Edison's rightful heir“ by INC magazine – who is the very man behind Kurzweil keyboards.)

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  • This really helps.but can u make a video on getting over stage fright. If u can that would really help me. thx.

  • Hello Philomena,
    I am a spirit filled believer, in fact I am an ordained minister and although I like your zeal for our Lord and Savior we cannot forget the fact that He chooses to speak and work through us. We are His hands, feet amd mouth.
    The most precious and important book in the world “The Bible” was inspired by God and written by people just like us who are devoted to God.
    There are many prophets who have written books inspired by God to enlighten us in areas that we should know.
    The doctors and nurses are examples of God’s hand working through us.
    We could at least give the Holy Spirit a chance to speak through whom He choses, especially if it will lift up this negative cloud surrounding us most of the time.
    Wisdom and knowledge are gifts from God. Many people spend their lives researching to help others.
    Many Blessings sister,

  • I’m just a little leery about using my credit card. I don’t think they’ll take a check or money order, There is a lot of ID theft out there.. I’m interested in the book,though..
    Any ideas that will help me,Per Thank you

  • Don, the idea that your ID is stolen because of ordering online is a complete myth. Sending checks is far more hazardous and few businesses have any reason to accept checks these days. The fear of technology is one of the greatest fears among older people and a great reason to read Abundance

  • I don’t think we need technologie for abundance, technologie is a manifestation of the moods of passion and ignorance and in these moods is very litlle happiness and sollutions in these moods just create more problems no matter how advanced.
    If people start to live a life in goodness then nature will automaticaly give all we need in abundance without technology ore any artificial endeavor.
    We definitly going towards a better time according the vedas, the ancient scriptures of india.
    People will live more a life in goodness which means a simple life in harmony with the laws of nature and just be happy with a higher understanding of life.
    Which means that we understand that we are not the body but a eternal spirit soul and live accordingly enjoying the pleasure of the self, the soul within.
    Unless you understand that you are not your body but a spirit soul you are in ignorance and in ignorance there no or very limited happiness.
    I think mr. Diamandis is sense some change in the world but doesn’t really understand what is going on. The desire to enjoying this material world is the core of all the problems we have in this world and I don’t see that changed in the book.
    The core problem, enjoying this material world, is not changed so the same
    problems we have now will come back again but at the same time there will be a better time so something must change.
    According to the vedas there will be a spiritual age were humanity is focusing on the the spiritual side of live. For this kind of live there is no technology or any artificial endeavor necessary, things are taken care of by the material nature in abundance.
    We are all spirit souls and in this material world we have forgotten our relation with God.
    A relation in love but we forgot and now we try to enjoy our self wihtout God.
    Only God knows how this material world works there is no scientist ever who could explain how things are taken place in this world they can explain some processes but they were never ever able to explain the cause of how things taking place.
    There under standing of this world is very limited and until now humanity has proved inspite of all scientist and technology we are just making a big mess of the everything.
    Its by higher authority that humanity is placed in a better time so mankind can work on there relationship with God its an upliftment of the consciousness caused by God so we can understand our spiritual nature.
    This is very very difficult at the present moment because the world is manly in the mood of ignorance and passion in which its very difficult to understand spirtual matters.
    So by Gods mercy He lifts up the consciousness of humanity so we can understand Him

  • Peter, you’re saying that the millions of people who do not have access to drinking water do not “live a life of goodness”? As long as we “live a life of goodness” there would not be starvation – nature will automatically give you everything? The question is what that kind of pseudo spirituality does to help people, compared to those who live a true life of goodness and are actively working towards solutions for the developing world.

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