This article is inspired by two very interesting emails I received about the Sing With Freedom program ( One was from a “beginner” and one from an “advanced” singer, and I think there is a great learning experience here for everyone.

The first email was from a concerned potential customer wondering if the Sing With Freedom program also works for someone who is a complete beginner and who has never sung before. He was concerned because he had seen a bunch of testimonials from professional singers.

The short answer is yes (there are tons of testimonials from beginner singers also). But how is it possible that it works for beginners as well as professionals?

When learning an instrument there is a distinct difference between a lesson that is designed for a beginner, versus one that is designed for the advanced. That is not necessarily the case when it comes to developing the voice.

You may think you are a beginner because you haven’t sung much, but your voice may still be strong, free, resonant, and flexible. You have after all used it your whole life. It is very possible you can develop at rapid-fire speed. Since you are a “beginner” and have never really explored your potential, you really have no way of knowing, do you? Being a beginner can be beneficial because you may not have developed a lot of bad habits (or limiting beliefs).

The common problem for beginners is that they have, unfortunately, often developed a very strong mindset of what they can or cannot do, even though they have never given it a go. Some have been engaged in singing scales and then have come to believe that they have already tried but still can’t sing. Well, it really wasn’t their “talent’ that was the problem. They were just exposed to a lousy strategy. One of the great joys for me is to crush limiting beliefs for people, which then tends to impact other limiting beliefs in their lives.

Then we have those who do have plenty of physical restrictions and/or weaknesses in certain muscles, but instead have a very flexible and adaptive mindset. These people will always develop fast.

Now let’s look at email number two: You should first know that it is very rare that we get a refund request for the Sing With Freedom DVDs. However, a while ago my support staff got an email from someone who liked to point out that he was an “advanced singer”. He requested a refund because he had “reviewed all the lessons in one sitting and didn’t feel he learned anything new”. Therefore, in his opinion, “the program must be geared only to beginners”.

Now, I could have told him that there is one way I can guarantee with a 100% certainty that he will not gain any results. And that is if he reviews all lessons in one sitting.

In fact, I did tell him that before he started lesson one…

The first thing I do in lesson one of the Sing With Freedom program is to lay out the strategy of how to get the most out of the program. Naturally, it is also in my interest that you experience wonderful results. I make it clear that that to get the desired results you need to DO the exercises with me. When you become ENGAGED in making sound the way I show you, you will inevitably make new fascinating discoveries about your instrument. I also encourage you to work on each lesson for several days BEFORE you move on to the next lesson. That way you will make even more discoveries. For people who do the program it becomes abundantly clear why that is. And for those who embrace these strategies, wonderful results are the norm more than the exception – for singers of all levels.

But this person chose to “review” the lessons in one sitting. Obviously this is rather worthless. To passively “review” is something very different from actively becoming engaged, exercising, experimenting, and making discoveries.

Now, the reason I bring this up is to understand the powerful art of learning effectively. This person may believe he is an advanced singer, but he is not an advanced learner. Most likely, he is not very successful in his endeavors simply because he hasn’t understood how to learn effectively, and also seems rather unwilling to understand it.

The “know it all” attitude makes growth impossible. It is probably the worst trap we can fall into (and we all do from time to time). The level of knowledge we believe we possess at any given moment is actually irrelevant. Human beings, companies and societies grow and evolve because of the mental attitude within each human being.

The artists and human beings who truly excel at what they do, and therefore are able to influence others in positive ways, are the ones who are constantly learning, growing and evolving.

The reason many beginners and professionals alike get such nice rewards from the program is because the program is about encouraging new discoveries. It is about making you FEEL muscles and movement on a deeper level than before. This way you can release tension and develop strength, flexibility and freedom , and as a result you become freer and more confident in your expression. This is of course crucial for both “beginners” and “professionals”.

So I would like to encourage you to let go of the tendency to categorize yourself as a “beginner” or “advanced”. The only thing that really counts is if you want to grow and develop from where you are.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject below.

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  • I guess I would be described as an advanced learner, because at the age of 49, I returned to music school to get a degree in Music Education. After singing and playing piano for almost 40 years, I decided to get the piece of paper qualifying me to teach what I learned! I was very (pleasantly) surprised to see how much I advanced under the tutelage of Doctor's of Music! Forty years in a semi-professional capacity didn't automatically make me perform at my peak ability. We can all learn more at every age. Thank you, Per!

  • Could you please answer the question I asked the other day (same as #38 and #39
    in your "Comments "section the other day. I'm very interested in the 4 CDs, but not at all sure about more.
    Victor Vogt

  • I'm a professional singer and teacher and though i haven't yet bought the program, I get a lot out of your blogs — all of them.   In this one you cogently identify something SO true in my experience!   As teachers we deal not only with voices but also nurture (or stifle!) personal artistry.  It usually turns out that folks who are open and have the ability to learn become the most interesting and compelling as artists also.   Bravo, Per, for helping me in my continuing learning as both singer and teacher.

  • I'm a 39-year old beginner and have been working on the first lesson this week (my Christmas gift to myself!). I appreciate your faith in the beginner's ability to learn. I love to sing, but I'm a bit shy, and I love your program so far.
    I'm always learning–and I believe that even if I never get good enough to perform, I will at least make myself happier knowing that I tried. There are three things that I want to do before I die–learn to sing, learn to play guitar, and learn to speak Spanish, and now I'm well on my way to at least two of the three. Thanks for the blog entry!

  • Dear Per, Thank you for the holiday wishes and article. I bought your program in August and have benefitted tremendously.  I started playing guitar for the first time and singing just 2 1/2 years ago, but have progressed quickly.
    I have a new song called "Let Go" and video (coming soon). You can listen here:
    Thanks again! Best wishes to you,

  • Hi Per et all!
    I wonder why the "advanced" individual was interested in the program in the first place? Is he/she seeking vocal freedom? As a full-time working vocalist (singer/voice over artist) I have run the gamut of voice lessons with instructors/performers from around the world. I have learned wonderful things from every teacher I've had, but was totally intrigued by your idea of vocal "freedom". That was new and much appreciated. If the individual in question was seeking out a method to advance their voice even more, they just missed the boat.
    Thanks, Per for helping me get through a very vocally busy holiday season (lots of live gigs and commercials!). With the demands on my voice over the past 6 weeks, I don't think I would have made it through without your program at my finger tips!
    All the best and blessings to all for 2010!
    Yours in joy and singing,

  • I am so glad you wrote me, my computer crashed and I lost your web site info. I am enjoying the lessons on the CDs but have been real busy lately to get much done. Will begin again after the holiday. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Lynda

  • Thank you for your mail, Per!
    I wish you that all your dreams come true! A Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year 2010!
    I like your DVDs very much! Thank you!

  • I am a voice teacher and singer and I belong to a group of teachers and singers who try to understand how the voice functions physically and then put these principals into practice. I'm amazed at how much physical misinformation is out there even though it is mostly close to a grain of truth.  These exercises and concepts do a great deal to train the voice so it can be used effeciently.

  • hi Per! i'm looking forward to become an international gospel artist ,i've been training my voice with other material but everything i have learned just couldn't open up but after the dvd it was a new experience just like u said and i'm amazed the way i can connect high note with my full voice.

  • Hi Per & all,
    I´m doing massage therapy and health coaching. There I often work to make people feel how their body works, how it reacts upon triggers and thoughts, how habits have been installed and so on. Then, out of an atmosphere of security and acceptance, I support to let go, feel differences, to experience something new and to practise that.
    Quite the same approach that you give in your voice training. I never looked or focused upon voice earlier, but this method can be applied to all that involves our senses, like eyesight, physical performance, various health issues.
    I´m enjoying the "Sing with freedom" course (and the other singing zone material) very much, and feel that my singing is profiting, plus that I´m learning to read melodies and rhythms easier.
    Thank you so much!

  • Great points Per. It’s good sometimes to point out these things that we often overlook. I am eager to learn but I know I have created ruts for myself that I need to get out of. Thanks for taking a different approach to learning and singing!

  • Hi Per,

    A few issues here.
    Mostly I feel your DVD's are aimed more at the beginner than the "advanced" singer. They're also aimed mostly at the "popular" style of singing, not operatic. They are mostly about sound production, not what is sung.

    The person who requested a refund may have been an "opera" style singer, and I could see that they might think they couldn't gain too much from your DVDs.
    However they must have felt they had room to improve to even order them in the first place. They probably had an area in mind which your DVDs did not look at. Maybe counting in polyphonic music, or intervals.
    There really is such a lot to singing and it can all depend on what you want to sound like.

    I'm the musical director of four A Cappella Community type choirs, both popular and classical, and I've found some of your excercises great for warming up the choirs.
    I've learnt a lot myself from the DVDs, but most of my choir work does not dwell on what you teach in the DVDs.
    I have to concentrate on pitch, phrasing, timing etc. and that's something which can take a lot of learning. It's not easy singing William Byrd with little musical training!
    We sing much simpler music too of course!

    I've recommended your DVDs to members of the choirs, and I know a few have purchased them. But most choir singers do not bother with singing lessons. That's just the way it is. I have to live with it.

    I've had quite a few singing lessons with different teachers over the years, and nearly always I'll learn something different from each teacher, even if some of them had terrible[in my opinion] voices! One lady teacher sounded like a pregnant goat! but I still managed to learn something.[like how not to sound like a pregnant goat! and I know 'cos I had one once], but she had some great singing excercises.

    I think it's good for every singer to have the occasional singing lesson, even really advanced singers. You just get another point of view, and it can be good to be taken out of your comfort zone.


  • Hi Per.
    I cannot but feel sorry for he person who so rudely said he got nothing he did not know  already from your discs. How dull life must be for him if he goes around  "knowing" everything! 
    In my experience of life, every new encounter is an opportunity for learning, and your discs and lessons are definitely distinctly interactive. Each time one plays them one learns something new, something to improve on.
    Does this man not vary from day to day in his singing like the rest of us? To learn nothing from your lessons he must be totally self obsessed, and if he is so perfect, why is he not world famous? Perhaps he is, only I suspect not!
    Poor saddo! He must live a very dull, blinkered  life.
    For the rest of us imperfect human beings, even if we do sing a lot, returning to your lessons  especially after a break, each time gives us more fun, more confidence and a lift in our singing ability and especially  self confidence and spirits!
    I for one appreciate the "feel good " factor they impart! Thank you!

  • Hi! Per, I have read your "Blogs" and it amazes me how many are thrilled by their progress, 0ne day maybe I will be able to join them, in the meantime I will carry on as best I can with the choir. I have to smile about the "Professional" singer, we have a man in our choir who was once a pro. singer, and thinks he is god's gift, asked if he could do a solo at a concert, and because he was told no, he has gone into a sulk, and only comes to practice once in a blue moon. Isn't it a shame for them.
    Keep up the good work
    Richard Calvert

  • Hi there, I went to a fantastic show at my folk club last night, saw some brilliant singing and obvious trained voices, I think that your course is a little too expensive
    for me to buy at present, I don't like the sound of the tone of my voice, trouble is I sound like I have an american twang in the sound and I don't like it myself although I do sing I don't know how to improve the tone of my voice, and if I risk buying your products I don't know if it will make a difference, still thinking about the investment. I have been to singing teachers but all they do is excersises and listen to me sing and play my guitar without real comment, this doesn't really help.
    I have not heard anything on your site like the before and afters voice improvement, no one has really said how their voices have improved only that they like your cd's, could you put some singing on to prove the difference that you training teaches.
    thanks Denise – UK

  • I am absolutely astounded at the progress i have made since i have started with Per. In fact i felt a difference immediately. I always felt i was a natural soprano but sure did not sound like it – but when i just relax into into – i just hit the high E note effortlessly and i can ride the waves with a rich full round sound easy – without even practising ! Per has shown am excellent way to use your mind with your voice as you sing! No more straining just pure enjoyment and the audience can feel it ! Thanks Per

  • I would like to learn to sing the Per Bristow way but at the moment am not in a position to do so.  I will at some point get these cd's but I dont want to sign up for any more at the same time and wondered whether I could perhaps just sign up for the cds to start with.  Could you also tell me how much it would cost in £s as opposed to $s.  Thank you and keep up the good work.   Brenda UK

  • This is Maria!
    Dear Per,
    I am so happy that I found  your site on the Internet.
    I have been singing all my life (senior) until I had leukemia. My voice did not work anymore.
    That is all better now!
    Please help me to enjoy that beautiful art of singing again and brighten people's life up. I just love to perform!

  • Having read all the comments above I have to agree this course is not particularly cheap so I sort of sympathise with those who say they cannot afford it at the moment.
    But for those who are prepared to take the risk they would discover that the course is in fact very good value for money.
    What is being taught is not just passed down information.  It is teaching you to explore and discover for yourself.  The very best kind of learning.  It is helping you to become aware of what it is you are doing when you sing.  To become aware for yourself what habits you have acquired over the years that interfere with your natural healthy singing voice.  Brilliant!
    Thank you Per.  And thanks for making it such fun.

  • I hope that I get to lesson
    one before I become too old to download lesson four.
    81 years old thanks Per

  • Please don't forget me. I will be able to afford your lessions in about 3 – 4 months. i need to catch up on some bills first. I lile what I see.
    Raeburn Moore  7/24/2011

  • I was in chorus as a young woman and loved it..  Following high school I quit singing and started raising children and smoking cigarettes. I smoked for 32 years. I have been smoke free since March 22, 2011 and it is now August 5, 2011—I am singing at my church every Sunday. We now have a gospel band with bass, guitar, drums, and piano. We practice every Thursday evening. I love, love, love, it! Hence, I want to improve my voice. I am looking forward to the lessons. I will keep you posted! Thank you and Sincerely–Allison Waggoner

  • Dear Per,
    Before I find somebody with a Credit-card, I don`t know how to get the money to you, but I know and feel that your Singing-program is just what I need ! I will find somebody and hoipefully soon !!! Thank you for doing this, In gratitude, Ankie

  • Dear Per,
    What you say is so true! Everyone can improve in anything they do, especially singing. Even if someone is considerred" proffessional" it doesn't mean that they can't improve. Most singers have an idol, someone who's voice amazes and inspires them. They often want to sound more like this person, and to do that, they almost always need to improve. Even if one makes millions of dollars a year as a performing singer, they can always get better, or simply learn to sing with less strain. Basically, to sum up what I'm saying, I just am noting that this is inspiring and I agree that one can never give up simply because someone turned them down, said they weren't good enough, or catergorized one as a "beginner". At the age of ten I auditioned for the play "Cinderella". It was a play for both children and adults, so I knew I wouldn't get anything remotely close to a leading role because I was so very young. I was hoping to be a mouse and maybe get a line or two. I didn't get any part at all, but did I give up? Of course not! I presently take vocal lessons, and am auditioning for another play this spring. I also took up ballet to improve my choreography. I will never be discouraged simply because people might categorize me as a "beginner" or "too young". Go Per!!! I love how you inspire people the way you do!!!

  • Your words reflect my attitude towards all of life.  I am 30 years old, and just took on the task of learning French.  After only a few months of diligent study, I am now able to speak in a conversational, if a bit broken, manner.  I have started singing again as well, after 6 years of not singing in front of anyone.  I look forward to having the funds available to try your program.  Something tells me it will bring me amazing results!

  • Agreed.  We should consider evolving and looking for ways to improve.  Consider Frank Sinatra, who so many people consider one of the greatest.  He survived and was popular for more than his own generation.  How many singers do you know that did that?

  • I've never sung other than from the safety of my car on the way to work – of course the windows are wound up.. so I am looking forward to this journey of discovery about myself

  • I can’t wait to get started. I have been singing barbershop for so many years but I find my voice has gone from singing tenor to bass and getting hoarse. I feel confident that your coaching will help.
    I will let you know of my improvement.

  • Dear Per,

    I cannot wait to buy your programme, I am a beginner and up until last year i thought that because I could’nt sing I would never sing! since then I have discovered that is not true and even with singing every day at home along to my favorite songs I already can hear and feel improvement. With regards to being a professional in other areas of my life I constantly persue learning to continue my growth and understanding. We never stop learning and developing that process is infinite and to think you know it all especially before living and experiencing the lessons is only denying yourself the chance to grow. I am saving to buy your programme as a christmas gift to myself! So excited I can hardly wait. Natalie x

  • Even the most advanced individual can learn beyond what they think they know if they are willing to lay down their crown of “I KNOW IT ALL.” Sometimes it good to go back to the beginning; we would be surprised at what we may have missed.

  • There is a much larger gammit of what is considered “beautiful” singing than there is for playing the violin, clarinet, or trumpet. The United States has very disparate standards, or perhaps NO standards, by which
    “beautiful” singing is judged. One needs only to tune in to the TV show “America’s Got Talent” to confirm this. The American public seems to prefer the nasal country twang of Willie Nelson to the beautiful, cultivated tone and skillful singing and artistry of Renee Fleming or Placido Domingo.
    Americans love to hold on to the nonsense addage which states, “beauty is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder”. I always counter that nonsense by saying that first one must have a good eye and a good ear to know what beauty is.
    While I don’t doubt that your method could help someone sing with more freedom, I have serious doubts that your method or ANY method can give someone a “beautiful” voice or make them a skillful artist if they do not possess the most important unteachable aspect of all – TALENT.
    The nonsense idea that “EVERYONE can sing” is only valid for the typical American dreamers who believe in the Jiminy Cricket philosophy: “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who (or how talented you are)…….”


  • Dear Mr. Per, I realize that U deserve to b paid 4 ur gift that our Lord God have given U. However I am like Ms. Raiz. Due to the tech I can not pay on line also due to poor man security (Social Sercurity) LOL!

  • I am willing to learn all that I can about singing because it is my passion! I am not a “professional” rather I do not sing professionally but I LOVE singing praises to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! The problem I have is the finances to order this program. I would absolutely love to learn more about my voice and expand my range: both the high and low of it! I have had the love of singing since I was 10 years of age and have been singing since then. I am now 26 years of age. I do not think that I could ever stop singing…it is so important to me!!! Thank you for the tips and newsletters! They do help me some!
    Traci Bell

  • This course is more than a singing course. If you read between the lines you may observe analogies and metaphors that imply this will transcend the boundaries of singing.
    There are technical aspects of most arts however a child who sings beautifully knows nothing of this knowledge and they don’t need to in order to express themselves because they are in the zone and are not intellectualizing what they are doing. For the rest of us, we may need to un do patterns, re learn, and re gain confident in something very natural.
    If you want something and put that on your attention life will find a way of presenting opportunity for you to afford this course. If it is really important to you you would walk for miles, go without,sacrifice something. Make it a priority and it will happen. Male more space in your life for this gift and less space for excuses. I just bought it. It took 1 minute to decide.
    I decided no more excuses. Now I begin, hope to hear all of you manifesting what you need to sing more. Onehumin.

  • I never had a good or even average voice. I am 81 now, and wondered if I could get something out of these classes.

    As a child in grade school we had a romaning musical teacher. He took care of 15 schools or so. He had a very good voice, opera training. He would call us up to his desk one at a time. After I made a feeble attempt to sing. He declared to the teacher in front of me that I never would be or learn to sing. End of story, and my attempts to sing. A monotone voice I had and have to this day.

    I would love to yodel and church music.

    This will be very interesting.


  • Hello Per,
    I really like receiving your mails full of energy and courage not only to be able to sing properly (I would say in my personal case “decently”) but to open your heart and your spirit to do something beautiful to give to yourself and to share with others. At the moment it is hard for me to get your interesting course due to my financial situation, but I expect that during the coming year it could be easier. In the meantime I would like to keep having your stimulating mails. Greetings from Spain (Gosh, so many good singers here, even in the streets!!!).

  • Hi Per,
    I just ordered the downloads and for two days I was afraid to open them . I sat down tonight and went through the exercises and found that my voice started moving right away. I started to feel this tiny bit of joy building up inside of me as I relaxed my voice and body and could feel the sensation and freedom happening. When you began talking about control and then fear, I had been just starting to feel this emotional pain in my soul and I could feel that I wanted to cry. I believe that fear has inhibited my singing for so long and to find that to be so in the first lesson was truly amazing to me. It’s been a huge struggle to know the extreme limitiations within my voice and in turn to hear compliments about my voice when all I could feel is tension, strain, and no resonance. I’ve carried this mental message of “ can’t…I lost it a long time ago.” I am so excited and I just want to play and play and play with it and see where it leads before lesson 2. Your teaching style is so sweet and encouraging and I already feel like a have a true friend with the most honest of intention to help me fly!! I did feel alittle like Stevie Wonder and by gosh! my neck feels so much better! Thanks Per!!


  • Hi Per,
    Your concept sound very interesting, having been taught that singing is a very physically demanding discipline, diaphram, breathing, support the voice and loads more.
    Using all the above and still being crippled by nerves, throat closing, dry mouth and abject terror when faced with an audience plus, the sound being totally different and strangled when compared with singing alone, you promise to be a breath of fesh air.
    Confidence minus, the only way is up!!

  • Hello Per, You have allowed me to feel such a sense of freedom and joy by allowing my vocal chords to do what they are really designed to do. My life has always been filled with so much stress and tension that I had forgotten what it feels like to relax. Even now after you have shown me how to and given me permission to do so, I still sometimes must tell myself to relax. Singing is so much more joyful. Thanks, joan

  • I just received the email containing the download – I first read some info as was directed prior to download and I must say that I already like the approach. I am a songwriter and my goal is to be able to sing well enough to record my own demo vocal tracks. I am very excited, but honestly I am also experiencing some fear as I am finding all sort of reasons why this may not work. Thankfully, I have the courage to speak out to that chicken inside of me and tell that chicken; “SHUT UP, I AM DOING IT ANYWAY!. 😉

    I will check back in with my progress.


    Joann Kircher

  • I understand what you are saying totally in this article I have been singing a long time and will always consider myself a beginner!!! Just listen to Steve Tyler, Daughtry, Adam Lavine, Steve Perry just to name a few. The list goes on and on to Country vocals, Metal singers, Gospel singers!!! So many styles so much talent, yeah i’m a beginner!! So show me the way.. Thanks Allen.

  • Hello Per,

    I have just ordered your singing programme – in fact it is just downloading while I am writing this. I have been singing for years and years and as I go along, I begin to acquire the skill of recognising areas in which I definitely could do with improvement. To make it worse, I am a totally self taught singer. I have no clue as to what I am getting into – but one thing for sure I already appreciate, is your strong and perceivable desire to spread the joy of music around the world. I am sure I shall discover sooner than later, that I have made the right choice in seeking your guidance in the art of singing. Thank you in advance !

  • Hey Per!
    I saw you cool intro video and i was convienced that this was the real deal, when i saw how u produced sound with all those funny faces 🙂 and because i have studied abit of qigong and muscle awareness is the key element to beeing good at that too so im very confident that this progam will help me master and undestand my voice.

    Kind regards,
    Rene´ (Denmark)

  • Hello Per;
    I am a 67 year old male. I have copd which is controlled by sprivia at this along with cronic broncities and asma. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a bone cancer stage 2. You might realize that this is fro Vietnam.
    I said that to say that I had never touched a musical instrument until 63 or tried to sing because I didn’t think I could. Then I tried a couple of times in church and whispers say that I’m off key and my timing is off. You can imagine what a blow that would be to someone who loves to sing and is told he can’t. Do you think you could help someone like me.

  • Hi Per — Have just joined your Sing Freedom classes – but haven’t opened up them as yet but think after reading the info that it can really help me although I am 87 going on 88 in JUly . I started guitar acoustic — and can play a few songs . Hiopfully I will some time be able to play before friends and family and at old folks homes but I shall see . am determined to give it my besy shot . I have been an athelete in hockey tennis golf ( still playing ) thanks . need to develope my throat muscles I think . Bob

  • Hi Per, well I can only endorse many of the previous comments. I have just joined and not started any downloads yet, but am excited. I so much want to sing well, or better. It gives great joy and nourishment to my soul as I recently discovered. I have a very ordinary voice and hard to get into tune without music to read (unless carols). I love singing with a choir, and do so with a professional and beautiful singer. I have the worst voice and am the only male (72 yrs) amongst the ladies. I just want to be better to get greater joy without worrying how I sound. I will travel in remote places for 5 months and intend to take my lessons on a netbook with me.
    Thank You in advance.

  • Hi Per, I just received the downloads, but have not opened them yet. I am eager to start Lesson 1. I know I will improve because there is no way I can get worse!! I am a church choir director, and I want to do a better job. So, here I go with an open-mind and willingness to improve.


  • Hi Season, Read your comments and my mind flashed back to the first time I did a solo with my knees knocking wondering how people were going to react to my voice and forgetting words, as I still do, (it’s a confidence thing) . The thing that is different now is that I don’t get stressed over how people will react to my songs anymore, good luck with the program, I may even buy it myself at some stage.

  • I just started with your singing program. I was actor for many years in Hollywood. I always wanted to sing, but I was always busy with career. Now, I’m 68 I am thrilled that I have found you. I’m a beginner once again an truly love the way you teach. You make everything fun and easy. Therein is the joy you share.

    Thanks so much….

  • am going on 83. sang a lot while in high school, not much since. sang one chorus recently and was invited to do a full song at a Dec. annual banquet. have decided to do one of Sinatra’s best (in my opinion) little known recordings, i.e. “The
    House I Live In.” my voice is nowhere near what it used to be.
    I’m naturally concerned about doing justice to that great song.
    have finished lessons 1 and 2 and will now go back for do over on each before proceeding to 3 and 4. sure you know Frank S. was one of few pop singers that could sing in 2 octaves.

  • Hi per, I just finished reading your message and I found it very helpful. I would like to get your lessons, but for now keep sending me the latest news.Thanks

  • We shall see what you have in store for me.
    I want to be heard.
    I want to inspire.
    Help me reach that goal with a voice
    to reach the eyes
    to open the hearts
    and to fill the spirit with joy and happiness.

    Joe, Day One

  • It’s great & very good to knw how to sing, even though is for fun or for professtional level…Therefore, i want to learn & be very good in all sense of singing neva to stop learning so i can be able to grow & develop my voice day by day frm the level i am today…

  • Hi Per,
    I keep looking at your emails and watching the videos but have not yet bought the programme. I’m a not-very-good alto singer. I sing with a church choir and another choir, both low-key and with an excellent choir leader.

    My problem is that unless I have good altos around me, I can’t get the note – and am terrified of even trying as I’m convinced I shall be flat or sharp or just noweher near it.

    So my question is – can your programme help me?

    PS. I’m coming up 68, so unlikely to be a quick learner!

  • It is very encouraging to know that you don’t have to be at any certain level to start (just as long as you are willing to learn :). I ordered the lessons Thursday and am very anxious to get started. Thanks for the article!

    – Austin

  • Looking forward to feeling again the joy of singing and letting go and not “thinking about it” so much. Going to be in a two-actor musical in September after years away from theater. I like your style, Per. Namaste.

  • Hi Per, I start my learning with you today.. the intro on the website is very convincing…I hope I should be able to grasp and get more out of it. I have a love for singing .. I realised that i have to improve it a lot more after uploading few of my Karaoke songs in the youtube recently. Only concern is that.. I am more drawn towards Indian Classical, Carnatic and Flim pop songs .. You will be really occupied, but if you do get a chance, can you listen to my vocals and provide me an analysis … it would be great.

    Thanks & Regards

  • The beautiful Matanuska Valley in south central Alaska is my home. Thrilled am I, to make new discoveries with my voice and in life. In my mind, I envision singing in an open field of freshly fallen snow against a backdrop of flocked trees and rugged and majestic snow covered mountains.

    Thank you in advance for these lessons. I shall make the most of them.

    L. Gary Adams

  • I am on an aged pension and would just like to sing for enjoyment and occasionally in a group, but I find the cost of the course @ $177 just too much and am not sure I would benefit that much from the course. I have looked at your introductory videos, which you have kindly sent, The Course looks really good with lots of practical exercises (without singing the scales) but the cost of the course is a concern, when I wonder if I would really stick to following it regularly.

  • Well Im saying before singing, although I was singing with you today your intro. I think I can sing, Im better than most I think. Then I have just started to guest sing with this band. I run out of breath/ I have to clear my throat/ I certainly could do with more power/ once you move into something, you realise – theres more to it. I have the rythum I never stop dancing. Anyhow Im looking forward to your teachings, and thank you. Hugo Oh Im 53 years of age, you wouldn’t guess that to look at me.

  • So – I love singing, always have, and I am somewhat trained in the classical range, particularly early music (Renaissance and Baroque) — and I also love learning! So hopefully this course will help me with the strain I sometimes experience and with the fact that I don’t particularly like my voice, esp. hearing it recorded – baahh!

  • Thank you so much for your encouragement.I really appreciate it.The fact is that no one is advanced enough in leaning,so far the would is concern.Thanks dear.I’m still enjoying my lesson even till tomorrow,because it have more impact in me.


  • Per,

    We (Jenny and I) just finished the first lesson/practice/experimentation/experiential session and of course it is early days but I just thought I would make the comment that I understand and appreciate your approach to assist our learning.
    I consider myself a life-long learner because there is much more ‘out there’ (not to mention ‘in here’) than I will ever know and because I know that I have learnt (assimilated/absorbed) a lot of ‘stuff’ (beliefs and attitudes) that actually blind me to the learning available.

    I expect we shall have some questions a bit further down the learning (discovery) track. For now we simply want to thank you for putting this course together.

    Cheers (from Sydney Australia) for now


  • I’ve done the program and all I can say is it was worth it!
    As I moved through the lessons it was like a journey each time a new discovery simply amazing!
    I’m pretty sure nothing compares to this!

  • Hi Per,

    We came across you while doing research for creating a video on intuition to go with our recently published Hubpage, “Intuition: the Voice of Yourself Singing.”

    We were looking for an image to go with text for a slide, “Intuition is the singing voice that always knows the original lyrics pulsing from the center of existence.”

    Finding you was totally unexpected as we did not know we were looking for you! But apparently we were, as we both felt to buy the program which we did today.

    Kati and I enjoy your overall tone and that you address the whole person, awareness, limiting beliefs, and wellness.

  • I love to sing and have been doing so in the Church Choir to praise our Lord and Savior!! But I have been thinking of finding the right way of singing which will make it more enjoyable for me (& the listeners!!). Also I want to find how to develop Tenor voice (since I sing that part). I have gone through Lesson 1 and already like the unconventional method of teaching. I hope by going through all the sessions I will be able to sing better Tenor!! I keep wondering and thanking God that sitting in Bangalore, India I am able to take these lessons from a Global teacher!! Thanks,

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