Singing truly is a fascinating activity. Right now there is singing going on in every part of the world. People sing by themselves and people sing together. Babies explore their voices in song their way, kids sing, teenagers sing, adults at all ages sing. We sing when we're happy, we sing when we're sad.

So here's the question for you:

Why do you sing?

I urge you to really reflect on this. Singing is often even more important to us than we sometimes realize.

Why do you really like to sing? What happens within you when you sing? Why do you want to sing better?

Imagine having a better and freer voice than you have today… What would you do with it? How would it affect your life?

Reflect on a time when you couldn’t do what you can do today. If so, how has this affected your life? Or perhaps you experience pain because you cannot do what you once could?

Singing is such an important part of all our lives. That is also why I love to help people experience how to sing with greater freedom, with greater confidence and help people become even more empowered singers and human beings.

So what is it within you that makes singing important to you?

Please share your thoughts below.

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  • I have sung since I was a very little girl. Both my parents were professional singers and music has been my life. My mother taught me until her death in 2005. It took me a very long time to be able to sing after her death and I don't think I sing as well as when she was alive. I was pleased to get some input from you, Per, and although it is different from my mother's teaching, I find it helpful and I am gradually getting my confidence back, albeit a long, hard road.

  • Singing, to me, is such an expression of emotion!  Every emotion!  Joy… Sorrow… Fear… Any emotion you can name!  As a person of faith, it is also an expression of praise to God!  I simply cannot imagine my life without being able to sing!  That does not mean I am the greatest singer.  I would love to improve the voice I have.  To some degree, I have a gift of singing, and I would like very much to improve it and give it back to God in praise to Him!  I would like to use this ability to share my faith with others!  
    I have been singing as far back as I can remember, but actually stopped singing in January of 2009.  My husband destroyed our marriage, and I could not even being to have a voice for any emotion.  At that point, I just allowed music to wash over me, and begin to heal my soul.  Music was a comfort in so many incredible ways!  In time, I could sing along to familiar songs within my groups, but it was so very hard!  I truly know that music and singing have been my close friends for all of my life!  
    Though I do sing solos in my groups, I am terrified each and every time.  I would like to develop the confidence that would allow me to share music in a way that might wash over another soul in some very positive ways.  
    I cannot imagine my life without music and singing!
    — Lorie Gibson 

  • Singing, and expression through music, is the purest kind of freedom i have ever found, especially when it is effortless. That and flying.
    It's a think that consistently brings joy.

  • I have been singing in church choirs since I can remember and I am now 52. I've also sung as a soloist, in a band, acapella and in large choruses. There is nothing like mastering complex music, working to blend with your fellow singers, and bringing music to listeners that can stir them or make them cry. There is music in my head all the time – wish I had more hours in the day to let it out. 

  • I have music in my head every waking minute.  Singing is a means of expressing it.  I have sung since I was a teenager.  However, the singing lessons I now take are not to increase my ability to sing (although it has helped a lot) but to increase my ability to speak.  As a scientist and lawyer, I speak before juries and audiences frequently.  Recently at age 76, I found I was loosing the timbre and resonance in my voice; I was starting to sound old. Freedom in Singing has restored the quality of my voice in speaking and my ability to sing with nearly the range I had in the 1950's when I was singing professionally to get through graduate school.

  • Singing is so important to me as a means of expression, that when I was constantly told as a child to be quiet, I learnt to sing in my head rather than stop singing. As a teenager, I was always singing something that was relevant to whatever I was feeling at the time.  Then when I started doing the warm-up exercises with Per, I noticed that I would feel ecstatic just from doing exercises! Since doing the video classes, people have started saying I have a beautiful voice, which no-one had ever said before. And I have gained a confidence which I have never had before. Thanks Per

  • To me, singing has always been life. I am not a professional (though I sang christian music for 10 years and have written many songs) and my voice is definately anywhere near A.I. standards. but my family always enjoyed listening as well as those at the programs I was graciously allowed to perform. At my lowest times in life, I have been able to turn to music. It has been a therapy of sorts to my well being, both spiritual and physical. It has been an avenue of sharing part of who I am. It has always been easier for me to break the ice with a song that with a witty anecdote. I have played the 12 string acoustic guitar and a low end keyboard. When friends were not available, music was. It has been my cherished companion. I may never sing great, but sing I will for it is part of my heart and soul. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and thank you to the others who have shared as well. Thank you especially to Per for making this forum possible.

  • Why do I sing?  Why do I speak?  Both are expressions of the attempt to communicate what is in my heart and soul.  Why do I want to improve?  What is the alternative?  I realize you want the answer and not the question, but the answer is: if we are not going forward, we are either standing still or going backward.  Your motivation has inspired me to go forward and not backwards, and you have my deep gratitude for this blessing.  I sang with my acappella quartet last Sunday for a large party – we wandered from table to table, and I don't think I have ever had such a good time.  Everyone was so receptive – and of all the songs – the patriotic songs were the ones that seemed to bring tears to the eyes of our audience.  I think people are hungry for real music and not the screaming I often hear from the performers on tv.  Thank you again for your motivation.

  • Like so many others who have posted, I guess I have always loved to sing.  My mother used to tell stories about me singing while riding in the our car when I was only a year or two old.. back in the early 1940's.   She used to play opera records and she claimed I went around the house singing in 'fake Italian'.   Growing up when the MUSICALS were popular at the movies sorta encouraged my tendency to burst into song at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes they were popular songs, or songs I made up or some of the oldies I learned from my parent, aunts and uncles.  My uncle was in vaudeville and he helped me learn to harmonize.  Soon I realized I could hear all the harmonies in my head and I seemed to have a knack for picking up and remembering lyrics.  I never really did anything with these 'talents' – I also 'sort of' play a variety of musical instruments,  mostly for my own enjoyment.  Sometimes I wish I had taken music a bit more seriously, but life somehow got in the way.  Even now, at 70, I love to sing and do it often. People have often told me I have a 'beautiful voice' –  I guess I somehow thought my voice was different, but not beautiful.   I can sing bass, baritone, tenor, alto and mezzosoprano.  Singing for me is a special way of communicating and expressing what I feel or what I sense others are feeling.

  • Singing has always brought me much joy. Whether I'm
    in a choir at church singing hymns that evoke comfort
    and hope or in a show, connecting with the audience
    it almost seems magical.

  • I have sang for the past 2O years in a    Sweet Adeline Chorus. In that time I have learned a lot and really love singing in four part harmony. Lately I tend to have a vibrato at times. My. breath control is not what it should be. I know I can get past this. I can't imagine my life without Sweet Adelines.  Thanks Par!

  • I agree with the anthropologists who think that singing came before the spoken word.
    I sing to know that I'm really alive and that to be able to sing is a good and very natural thing. Maybe even a basic need. To be able to sing freely, as Per is so good at expressing to us, is the best thing of all.
    But almost everyone I've met who is into singing, at any age, or any level has turned out to be a genuine person that I can share something joyous with. Something good. I'm especially fond of a capella harmony. I love the connection and rush that only hitting a beautiful chord can bring.
    People have always sung for all kinds of reasons. Many times to make hard but necessary work more bearable. It saddens me that there are so many 'secret singers' out there who feel convinced that while they love to sing, that they are completely and permanently destined to never sing in public or with others.
    Somehow, our contemporary culture has really bought into the idea that the only singing of any real value is by the most well-trained and established professionals. It's a sad situation which I think… hopefully, might be turning around with the success of all the new 'reality singing shows' that have suddenly made singing a very popular and viable option for many young people. You can see this in the rapid growth of youth choruses, and school vocal programs. Long live singing!
    Oh, here's one I came across the other day from Korea that I think demonstrates the transformative power of letting singing into your life. Enjoy:

  • for as long as i can remember music and singing has been part of my life.  it is a gopd stress reliever.  i singon a karaoke site on the internet made lots of  friends some sing very well some not so good but you meet many people from all over the world  Country music is my passion

  • Singing is a form of elevated speech, surpassing the ordinary spoken word. This is why it is used in religious ceremony, and this is why I seek to improve: To ever praise God that He might be glorified and souls saved by being drawn to Him through beauty.
    Because it has greater expressiveness than spoken language, I also find it as a marvelous means of communicating my inward thoughts and feelings.

  • I have always been shy, quiet and had low voice as natural symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. The related natural technical interest manifested itself in music and I've been able to deeply understand and practice a range of musical areas, but one day I felt the ultimate challenge in music would be to sing well. It goes right against my charateristics and that's why it's been so rewarding. It also enables me to develop further expression as an artist, so it's been very rich and feel I'll never stop  singing.

  • I love to sing beautifully and feel like a STAR.  I love songs without word.  I see myself as Venus the Goddess of love and beauty that has come down to earth from the ether of the Universe to bring peace across the glob….To each and every nation that hears the majestic sound of my high notes.  I have sung across the ocean from the shore rocks of Deerfield Beach and have imagined the dolphin's and other ocean life swim towards the sound.  I have sung in the cool late evening on a clear night under the stars and a beautiful full moon.  I have sung in the woods with the wildlife in harmony.   I have sung during a rain storm where my voice towered over each crashing thunder bolt.  And I have sung on horseback as I rode through a meadow.  I love to sing and have the world sing with me, bringing peace everlasting.  To sing means a lot to me and to the world we live in.  Hear my song….

  • Singing for me is empowerment.  When we are able to control our voice, it is a reflection of our ability to control our lives.  Singing to me is power, the fearless expression of deep feelings, and a reflection of my inner truth. Singing is my way to express my  inner strength and self confidence.

  • Singing is a privilege that allows us to usher in emotion and connection to the audience.  It is expression and communication of passion about what one is singing.  Music has a much greater impact than the spoken word and reaches deep into one's soul.  When I began to sing for others with passion,  and not for myself, (i.e. got over myself), that is when I became a much better and more effective singer.  What would I do if I could improve and become more effective than I am now?  Reach more people!  This coursework has helped me tremendously–I just still need to put more time into it!  I am looking forward to seeing what my singing future may hold!  Thanks, Per!

  • I sing because I can. It's a gift from God 😉  People say I'm good, but I'm not really sure how good. I sing in 4-part A Cappella groups…Barbershop style music. I've been in quartets and choruses and I now direct a chorus. It's such a huge part of my life that when someone asks me what I do, I say I'm a singer. I actually pay more to sing than I get paid to sing! But i know that's what I am. I would do it for a living if I could find a way. I never feel pain or sorrow when I sing…it's truly a natural high. I'm not sure how I would define myself if I didn't sing…sounds crazy, I know! I'm a mother, wife and so many other "things" but foremost, a singer. I believe anyone can sing…they think they can't because someone told them they couldn't at one point in their lives. I find this to be true with everyone I invite into my chorus. There are so many goals I had set for myself in my life that I have not been able to realize due to marriage, but my one gift that can never be taken or squashed is my desire to sing and entertain. I will find a way to fulfill more dreams, but I thank God everyday for the one I obtained. That's why I sing 🙂

  • I am a professional singer and vocal coach and have witnessed the amazing impact that singing has on people. For me, singing is a part of who I am and I am so blessed to be able to do this for a living! I have seen people grow in confidence, set free from restrictive thought patterns which impact negatively on their lives, healed on many levels and motivated! God designed us to sing, pysiologically speaking. The larynx only comes into its fullest operation when we do! I think we are not even aware yet of all its many benefits ….

  • Exc. question:  Ella Fitzgerald said she sang because
    "she was happy," and there was nothing wrong w/that, but
    to me it goes much deeper than that.   For ex., listen to the
    real songbirds (esp. in the morning).  They can put you in good mood or a sad one.   Why do they sing?  It is a
    direction reflection of the Spirit-man or Soul-man:  happy, sad, moody, soul, jumpy, hot, loving, hurting,
    tender, beautiful, and so on.   Example:  "We are the
    world; we are the children…"  and Stephen Fosters
    loving and immortal "Beautiful Dreamer…"   My father
    loved that song–and so do I.   And I love to sing all kinds
    of songs–and I sing many in Hebrew.   Thanks Per.
    Pls. sign me Harlan A. Hanna fr. Tenn.

  • Singing to me is a way of release from the turmoil of everyday living… when i am singing i think of nothing else but my voice… i have no wories, no fears, no anxieties.. everything is right with the world! It's a way to free the inner me and let her fly… Life is complicated and at times very hard.. but just to be able to find a moment of release.. to touch a moment of serenity and freedom is amazing!
    I feel that my voice isn't as strong as it could be.. but at that moment, i really don't care… it's just me and my voice, and we are at peace! =)

  • What a lot of great comments so far.  I've never thought about 'why' I sing (I just do) but this has made me think.  I do love to sing and find myself doing it all the time without thinking (it just starts) and when I reaslise what I'm doing I try to work out why. It often comes back to the fact that someone has said a particular word or phrase that has brought a song into my mind that I then start to sing.  I used to have lessons and belonged to various singing-for-fun groups but have, unfortunately, had to cut back recently due to lack of time.  I'm also quite a quiet person most of the time and I think singing gives me the opportunity to release some emotion. Teresa

  • I joined a choir back in September 2009 following two years getting over post viral fatigue, depression, low esteem & lack of confidence. WOW what a difference! The Can't Sing ? Choir was formed for people who THINK they can't sing & can't read music etc & I came into that category. (I can actually read music but VERY, VERY slowly.) However, thanks to buying Per's DVDs & following his methods, I stood up at choir last week with another gentleman member & sang "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" – without a microphone too!!!
    Singing has literally changed my life, given me confidence & an ability I never knew I had. I'm not the world's best singer, but at 67 I can do enough to make me feel good & even entertain others. We are doing this duet in our next charity concert in July.
    Thanks Per.
    Mary King

  • Asi've been improving as a singer i find that it really helps for emotional support at times when nothing else can make you feel better. Singing is great for expression and has really made me feel better at times when nothing else could.

  • Singing actually helps keep me in shape. I have a long commute and I sing my favorite stuff that stretches my range and keeps my diaphragm in shape a bit like sit-ups. It's the only workout one can do in the car. Plus it's always good for the soul I believe.

  • I agree with Tommie who said that singing is healing. Singing transforms “broken” people of all sorts. Here’s one of my own experiences: my father lay in the hospital 1000 miles away, dying of an unknown illness. There was nothing I could do. I went to choir practice where someone asked casually, “How are you?” whereupon I burst into tears. I pulled myself together enough to start singing, and after two hours of breathing and concentrating on something beautiful outside myself and my family’s troubles, I felt so much better. Of course I got a lot of support from my fellow singers when he passed away. He was a singer too and I think I honor his memory when I sing.

  • there is probably a lot that i could say about what I think about what singing means to me.but for time restraint reasons I'll just say that I believe that one day when I am ready to sing to people that the nuances exchanged with people while singing will be uniquely stimulating.

    Hi I realy love this where i can love to speak my mind out. This is wonderful to know that one can sing with Freedom that's what life is all about,
    Well i do think that Singing on sites or any where is great idea,as singing takes out all stress,makes you a more friendly person,helps you to forgive,and makes you feel the true talent about one's self. I am one person who loves to sing weather i have a voice or not,no one can say they are better than the other,cause i do believe that God gave us all a voice to talk and sing. And He gave it with freedom. And there is wonderful people who created free singing sites,wonderful of them to do so that means they do understand life worth living. We should be able to sing with freedom and i think its a great way to communicate with the world,friends,and families,which we should all do,besides locking up our voice box and throwing away the key,which God gave us.
    Besides we have another wonderful person God created Per Bristow who is so understanding and there to help us when needed.Per Bristow has taken great pride in answering all my letters and questions,and i Thank God for giving him to us.
    Its nice to sing and have someone pass a kind comment saying" That is great or you did a good job" Those are real people and they support us rather than some one judging us according to his or her self and saying "You need to do better and miss judge us that's totally uncalled for,who is he why should he even be mean????
    We dont tell a child when he did wrong i need to punish you,NO its wrong we need to sit with them and use kind words to make them understand everything better,punishing kills or is a silent killer,.
    Yes i love this prog: and am proud to answer it and be truthful. Its wondrful thought Per Bristow thanks for being there for us.

  • I have always loved singing.  My mum said I sang "It's only a shanty in old shanty town" at 18 months.   That's about 60 years ago now.    I have sung in school choirs, church choirs, light operatic society musicals, choral society and several chamber choirs.   I used to be a soprano but am now a low alto.   There is always something new to learn and a new challenge.   You can never think you have finished.    I have met so many people over the years through singing and they have been, and still are mostly, my best friends….It is wonderful to share the experience of singing with other people.  I now sing in a chamber choir that visits and sings in amazing cathedrals and churches, such as St. Marks in Venice.   It is fantastic to sing in a beautiful building with a beautiful accoustic.   It's just something in me that  have to sing.   I was broken hearted when I lost my top notes but now enjoy singing alto.

  • It wasn't until last year, when I lost my battle with reflux and another complication brought on by the reflux, that I realized exactly how much singing meant to me.  I was working on my first CD, and didn't make it to recording any audio tracks.  I also had a weekly position in our church leading the congregation through the hymns, and also providing a solo with our organist.
    Life now is colorless, and I have a deep, everpresent sadness.  I have not found a doctor who can help me, and I am intolerant of the medications.
    What does singing mean to me?  Quite simply, it gave me a sense of being closer to God.  Our voices don't come from us…but are reflections of Him.  I know I am never separated from God…but without my singing voice as a reminder, my spirit is crushed…

  • I'm addicted to karaoke and my honey and I go out singing at least five nights a week.  We have a large circle of singing friends and we all need to get our "fix" singing.  It's a personal growth experience, better than Toastmasters at building self-confidence.
    I've written as a ghost writer for a year in a local karaoke publication and Barbara Sher (author of "Wishcraft") proclaimed me a "karaoke missionary".   The health benefits are numerous — deep breathing cleanses your system, singing is a natural pain killer, and who doesn't need more self-confidence?  I could preach to the choir here but you guys probably already know that singing just makes you feel better and is the best stress reliever.  I may not be the best, but the more I sing, the better I will get.
    I love getting someone up to sing for the first time, then watch them grow into a truly amazing singer.  We all are so uniquely different, with our own distinctive styles and voices, yet music is universally loved.  Our tastes may be different but we are united in lifting our voices and making the world a better, more bearable place.  Everyone should sing – be careful what you say to someone who is just starting to discover singing.  A little critism can shut them down when all they need is a little encouragement and practice, practice, practice. 
    And then there is harmony….  When voices blend in perfection , it takes you somewhere special.  And my honey and I both value it tremendously.
    Thanks for letting me get on my soapbox.  Singing IS very important to me at this stage in my life.     

  • I did not begin singing until I was 50 years old with the excepion of singing in an eight grade Christmas production. I was one of  the 3 Kings. They had taped my performance and I sounded like a cow bellowing. So I sort of gave up on it. until I had a friend introduce me to karaoke!
    I have over 300 cd+g's and two karaoke systems. I have used them at a friends 60th wedding anniversary and to entertain at church gatherings for dimensia and alzheimer patients and their care takers. Fortunately, they seem to enjoy my bellowing.
    Yes I  love to sing and, being selfish, l also like to see people enjoying themselves when I sing. It's extremely rewarding and fullfilling to know you have brought enjoyment into someone's life, even for a brief moment or two.
    I hope I never have to quit singing!

  • Being able to sing good and soothing can make a person feel powerful or at least desirable… I wish I could sing just for that reason, to show it off non-chalantly or what not.. just being honest..

  • at first singing is my soul, icant stay without music …i tryed but went into a wife and mother of two my all music world stoped, and thats my pain, the belive of being a singer good one is now very is smth that it flow in side me , its like mantra,i forget about all what aroud me its just me and music or music and me.. i would love and still inside me is that i have to sing .. without it i do nt feel a life..always i sang since childhood..leasners always were pleased with my voice.. but so what life had for me diffrent scenario and i have to say that im nt happy person fully couse i need to be and acept the fact that to sing its not afordable for me financialy and as it is confidance is low nt sure if all make sence for you but very often i feel empty and like to yell to the moon that sad but i lost way how to go on.please if posieble write some boosters for the way so far i could not buy your lesson but still reading y e-mails and tiny hope that one day still i will get my 2 minutes….

  • …Hi I love to sing I'm 80 yrs old but to hear my voice you would not know my age, I sing Karaoke on SING SNAP There I'm Known as CaptGio2 I sang in Nite Clubs under the name Johnny Damar made from my name ( giovanni     Johnny … middle name…. Valdemar ….. Demar I dare anyone to listen your in for a surprise. When do I stop singing? NEVER!!

  • […] What Singing Means To You | The Bristow Voice Method Blog I would like to develop the confidence that would allow me to share music in a way that might wash over another soul in some very positive ways. I cannot imagine my life without music and singing – Lorie Gibson. Judith Standing […]

  • Many thanks for the link to Korea's got talent – an amazing story, and an enjoyable voice.
    Sadly there is a possibility that things are not quite what they seem but in the hope that it is 100% genuine I wish him well with bhis singing and his life.

  • I have sung for the greater part of my life and am now in my 7th decade.  I enjoy belonging to choirs both those for worship and secular choirs. The belonging is as important as the singing to me. Solo spots rarely come my way but when they do I enjoy the applause because it tells me that I have moved the audience in some way or have helped them to discover something new….

  • I perform under the name Ray Desmond and "A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music use to make me smile.  And I knew if i had my chance that I could make those people dance and maybe they'd be happy for a while". Don McLean "American Pie"
    That's why I sing, in nursing homes, retirement centers, festivals.  I have the privilege of singing at the Kansas State Fair this September 14th.  I sing big Band music and I love the reaction of the audience when I sing a song that they connect with. It's ALL ABOUT THE AUDIENCE NOT ME.

  • Singing to me puts me in my own skin. It's pure. I don't have to pretend to be anybody or to fit in, 'cause I don't care about anything but the song. It's my spirit and spiritual connection to all other spirits. Sometimes people, relationships, events in culture, just don't go the way we plan but no matter what, we can all meet inside the music. And all the feelings of all the experiences we have together in this world express the glory of living no matter how it turns out. That's what Art is and to be able to express the glory of living in song is the greatest joy, the humblest of honors, and the most moving of all experiences.

  • I don't know where I'd be without singing, whether it's hymns, songs, chorusses, arias or just vocalising for fun.  I sing as both tenor and countertenor, which is a great opportunity to sing at a pitch normally exclusive to women, yet with a distinctively masculine sound.

  • Like some of your other followers, I didn't realize how much singing meant to me until I was unable to sing.  A trained musician, professional vocalist and public school music teacher, I have sung every day of my life.  Four or five years ago, I began struggling with the "vocal load" that a teacher endures and I now have nodules on my vocal chords from overuse/misuse. 
    I am now the mother of 3 very small children (age 2 twins and a 4 month old) and I cry when they ask me to sing to them and I am unable to.  I am about to go on vocal rest (when school ends this week) for several weeks to reduce the inflammation and I hope to then begin your voice lessons on computer to retrain the muscles that have taken over to compensate for my injury.
    I have never been so sad as this past year or two without being able to express myself through music.  I cannot wait for this dark time to pass.

  • I enjoyed singing around the piano at family gatherings as a child:  old Music Hall favourites, hymns, songs from musicals. Luckily I had aunts who were in love with Ivor Novello, one of whom could play by ear any tune you asked for. However, I was 50 before I was dragooned into my first church choir for singing too loudly in the congregation! That led to the chorus in musicals and operetta and the nerve-tingling experience of singing in large oratorio choirs. But now, in my 75th year, I joined Singing with Freedom to keep a voice good enough to support my church choir in the traditions of Anglican sung worship. We can hear the Cathedral Choir show us how it is done any day of the week but he real joy comes from giving our best each Sunday in the luxury of even better acoustics in our Norman church down the road. Long may it continue with help from SWF for my small part in it!

  • Singing for me, is to allow myself to express myself through song. However from fear of being humiliated i cannot do so. I want to improve so that on occassions like my grandparents death's I could have sung the songs I wrote for them…

  • Well …! Its a good question ! But for me MUSIC means a lot to me . A lot in the sense I 'll die if  I don't sing or listen to music I'm addicted to it now that everyday I need to listen to it and also sing . Its my "  PASSION " n I'm gonna live my Passion no matter what people say about me 'cuz I don't care for those people. 

  • Singing to me is freeing. It is like breathing, i sing all the time. But i am really shy. When i sing in front of an audience, i always feel disappointed because i know there's so much more within me that i want to let out, but i am afraid. I want to be confident when i am singing, leave my all on the stage. Even if i am shy outside of singing, i don't want to be shy when i sing. People always say to me when they hear me sing, "Francine, you can really sing, but you need to open up and you'd be amazed how many lives you will be able to affect".  I want to do but i don't know how.

  • I sing as soon as I wake in the mornings and break into song all day,because it makes me happy I belong to a singing group and when i sing I feel as if I am communicating that love I feel for my fellow human beings.Type your comment here…

  • I have been a local singer … As a kid,I used to perform in so many functions and important events in our district….I am a well known artist in our place…But I didn't sing before people for five yeas now since my voice changed into puberty and could not sing high… Now I am 17 turning into 18 this year and I always wanted to be a professional singer in my life…Still I cannot sing high notes and want to go back in my singing as soon as possible…What I don't understand is even male singers like Jonas in their teens still able to sing high notes without vocal break… I really don,t know what to do with my voice…

  • I would like to sing so if it make someone happy I would be happy. It's a two way thing, I want to give love and recive love. My best singer was Sam Cooke, everybody love Sam. Fame is not inportant, it's to prove to myself I can do it.

  • I sing in a choir but the director told me that I do sing loud enough or I do not sing the key and to be honest I get upset with him several times because I believe he is getting at me.  I sing second soprano and that is not hard to sing. I have been singing on choirs in my youthful days but now I am high inthe 50's.  Should I leave the choir. I am disgusted.
    I await your response.

  • After 10 years of classical study and extensive performing as a classical and jazz soloist,  I had to stop performing because of PRE-performance anxiety. Once 3 minutes into performance I was able to relax. Also, I had (strangely) become known as an oratorio soloist and increasingly found that singing this kind of religious music did not at all resonate with my own spiritual beliefs. I sing to be able to communicate an emotional experience to the audience, or to tell a story. I must be at ease with the words. People are hungry for these experiences. Perhaps one day I can recapture my love of singing…

  • I sing because I am able to feel the whole me when I sing. Singing helps me process, feel, express, reflect, release and recharge, and simply just 'be'. I can speak from wherever I am at when I sing and for that I am grateful. Singing gets to be so many different things for me:). 

  • I want to improve because I feel utterly sad when I can't express myself and go where I want to go with my voice when it feels uncomfortable. Plus, it feels nice when I think I sound good.

  • I am 77 years young. I enjoy singing. I consider my range adequate to do the type of standards I do. I'm considered a crooner. When i sing and hear my self and at that moment, I think I sound pretty good. I have no problem of staying on key, "but" whenever I hear myself after being recorded, I think I really suck as far as the quality is concerned.
    Why is that?

  • singing is important part in my life .When I was very youngI love play guite and sing songs by my creative.that is  enjoy interesting  i will go ahead improve my singing skill and be eager to share all my own

  • I love to  sing for many reasons, that have evolved through my stages of life:
    At first, my mom taught me how to sing old Israeli songs, and I liked the connection it made between me and her and now it's the sweetest memory I have from her when she was still a bit healthy.
    Later, I liked singing during prayer time at the synagouge and during the Shabbat meals we had traditional songs that I really loved and the foster family taught me.
    During my highschool years I've got in touch with my brother's lyrics (what he has left behind…) and started to compose songs. Dealing with my brother's death brought me closer to understanding my pain and so I've learned how to use music and writing as a therapy.
    Learning to sing rock classics and gathering my own original material, I've started to make music. Learned how to play the guitar, the drums and had some vocal instruction.
    Had a lot of vocal instruction. Until now I had about 4-5 teachers, that all had a slightly different approach than the other, but all in all had made the same mistakes you've mentioned in your video. Somehow, I wasn't such a good student and I still have- I believe- the same voice I had in highschool, maybe a bit more controled but what can really be a good change for me would be to be able to hit the right notes, to be more accurate with my pitch and learn how to perfect my show. Also, singing with the guitar adds more things to think about during the show and therefore knowing to make the right balance between the guitar and my voice would be great.
    But. I can't afford paying for the wonderful dvd's you offer. I can only enjoy what's offered for free.
    Thank you.

  • Singing to me is about spending my free time, to have fun, to enjoy…recently I joined my school acapella group cause I dont have the physicality of an athlete( say soccer) or the brains( say chess club)…joining the group is a new thing as i didnt know bout music theory and im just a beginner.

  • Singing is something you do whatever the mood you are in. I am thankful I have a voice and can use it, though I don't think very well. ut then I am pessimistic most of the time. Singing is a sport in the races of life and if I was without a voice, I do not know what I would do to pass the time. At twelve years of age, my voice is always being excersized. Thankyou for reading a girl's view of the beautiful things you can do with your voice.

  • Hello Per, this to tell you from my heart that singing make fell good about myself and  confident being able to share the gift that through YOU  i have to be perfect as a beginner Thanks Per for the encouragemrnt and watching all the materials you sent me which i'am grateful to you and hope to improve my singing voice as times progresses it is kind of nice to be singing in the Choir perfectly.
    May God bless you Per and keep up the great works.
    Gladys Divinagracia

  • Dear Per,
    Why do I sing? I have finally come to realize that I sing for emotional health.  When I do not sing for a while, my emotions build up and I become unstable.  Singing allows my feelings to come alive and singing is a legitimate way of expressing emotions; feelings of sadness, feelings of longing, feelings of love, romance.  In the daily life, there is little room for emotions as we are required to be logical, reasonable, well-balanced, in control, which is all good and has its place. 
    Of course, I would love to sing like Maria Callas or Mariah Carrey, but again, I have come to realized that it's all about doing the best with what you have.  This is the voice God gave me, so it is divine and it is mine. 
    I have had the same challenge of being contraint to sing  within the chest-voice range, then constricting when approaching the fringel point where the chest resonance  moves into the head resonance.  It was quite disturbing to experience the difference in tonal quality and character of these two rooms.  Your sliiiiiiiding exercises are very, very helpful, and, no doubt, you are the best voice/singing instructor I have met to date.  I love the way you explain everything so clearly and with so much caring. 
    Singing is wonderful and you are wonderful.  Keep up the good work.
    Your friend,
    Macel Wilson

  • I am 77 years young and I have been singing since pre-elementary school. Most of my adult life, I have sung in church choirs and still do. My voice is good and strong and I LOVE to sing, but I shy away from singing leads and solos when asked. I am counting on the Bristow method to assist me in learning how to truly sing, increasing my voice range and overcoming the stage fright that overcomes me at the thought of singing alone. How I have needed this! Thanks so much… Barbara Harris 

  • i love to sing and i love to perform but i have a friend that's a lot better and he went to lessens so i asked him to teach me i shouldn't have to push my voice so he started learning me but since then im losing so fast my voice i think because im thinking so hard when im singing how my voice should  be good that when i stop singing  i can lose my voice for a day, and i would wish to bring my range higher i hope you would surprise me the same as i see every one writing

  • Dear Per,
    When I sing I feel as if I can just let go of my life, moving on seems easier, and it makes me feel happy. It can be a simple thing to others, but to me it is the word. I cant stay away from singing. It is something I need to do daily.

  • Singing means alot to me. It makes me feelhappy.It also helps me to encourage those who are depressed. Plus I just want to illuminate the world and make my life and others more meaningful.

  • Hello Kia ora Per. Id love to improve my singing voice and really learn how to sing and how to hold a note for longer. I seem to run out of breath I hope you can help me. Jessie Sam

  • Well… What an insightful question! Not one of my previous vocal teachers has ever even thought to ask this or if perhaps they did they didn't care. Yet since you asked I feel inclined and honored to answer. Singing means everything to me. I wish to both connect with my audience emotionally and make a leaving inpact on music itself and me.  Singing is my motivation, inspiration, and soul crammed into one package and I want to set it all free. If there was no music, no singing…. It is beyond my imagination, and I wish not to- cannot- venture beyond my realm of creativity into a horrid fantasy. That would be my worst nightmare. If I didn't pursue my dream as a singer-songwriter, I would feel purposeless, empty. I love what I do, I love my job, and I will never take it for granted. Singing means more than everything to me and always will.

  • I sing when I am happy to express my joy, but I find that I sing even more when I am not happy, because it helps me become happy. When I am anxious or afraid or angry, singing brings calm and peace. I overcame a childhood fear of the dark by singing all the way when I had to go to the bathroom during the night (at the other end of the house).  I am now the lead singer at my church and provide free singing classes for the members each week. I want to improve my singing and help others also, because knowing how to use our voices and bodies correctly is important to our physical and spiritual well-being.  It brings confidence and an enthusiasm into a very important part of worship, rather than having a congregation mumbling into their songbooks with heads and shoulders bent.
    I have been told by my voice instructor that I use too much effort to sing but I have not been able to figure out how to improve this so I am hoping your technique will help me. I don't use throat muscles and my voice doesn't get hoarse but I get very tired when I sing. By the end of church I feel almost faint and I barely have energy to sing the closing hymn. I seem to be pushing my voice out with my abdominal muscles too much but if I don't then I don't get any volume. That is my main problem right now.

  • Singing is like flying but with talent …I love it couse it is an inspiration and i forghet all the problems that i have.

  • yes i must work more to achieve a full power of my voice, but since i began there is  one week i feel an elasticity and a releasing of my voice. i try to apply all that it said in the 1st , second and third dvd when i perform in public, and i manage better the notes in the bridges and more high too. But I can't do in this configuration all the time, my old habits come again. It's for that reason  that i must work all days more to have new habits and to know how apply all the time.
    and most of all, i know this program is the key !
    but i have a question:
    how much minutes per day do i have to work each exercise to have the feeling of a good and benefic training?
    how many repeats of "haaooaa", for example, 15, 30, 100?

  • for me singing is a kind of therapy…all the tensions, stress, and many other soucies disapear. it's a sort of well being! and when you manage to sing low, middle and high without forcing, it's the key! personnaly my favorite repertory is Stevie Wonder. And I would like to sing  easily like him, when he is in the high range and also in the bridges… in fact this is my real goal!
    and i'll get it! with the help of Per!
    When i perform and i see some people who appreciate what i do, in  my own scale, it's for me the main recompense. I feel a stuff like that when I listen Stevie Wonder or Pavarotti or David Phelps.  if I can bring  joy and entertainment at audience, I bring it for myself to!

  • I sing with my emotions most of the time. When I am sad I will sing to a more gentle song, when I am angry I will sing a tougher song, when happy I will sing just about anything, and when relaxed I will sing softer songs, and when joyful or excited I will sing fun catchy songs!
    Sometimes I just like to sing with friends when we have spend the night parties or are just visiting each other. It's a great way to have fun no matter how we sound (though it would be nice to sound good).
    Other times, I just sing with what ever is on the radio. I know the lyrics to almost every country song played on 94.9 the Bull, Kicks 101.5, and 92.1 the River. I am big country fan, though I do sometimes like to sing pop and a select few hip-hop. I also really like the Elvish songs from Lord of the Rings, it would be nice to be able to sing those!

    The big reason I would like to be able to sing better though is to inspire others, and i don't mean big crowds with jumpy, fun songs, I mean those close to me when they're feeling down or upset about something. I want to be able to sing and lift them up. I have always liked the truly inspirational songs such as 'Hero' by Mariah Carey. I want to be able to send messages like that, not so much through my words, but through my voice.

  • singing… means everything to me without it i would be…gutted lol and i wouldnt have anything to do or be.
    and im sure you agree. 🙂 that rhymes lol

  • When I sing, I have fun, and I want to improve my voice because I love singing, and I want to sing for people the very best I can. I even write my own songs!

  • I think singing is how to express our heart. when I fell happy or fell sad, I use to express it by singing one or more songs. when I was singing a song, I fell fulfil with the awesome power to encounter many problems. I want to be a great singer, so I need a great teacher to give me more. practice everyday make my voice become greater and greater. I also spend my time to watch video about singing, my be in youtube or other link.

  • At 64 I have completed the traditional business success story.  Now I am looking for something that stimulates me spiritually, emotionally, and personally.
    I have been told all of my life that I had a good voice.  Now I wish to do something with it!  I just need help in developing what God has given me!

  • i love to sing for many reasons but the number 1 reason is it makes me feel special and it helps me express myself

  • To me singing is a wonderful instrument that god gave us other than the rest. I want to learn how to sing because its a natural voice. I want to achieve my natural voice. Well I sincerely hope you can help, I have been playing guitar and I can write guitar parts but I wish I could sing, I can here how well I can compose songs. Well those are the reasons I want to sing.

  • Singing is like a voice within you, that can speak for you to others without holding back fear.Singing is like your captivating emotions that are hard to find. Singing is a talent everyone has and singing is life. Without singing life would be challenging.

  • I sing because its fun and i love music. I like to sing because you can show your different emotions in a song. I want to improve my singing so i can be a singer one day.

  • Hi Per,
    I'm just getting into your site and offerings. Keep up the good work!
    I know everyone's singing journey is unique and different, but for me, this is a simple question. SINGING IS FREEDOM!
    Anthony Robbins, the worlds #1 peak performance coach tells us "What you focus on you're going to feel." When I stretch those pipes, I feel a freedom from all the stresses and worries of the world. Focusing on my singing in this way provides me with an unlimited sense of inner freedom, regardless of my external circumstances. 🙂

  • Dear Per,
    Hopefully the Sing With Freedom DVD's will help me sing again after falling and hitting my throat last april.  I finished DVD lesson #1 and found that your singing lessons should be very helpful.  I already have seen a Ear nose and throat specialist. a Laryngologist in Chicago and now will go to the voice institute, Dr. Bastian in Downers grove, Illinlois on August 16.  The Hoarsenes that you talked about is what I have when I try to sing in the higher voice range.  I have a few more days before I go on to DVD #2.  Anyway I'm happy that I discovered your web sight and maybe I'll be back to singing with freedom.   

  • I remember that when I was just a little girl (about 8 years old) , I would always sing out loud with my cousins who are my age now , and it was always a Selena song. We all loved singing along with the song and when it was done playing on the radio we would just sing it all over again with out the song. Then later on when we were about 10 years old, there was a new group of singers who had great songs and everything. There were 3 girls and 3 guys in that group. We all chose who was who since each of those singers and us had something in common, and the way we sang was similar to them. We always talked about becoming great singers, creating our own group, and becoming famous and rich. But we all just felt like if  that would never happen, we aren't too convinced/satisfied about our voices. We felt as if we were not even good enough to even sing in front of our parents. Ones I asked my mom about her opinion of my voice, I sang for her and she had told me that I was not really good at singing. So since that day I stopped singing, and practicing because it just brought me down.
     But now i'm 16, and my cousins and I are trying to become known. I've started writing poems for us to make it songs and try singing them so that we could some day become those famous girls we have been wanting to be. But we are just getting started.
    Singing for me is like letting out my feelings, I always write poems about things that goes on in my life or things that I remember and stuff and sing it out. Singing is like living (:
    I am trying to sing better and learn more about things I should know, that i don't even know now. I am trying to make my voice better, and make my wish come true.

  • I guess I would say that  I have sung since I'm a little girl because I love to, no matter how many times I've been hurt relative to it (thinking I wasn't good enough or when I got some criticism that dug deep) or thought I didn't really have the time to practice and so thought I should quit, and so on. But the truth is I find I can't stop singing. I sing (opera mainly) because it's such a deep part of me, I sing to express feelings I can't express in other ways, I sing because it gives others pleasure when they hear me, I sing because I love studying about the voice and how to sing beautifully, I sing to get attention and love and I sing to give love. It's been a mystery my whole life, to be honest.  I think it doesn't really matter why I sing, like it doesn't matter why I breathe or take in food. It's just necessary in my case.

  • Singing not only makes me feel happy but it has made other people around me happy to in different ways.  I play guitar but lately I have practised so much that I have damaged my index finger.  It is now swollen and sore and so while I am out of guitar playing for a while, I'll concentrate on my singing.  I wrote a song recently and I love to sing it.  I am looking forward to getting my guitar finger back.

  • i'm very interested to inprove my voice ,i had surgery  4 years ago and they put a ttrac in my neck and i can't hit one note very well so i need to learn how to excersise and get things back to normal and learn more about singing and i was wondering if it's 79.00 every time i order new disc's

  • I sang about 10 years in the opera (bari-tenor) in the 70's, one time I had to sing the Parsifal of Wagner because the first tenor was ill, and the audience liked it . In 1982 I get married and didn't work at the opera anymore but a few years ago (after my divorce) some people asked me "zum Vorsingen" in Bayreuth.  I couldn't do it because some time later I had problems with my throat, such a shame

  • mr. bristow i love singing because from the time i known myself im always singing.and i would like to sing better and i think after listening to you i think you can help me do better and  i thank you god bless    g.d. s..

  • im in a band im not a vocalist but i play guitar and i want to make my own music and i find melody for my music and when i sing i dont distored but i dont like my voise and i whish to improvise more .

  • ive been singing almost all my life,ive noticed as im getting older,my voice is not like it use to be.i want to learn to control my voice and it be more clear,without my voice breaking

  • I love to sing,and it seen to touch other people when ever I  do. But lately since I have gotten older, my voice crackes and I can't hold my tone to long. And my breath has gotten shorter and etc. But there is still this longing inside of me. I use to sing alots in church and I love it very much I will contact you as soon as I can about your method.

  • I often say I came out of the whomb singing.  It is just something I need to do.  It keeps me sane.  I wish I had been able to have some musical training when I was young. My outlet is my church choir where I feel much joy when I sing.  I have been asked to join other groups too which is a great ego booster if nothing else.  I am 71 and just now learning how to use my voice.  I am so glad to have found your site.  You are very encouraging and I thank you for that.  Peg

  • I love singing and I would like to bless the heart of peaple especially those in school. Itend to get nervous during delivery and as a result it is not effective. how can i overcome this monster

  • I love singing, even though I'm not really exceptionally good at it. I guess you could say I'm "all right." But to be able to inspire people and let emotion flow through my voice is a dream of mine. I've never been trained properly in singing, and I've only had one short solo I remember doing, but if my voice could be improved to where I could sing in front of my church, that would be like a dream come true. It would be amazing to inspire others and worship God with a beautiful voice. I just haven't discovered it yet, but I'm hoping this program will help.

  • Hi Per,
    I purchased the four DVD 'Sing With Freedom' course back in April. I think the biggest thing it has given me is confidence. I thought that if I could sit in front of the computer or tv making wierd noises & faces, then why can't I sing normally elsewhere?
    I belong to a local choir called the Can't Sing ? Choir. That little '?' is very important because it is saying, 'so you think you can't sing, well come along & try, you'll be surprised!' I wouldn't call myself a brilliant singer, but I can blend in with the choir without any problems. However, after going through your course, I began to feel a whole lot braver & in July I performed a comedy duet with another choir member at our charity concert. We did 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better' & it went down a storm. I am 67 years old & have never done anything like this in my life before, so felt it was quite an achievement. We are now rehearsing our next comedy duet!!!
    Why do I sing? Well I've always loved music of all genre, but when I sing it makes me feel good in every way. I would like to sing even better so that I can share the joy of singing with more people & maybe make them feel better too. It is hard to put into words just how good singing is, even if you think you can't!
    All I can say is thank you Per, you've changed my life more than you could imagine.

  • As a child…singing was an outlet for me…it takes me to places…it makes me happy…it takes away the stress. If I am depressed and I want to leave this environment…singing can take me into another environment where I feel wanted and comfortable…I feel like I am in "Golliver Travels"….I enter into different places that is comfortable for me…these places are always places that I definately want to be at all times…so singing is an outlet that takes me to different travels…and it is free…I never have to pay for it:-)

  • Singing is my freedom…and huge excursion…I like to sing since I was child and even if I am in bad mud I like to sing…this is way to communicate with others well this is my deep inside and that is me… 

  • It is, even more so than speaking, the ultimate way of expressing emotions……..emotions that sometimes cannot be expressed in any other form.  Women wailing at the death of a child; men crying out at the horrors of war; a young child hop-scotching to a nursery rhyme, all of these need no elaboration.  Nor description.  And it does not take a great voice to be expressive.
    As a performer I usually warm up by singing anything that captures the mood of the piece I will be performing.  Or I will vocalize using darker tones or singing in a minor key.
    Peope too often equate singing with a polished voice.  That would rule out Jimmy Durante.  Billie Holiday.  Walter Huston.  Louis Armstrong.  My point is that if one can express themselves emotionally with their speaking voice they can do so with their singing voice.
    And it is why everybody singing in the shower – not performing (lol) – has a great singing voice.  Your job is to help take those roadblocks away from the person so that they're simply singing in the shower.

  • singing means a lot to me
    it means you can exspress your voice and whenever you feel down singing cheers you up,also it lets all your anger out ,howether it really relaxsis you so much:)

  • Singing means alot to me. For example, when i'm happy or sad, i  love singing,to expressed my feeling and my voice also.

  • singing is happines it keep me happy all the time,it is somuch fun,,cause when i sing i feel great,singing means alot of things to me,singing always got a signification like talking to someone or message for something 

  • Type your comment here…
    Music is essential in my life…My mother was a lyric soprano but I don´t have any voice at all, which doesn´t prevent me from singing from my heart… I admit this study would help me greatly, but unfortunately I cannot devote to it now.
    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement and this opportunity.
    God speed
    lucia kahn, argentina

  • singing means everything to me. without singing i dont know what i would do. im not a perfessional singer or anything but that just make it so much better to me.
    i want to be able to sing in front of people without being nervous and my voice cracking. i want to share my voice with everyone not only relatives. thats why im here.

  • I entertain in various shows from cowboy poetry/music festivals, 1-hour variety shows performed in various places, and have recently become a member and lead singer of a newly formed band.  I am a young 60-year-old, and am excited and happy with where my entertaining opportunities are taking me.  I want to be the best I can possibly be in what I do. I want to improve my singing skills, not only for my own happiness, but to give the best I can to the members of my band as well as to any audience I have the honor of singing for.  Type your comment here…

  • I am 60 years old and I have sung since I was a very little girl. Singing was my whole life. I worked on improving and performed on stage many times over many years. My mother and father were my inspiration and teachers. Both have now gone and I have lost some confidence in my ability and it has caused me much anguish.My hope for The Bristow Voice Method is that I can return to singing and feeling how I used to.

  • singin means everything to me..i love it, it makes me happy when i´m feeling down, or just makes me smile, when i have a headache and i sing my head instantly stops hurting 🙂 .. singing is the most amazing activity, it allows us to express our feelings easier and say everything we want to trough a song. i think that even people that can't sing should do it as well, because it helps to forget about the problems and just concentrate in something beautiful as music!

  • I am 50 and started the Singing Zone on Feb. 28, 2011.  Singing makes me feel alive and wonderful.  I had been very depressed prior to finding The Singing Zone and now I feel energized, happy, and feel wonderful all the time.  I hear the improvement in my voice literally EVERY DAY! I get comments about how great and what a unique voice I have.  My mother-in-law didn't think I could sing (and she was right) until I started The Singing Zone and now she is my biggest fan!  She asks me to bring my guitar over to sing for her.  Four months ago when I started the Singing Zone the comments started out as you sound good to now you sound awesome.  Unsolicited comments.  The Singing Zone took me to a level I never would have attained on my own.  It's worth every penny!  I feel awesome inside and free. Even more so now when I sing.  I still have a way to go, but look forward to practicing every day. At open mic people come up to me and say they have heard me improve over the past four months and that I sound awesome.    My range has increased every week! Thank you Per!  Thank you The Singing Zone!

  • Since my childhood I have been singing. I had the inborn instict in me to sing, non stop, whatever I was doing. I remember my mother asking me whether I was singing or doin my maths when I was in school. That singing instinct was encouraged by my mother and she used to get teachers from far off places (as my father was always in village (but posh) areas as he was the chief Engineer for Big Sugar factories. I used to go to nearby towns to attend my schooling and in the evenings my music teacher used to come home to give music lessons. I learned Indian classical music (South Indian music called Carnatic music) which is very intricate and complex with very many ragas or tunes and equally complicated system of  talas (which means rhythm). There are many compositions and I used to learn with lot of interest. I never stopped learning music inspite of my academic career. Now I am a Professor in Psychology with a PhD in Psychology, teaching at Andhra University. Due to my ardent interest in Music I had the good fortune of serving the Music department in the same University for over 12 years and during this time I was able to write, submit and procure an additional Ph D in Music, my favourite subject from Andhra University. I will be 60 by this December, 2011. I have been giving music concerts apart fromy teaching Psychology to the post graduate students. I wish to continue giving music concerts and teach music after my retirement this December.  I always wanted a good voice. People do appreciate my voice when I sing. Yet I want to have good voice and a higher range when I sing. Carnatic music requires good memory to remember so many compositions and expertise in many ragas, which may be in hundreds and thousands. I, therefore, wish to get any tips to help me to continue my singing, from good to better to the best possible way.
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share myself  with those of you who happen to read this brief note.

  • I recently discovered that singing is without a doubt my One true passion, It has brought life back into my weary soul and I literally feel like ive been born again. I would like very much to continue on the road of progression so that one day I may Live my dreams of pf spreading my happiness and of becoming a world class entertainer.

  • singing is like breathing to me.
    i am not only saying it helps me express myself or feel better that is true but not generally does that.but i got a big,huge, enormous need to sing while i hear a song,or whenever i got the chance to sing,actually.
    im not realy sure why…my parents never understood…some friends encouraged me a bit to sing a lil louder,said i sounded good.some friends wrote some songs for me.that moved me,they said i had the perfect voice for that.but i was always way too shy to go for it, u know…too shy to try to sing with them, or show them what i think i can do.i m always afraid they'll make me see i m not as good as i think i am. that would kill me….but deep inside all i wanted to do with my life was to sing.not in the shower not while cooking…i want to sing in front of people i want them to want to hear my know i m good….singing is all i want to do with my life…..

  • When I was a young boy my mother would sing while she cooked supper for our family.  I was always amazed not just at her voice but that she knew all the words to so many songs.  I wanted to be that kind of singer… one that didn’t need to read music from a sheet to make it happen.  So that’s what I’ve become.  I hear a song that I like and I download the song, print the lyrics and practice it until I can sing it and know it by heart.  Not just the words but the timing, the melody, when to pause, when to hit it hard and when to be soft.  I make it a part of me and let it seep into my soul.  Then I make it mine and when I sing it, it comes out me.  I love the feeling of singing in front of the crowd when you can tell they are enjoying what they hear.  I have also written several songs of my own and challenge myself to make each one sound different.  I can’t read sheet music and I don’t play an instrument other than the drums… so I only know how my songs should sound when I sing them.  I want to use The Singing Zone to help me write the notes to my songs so I can share them with my band and we can quit being just another cover band.  If I can share what I’m feeling with my words and their notes with my band mates then I think we could make even more great music together.  Then we could share it with others and hopefully make them feel as good about hearing it as we would by playing it.  Music is all about soul and feelings and emotions, you have to project that to your audience.  I want to take these lessons to improve my range and be able to sign a wider variety of music and do it well. I’m looking forward to getting started. 
    P.S.  I have a sister that sigs in a band also.  We are going to try this together and use each other for support.

  • I have always been associated with music and singing. I started off at the age of six years learning a brass instrument in the Salvation Army. I became quite a good brass player, but, as a teenager, I fell deeply in love with the woodwind family of instruments, having studied clarinet at the Qld. Conservatorium of music, I became a proficient professional musician on clarinet, saxophone and flute. In my mid twenties, I became a professional music teacher of these and associated instruments of the woodwind family as well as a brass instrument teacher in schools etc. Apart from singing in the songsters of the Salvation Army here in Brisbane I also sang in my dance bands and such, but I always had to pick or transpose the keys because I never had a very big range. I am now retired (in my sixties) and found that I miss my music very much, so I decided to try out for The Queensland Choir, which I was so happy to have gotten into. However, I find that my range holds me back a lot (I am a Tenor) and I also find that I am behind the "eight ball" compared to other tenors and other singers in the choir. It was whilst I was browsing for classical music (which is pretty well mostly what the choir sings), that I came across the singing zone. I have not bought into it yet, because, being from the öld school"of thinking, I am hesitant mainly because it sounds too good to be true. That amount of money to start off ($147) is a lot of money to a pensioner and I worry that it might be spent without gain. I am sorry that I am being too honest here, but that is the way I am (Straight-forward). However, the more I read on the website, the more it seems to be related to a lecture I heard at the Qld. Conservatorium of Music.Something keeps telling me to keep coming back to it for some reason or other. I have read everything on the website that is possible to read and all I need now is the courage to take that next step and sign up. Somehow it seems to ring true to me, but I have been caught out on the internet a few times so I guess it just worries me that I might lose money. I will certainly let everyone know if I pluck up the courage to give it a try or not as I really would love to be able to give a much better contribution to The Queensland Choir.

  • I sing because I love the feeling of it, it makes me feel special, even though I know that millions, if not billions can do it ten times better. It's my way of being heard, when I speak  like I talk very fast and people don't like to listen to me, but I just want to be heard. It's my escape that no one can take from me without a ruthless fight. 
    I don't want to outshine anyone but I just want to feel good about myself, and I want the spotlight to shine on me for a change. I'm known as an artist, not in music but in like painting and drawing. But music is what I really love to do, I never get tired of it. And in music people don't really know that I like to sing, because I play guitar and all. 
    But overall my own point is, that I want to be heard, by people who aren't willing to listen and almost force them to hear me, because I'm tired of living in the shadows. 

  • Singing is a way to express yourself, to show emotions and to just bring joy to all people in the world. Not only can it light up your soul in times of sorrow or defeat, but can just be fun and lift you upon you feet. It does not matter what of your voice, but how you present it. Those who are willing try, are the ones who will succeed.

  • I sing because singing lifts up my spirits. I’m in a better mood if I sing. Singing affects me positively in my daily life. I teach a school choir but only on the SATB aspect and not on the quality of the voice. I would like to learn how to enhance one’s voice so I could impart to my students how to have a dynamic, resonant voice. Basically, I teach because I want to serve the Lord in the best way that I can and also pass on to my students the proper way of singing and serving the Lord. My students have gone a long way since I took over the school choir almost four years ago but I know that they still have a long way to go. We recently joined a chorale competition and it was such a humbling experience going way out with some of the best school choirs within our area. Most of the choirs have really resonant, dynamic, powerful voices. We were awed by the power and clarity of their voices. I just wish I could learn a few tricks or methods on how to have such brilliant voices. However, our school isn’t affluent since it has a majority, less fortunate students and cannot afford the services of a conservatory of music teacher or a voice coach. I just accompany (piano) the choir in their singing and I have no formal education in music and playing the piano. What I have is just a God-given talent to play the piano. I learned to play the piano by myself, no formal training whatsoever. I am now slowly learning on how to read notes and i know that I also have a long way to go. I’m also financially unstable and much as I’d like to support the school choir financially, I’m unable to do so. I also belong to a church choir where I also play the piano. I really would like to enhance my voice and my student’s voices so that they may have greater confidence in themselves an singing which also radiates in their daily personal lives! Thank you so much Per Bristow for all the articles and tips. You’re God-sent.

  • I began to sing when I was 7, (now I am 57) at a school choir, and since then I am always singing, in a choir, or solo, classical music or jazz . It’s a family tradition. My father had an excellent voice, I heard his singing since the moment I was birth. It even irritated me a little. As well as my son asked me not to sing when he was a teenager. Now he also sings. Well, what is singing for me? I would say freedom. When I sing I do not belong to the Earth, I feel as if I am in Heaven, then I do not see, hear, notice anything and anybody. It is such an enjoyable feeling, especially when those who listen to you, or have to hear, enjoy themselves, too. Unfortunately some problems have appeared with years. It would be great if the excersises could help. Thank you.

  • When I use to sing it would make me feel happy, it was may way of expressing myself when I couldn’t put words with how iI was feeling. It would make me feel good when
    others would tell me they enjoyed listening to me sing . I
    haven’t sang for quite a few years because my voice goes
    horse when I do, but I can still hum which I do every day.

  • Since I’m eleven, I want to start singing better. Why? Because it’s so fun and insparational:) I would be no where close to who I am today without music:)

  • To me, singing is something that I’ve always done. Growing up I wanted to be the next Britney Spears! Haha! But, I never really persued actually singing in front of people until recently. I did drama and was a cheerleader all thru high school so I got my performing fix that way. But, I went to an audition a few weeks back and when I was singing I thought to myself this is what I’m meant to do! I had so much fun! Performing is just in my blood and I hope this program will help make my voice stronger and improve my range.

  • I love singing . singing is my favourite hobby , is a part of my life . It makes my life became perfect . I hope I can be a singer , but I am just 12 years old and I want to be a doctor ,too . Also , my mother dont want me to be a singer . I am sad about that . I dream to perform on the stage. I dream to join british got talent although I live in Hong Kong because I love English songs and I want to be a singer in west country . So, singing is also my dream . I will try my best to sing . I spend hours to sing every day . It is very very important to me , I cant live without singing. It is my life .

  • I am sixty nine. MALE. also I am Welsh, I am member of Cwmbran Male Choir,,I live in Wales needles to say, I Sing Second Tenor, sing everthing, ( except rap) any help would be welome, Colin

  • Starting back when I was a child, people, including family, have always laughed at my singing and commented about how poorly I sing. Yet, singing has always been important to me in private. Now that I’m 65 I have stepped out on faith and joined a church choir. I certainly need to get my confidence built up!

  • I have been singing since I began to talk. I was singing solos when I was 5 years old. I continued singing solos until I was 50 years old. Now I am 71 and I sing around the house, but I still love it. It frees my soul, makes my heart take flight. When I will still singing publicly there were many times that I was ask if I were a professional.
    All I can say, if you love to sing and are willing to work hard at it, keep trying until you succeed at becoming well known. It will give you joy for the rest of your life.

  • i love singing my family hav a history of great singing. it means the world to me. i want to know i am not the odd one. music makes me ssooo happy but gods knows i want even more to create a song myself and sing it my self to me happy with my own music. i cant go with out music. life will be a living h for me if i did not have music i have 167 songs on pc 290 on mp3 304 on fhone and all diffrent songs some as old as my mom. or even older lol but yea. :))

  • Ever since i was a baby all ever wanted to do was sing i always wanted to be a singer my whole life i love singing from the heart not the voice

  • i love singing it lift up my soul it makes mi happy but i also like to sing at church and i would like to sing better and have confidence wend i sing at church, i never have singing lessons or some one to tell mi how,all i now is that i like singing,and to have someone to tell mi how will be so goood

  • Ever since i know my self, singing has been a part of my life and not singing any thing than the word that glorify God.

    Thank you so much for your web site, i really grab too many things to move on singing unto the lord.

  • I love to sing, even if i don’t do it that well it’s just something that kind of comes natural for me. If I am in the shower, I sing. If I am somewhere by myself, I sing. I just let loose what I am feeling and sing, sing, sing.

  • I just don’t have the money to spend on something like this right now – no matter how much I want it. Wish it was different, believe me, but just can’t afford it.

  • My voice has became raspy and I have a lot of drainage that hinders me singing. What can be done about this. I love to sing but my voice just isn’t what it used to be. Help.

  • I am 70 and I love to sing I need to learn voice control I sing bass and tennor. I sing in church Choir I even have sang solo several times years ago I have sang on satlight star seek when i was younger but some were i have lost my courage or selfesteam or nerve to sing solo I guess because i have no voice control and i Love singing its in my blood I love southern Gospel and country music. when i here music i love, I want to sing along. if I had had the opertunity to have learned music and how to reed music and had the money I would have learned. but know that i am up in age I have no confidence in my self i can sing in a group harmony and that sort of stuff but no solo i don’t have much money I barly make it now that i am retired and on a fixed incom . I whish that there was some one like you years ago to help teach us god bless every one.

  • I love singing….. It is already part of my life..
    When God found me by his Grace, I became involved in a lot of singing especially with christian songs. As I listened to music, I came to realize that I love it and I want to be part of it. God is wonderful. Through Him, I learned to sing and discovered my hidden talents. I want to worship God through singing and lead people to worship God as much as I do. So that is why I have this eagerness to improve singing.

  • I always wanted to be able to sing like some good singers, because it erases sadness in my life – when I am singing. Now, I am 68 years old, in the twilight of my life, but still that desire had never left me. Often when I am driving with my wife, I would sing to her a few lines of the song: “Through the years”, sang my Kenny Rogers. And my wife would just sit there beside me in total silence. I dreamed that someday I would be able to sing that song in one of our wedding anniversary. Singing to someone you love is like giving a tribute to that love you have for that someone.

  • I am 46 years old, and singing and music has been part of my life since, most likely, the day I was born. My mother loves music, and my uncle is a musician. As far back as I can remember, my mother had music playing in our house, and at every family gathering, my uncle brought out his guitar and we’d all sing a variety of songs.

    I have always had natural ability, and have an uncanny ability to memorize lyrics with very little effort, but the thing I like best about singing is the ability to lead people on a journey. That journey might lead the listener from a painful broken place into a place of strength, determination, and victory, or maybe into the very presence of God! There is no limit to the stories that can be told, or the healing that can be experienced!

    Yes…healing! Music can be transformative! It can uplift a person’s spirit when they are down; it can promote healing of emotional and/or mental anguish; it can bring joy and encouragement at just the right moment… Haven’t you ever heard just the right song at just the right moment? Didn’t you feel better? Didn’t you feel, maybe, not so alone in your struggles? Music is an amazing gift, and I want to be able to perfect the gift I have been given, so that I can help others experience its amazing qualities!

    Not least of all, the Bible instructs me to “study to show myself approved,” and that is what I should do. It is a matter of good stewardship, actually – “To whom much has been given, much is required.” It is my responsibility to not only maintain, but to improve the talent God has given to me.

    I look forward to experiencing and experimenting with this method and seeing where it can take my voice!

  • Singing is my source of relief. it helps me calm down, it helps me release my fears, anxiety, trust or joy.I’ve been around music the most part of my life and literally have incorporated it into my everyday life.

  • I have song in choirs before but have never been a lead singer in the group due to my lack of confidence but I believe I have the ability with some voice training. I just returned from a boat cruise and on board they had Karaoke
    some nights and there was a fellow within our group who went up and did an excellent rendition of “My Way” with real confidence. I said to myself, I wish I had the talent and confidence as this fellow, maybe one day I could achieve this with a little practice and some professional training. We were all so proud to have someone from our group contribute to this show we all cheered him on.

  • Ilike to sing because I dont play an instrument.I love music so singing is another way to express my love of music.I do okay but theres much room for improvement.Iam a verbal person and like to connect with the music in a song. l like people and I think music is agreat way to connect.

  • hi! i am raheman i am 22 years old i from India i love sing but i want to do something special i love Hindi songs and i want to become a play back singer my wish is improve my vice and control the breath so please suggest me how can i do this all?

  • As an instrumental musician, I’ve always asserted that the communication is the thing with all art, and that expression is, and should be, my focus when performing. The instrument is an extension of me that I use to do that. Singing uses no external means, and is so direct that it can not help but to be the most impactful means, to my mind. So, I want to learn to use that instrument.

  • I love music and singing! As a song writer I really feel frustrated when my lack of ability makes it hard for me to sing my songs the way I hear it in my head! But,I have a passion for music and can’t live without it!!!

    So, I would like to be able to bless others with my singing and inspire them through my lyrics and music…..

  • I use to sing in the choir as well but nobody want me to sing solo and nobody notice my singing(even i sing from my heart still nobody will care about I sing, I do hope there will be some professional training given to me as well but this cost money.

  • I use to sing in the choir and have no chance to sing solo
    no matter how I sing still no body notice my singing, I do hope there will be some professional training given to me but this cost money

  • I love to sing. I sing on my church choir. It helps me express my inner feelings . However, I would like to be more confident in my readind and diction.

  • Just before discovering Per’s FANTASTIC voice training angle I hit on a very similar thing myself. He is 100% on the money with his approach and I would recommend it to anyone! Now I find singing to be a literally MYSTICAL experience beyond imagining

  • I can really identify with the comment by Robin on Sept. 28, 2011. I first realized I loved to sing when we were holding hands and singing Silent Night around a huge Christmas tree at the Conference Grounds in Seabeck, WA when I was in elementary school. I studied flute and saxaphone and a little piano in school. But my true love was singing. I began to explore this more when I discovered a guitar in the storage closet of the house I was rooming in while in college and taught myself to play. Now I could sing and accompany myself with the beautiful sounds of guitar and play the music I loved, the music I grew up listening to with my parents. For me, music has been a way to express myself. I have written a couple dozen songs too. But I thouroughly enjoy being able to recreate the beauty I hear in a beautiful song. Making others feel the emotion is a huge side benefit, such as when I sing for the congregation in church. I feel it was God who prompted me to develop my voice and use it, not letting the gift go by the wayside unused. I feel I should obey what I feel in my heart. Singing is a huge enrichment to my life. Freeing me and healing me (and others) and expressing my individuality, and strengthening me.

  • I just would like to compare learning methods I experienced and existing one.
    My singer time is over and I have no ambitious to return to it r as my health does not allow to do it in full force as I did in my best times.

  • To Par:
    Things are kind of ‘iffy’ right now with the economy (actually with me too). That is why you haven’t heard from me.

    I hope, in the future, to be able to take your course.

  • Unfortunately I dont hearing well as you speak because I just reading In the future when I am hearing well maybe I contact to you. I am learning Englihs yet. Thanks.

  • I always regretted in High School I didn’t pursue singing in the choir. I played sports, which I love to do, but I also love singing. I always loved to sing since I was 3 years old, I remember asking the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up,” and the first thing was singing over being a lawyer, doctor, or professional athlete. I love when someone comes up to me and says you sounded great, or how the lyrics or the melody gets inside me and I want to burst.
    So basically I sing wherever I can; in the car, shower, outside when I’m walking my dog, and karaoke bars. I tried out for American Idol 3 times and once I finished the 3rd audition they opt me out. The first time they through a song I didn’t know in and I butchered it, and the other two they had no comments.
    Each year I feel my voice is getting better with me singing all the time but after singing 2 day or 3 days I have a sore throat, I’m always pushing too hard to get the high notes or catch a breath or even running out of breathe.

  • music is an impact to many people life,specially in my life.through singing i have encounter to god.i got healing when one minister singing in church that why is an impact.i was singing when was still 7years old girl also leading school choir throughout my secondary school,we went alot of compition and win but now lost my cofidence singing miss beat,breaking up…..thank god for traning i have in the past last week……singing mean alot.

  • Hi, I’ve been singing for about ten years, half of that professionally and with little voice training. I’ve been quite inconsistent in my abilities because I didn’t realize quite how many factors can affect a persons ability to open up and ‘get out of our own way’. When I felt good I sang great, and the opposite was also true. As I’ve gotten to know myself on a deeper level and stopped depending on peoples reactions and (a few drinks) to dictate how I feel during a performance. Very freeing! I’m loving the Bristow voice training videos as they are helping me to relax in my life and be more consistent in all areas!
    Thank You Per, for caring enough to bring this to the world so affordably.

  • I am a lousy singer but that wouldn’t stop me from singing. I am 68 and sing often in karaoke lounges. Singing makes me free and happy.

  • Per, while I love to sing, not only for myself, but for others, I do not sing well. After listening to your FREE video I was very interested in your program. Sadly, due to these economic times I am unable to afford the program at this time.

  • I’m 41 and have been singing since I can remember. I am self taught and have learned things by listening to the advice of others. I see now that some of the advice was poor advice,
    I love to sing because I simply don’t know how NOT to sing. There is always a song in my heart and my performances get a lot of positive uplifting feeback.

    I love the fact that with my God given voice many people can be moved in a way nothing else ever could. Not by my own talent or ability but by God moving through me by the gifts He has allowed me to have while here.

    Music is the mortar of the soul…

  • I have always loved singing. I have sung solo’s and with my late husband in churches. Having just been through ten tough years when music and singing was missing in my life I am now fighting back and would like to be a gospel singer or or even take it further if I can. As a young woman I tore my eardrums and have lost hearing of certain soundsHowever, I can still hear myself in my head and had to sing trusting that. Singing and Art have been the things I was always best at but my parents could not see these as being viable options of work. I am now 62 and really would like to be able to do something well. I too wish that I could have had some voice training years ago. Thank you for this service.

  • I cant sing but would like to be able to, i was refused into the school choir, i am now in my 40’s and would love to be able to hold a note!!

    Am I beyond help!

  • I am 74 years old and all my life I loved to sing. I have always sung in groups and sometimes in choirs and even once I got up enough courage to sing a duet. But I always felt my singing ability was very low and that always affected my confidence to ever try anything beyond what I mentioned here. Now I find it even more difficult to sing because my voice just does not stand up. I get hoarse and my voice cracks and just completely flounders when I try to sing. So I have told myself that lessons or training couldn’t possibly do anything for me now, and that I have now reached the point of no return. But if I ever had the chance I would be willing to try it and find out the real truth.

  • I am 74 years old and all my life I loved to sing. It gives me great joy and peace. I have always sung in groups and sometimes in choirs and even once I got up enough courage to sing a duet. But I always felt my singing ability was very low and that always affected my confidence to ever try anything beyond what I mentioned here. Now I find it even more difficult to sing because my voice just does not stand up. I get hoarse and my voice cracks and just completely flounders when I try to sing. So I have told myself that lessons or training couldn’t possibly do anything for me now, and that I have now reached the point of no return. But if I ever had the chance I would be willing to try it and find out the real truth.

  • I love to sing simply because God cannot worship himself,so i want to worship him with that good melody and to lead people into worshiping him,i really love Jesus that is why i wanted to really to know how to sing for him.Thank you so much for this opportunity of our reasons why do we want to sing.

  • Singing is everything to me. I have thought about other careers (nursing, sign language interpreter, teacher, etc.), but the career I keep coming back to is music. More accurately, singing. I have been singing since early elementary school. I taught myself how to play many instruments. It is harder for me to learn from books because of my blindness. I have some usable vision, but not enough to see a textbook that is sitting on the music stand of a piano or a stand alone music stand for my guitar. I have to make the music very large on legal size paper. I have to have the music in landscape orientation and only about two lines per page for it to be large enough to try to see. That really isn’t even large enough print for me. Well, I praise God with my singing. I make other people happy with my singing. I release tension and full myself with the Holy Spirit when I sing. I am in two choirs at this time. I would love to expand my range to be able to sing my soprano part more freely and easily. It would give me the confidence I need. I feel right now that everyone around me has a better voice than I. I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I feel the music from within me. It radiates from my soul and the music and my singing is what makes me who I am.

  • first of all, I would like to thank you for sending me a very good information to improve singing, so that I understand what really going on. After I sang in choir and in a old songs group, so I knew how really my voice is. I tried to improve it a little bit, but after awhile feel stuck, I coudn’t go further. So how happy I am hearing you about improving singing. I feel sorry that I am not in the circumstance to buy the DVD that you offer, although I do like to have it. But what you tell, has given me a n aim where I shoul go, if I will improve my voice. May be God will give me another way how i could fine it. Thank alot for your help. God bless you!

  • Singing means the world to me. I’ve been a singer all my life. I would like to perform again, but I need confidence in myself. Plus, I want to be able to reach the high notes again. I hope this course can help me.

  • I’m 72 years young and I’ve been singing all my life. I sang in choirs and in church and I sang professionally part time in my 20’s and 30’s. I’ve always had a great voice until about 15 years ago. I found out I had a hyatel hyernia (not sure of the spelling) which caused acid reflux and then I found out I had asthma. The inhalers I use dry out my throat so much sometimes I sound like a frog and my breathing is horrendous. I’ve worked as a receptionist for the last 15 years but my company closed a year ago so I haven’t been using my voice much. I try to give lectures but sometimes my voice closes up so bad I panic and I forget what I’m talking about. I do play keyboard in a band and when my voice allows I sing backup but that doesn’t happen often. I start coughing. I miss singing so much that sometimes I cry. Even talking on the phone is getting to be a problem. I miss my voice…….I’ve been to a throat doctor and there is nothing physically wrong with my throat. Singing lightens my heart…….

  • I love to sing because it brings out all of the emotions, like if you were sad, you would sing a sad song. Another reason is because it’s fun and enjoyable! My dream is to be a famous singer, and I hope that comes true one day.

  • I’m 12 and I sing because it’s the only way to boost my confidence: I sing when I’m in school, while doing my homework and using the computer. When I’m left alone and in company.
    I just sing…

  • Singing is… my everything. Without it I feel completely lost. And I would definately love to learn to sing better. A lot of people have told me to try out for American Idol this summer and I think I will but I want to try to improve by then. I sing country music but I mostly sing Trisha Yearwood. But as I was saying life without music is like… A married couple who don’t love each other… It just dosen’t work.

  • Singing to me is freedom and expressing myself in a way that I can’t just tell people. Singing brings a whole different side to the world that I want to be a part of.

  • Singing means what music means to me. Music is relaxation, it’s an outlet of both good and bad emotions. Whenever I feel down, I listen to music, because there’s always a song that fits the way I feel when words are hard to find. And when I’m in a mood of true happiness, music only enforces it.

    Singing is a way to express myself, how I really feel, what I really want to say. It is transfering my feelings into melodies and vice versa.
    When I sing, I can let go, I can express and I can overcome.
    The thought of producing a piece of music, or even just executing it by singing, in a way that can make others feel the way I do, is a highly satisfying thought.

  • I like to sing but it seem singing does not like and the cost to improve my voice is so high for a country like ours (Philippines) can you give us something affordable

  • I have almost physical need to sing. When i have a pause for more than a 3-4 days i feel like starving. Really!
    When I am singing I feel a beautiful flow going from my inside that consits of 2 components – physical vibrations of my body wich are pleasurable and other kind of vibrations – emotional or mental I dont know actually 🙂 But this flow makes me wider, broader and more alive.
    I am not looking for any special use of my singing but I love to sing for my friends and I need to sing my own songs, cause no one else would do it better than me, at least I havent met one yet 🙂
    When I started singing I couldnt sing at all, now I can say I can sing, not a pro, but I still work on it. Cause there’re more and more examples of beautiful voices on a singing scene.

  • Singing to me is my way to express my feelings, Its a way I can release my pain or sadness, And I just love it. Its somthing I’m doing since I was 3 years old. I wish I was able to sing but- too bad that money is the only thing that stops me from improving my voice and sing even better than I am now.

  • I’m actually a guitarist, and I’d like to sing along with my guitar. However, I can’t sing well so I’ve been hoping to find something that can help me. I’ve gone on several websites and asked my mom for lessons. However, nobody has time to send me or pick me up. ;c So I’m depending on the Internet and I was hoping this site would work.

    Music for me is an escape from reality, submerging from some heavy darkness. I listen to a lot of calm acoustic songs, all of them about love. The reason why almost all songs are about love is because love is what keeps the world going. So love, friends, food (Who doesn’t need food? D< LOL) and music is what keeps ME going.

    Listening to music is amazing. However, I want to make my own music as well. I want to send my OWN message(s) to the world. I think of myself as a talented writer, and I have several songs written. I have the chords. I have the melody. Yet I can't sing it well. I want to deliver my message with confidence. I want to be good. But I just don't know how. I'm starting to give up. But I'm not the type to give up easily, so I'll keep trying. But I've been trying for a while now, and I'm starting to lose hope. ;A; But I'm hoping that this site will help me. Hoping. Waiting.

    It's a terrible feeling to create something that you can't share.

  • My parents were in choirs and I followed in their footsteps. So I have been in school choirs, church choirs community choirs.
    I enjoyed going to the seniors homes for a Sunday after noons to lead them into the old hymns. Many of the residents would come alive when they heard the music. The joy and animation you see is very gratifying. After an absence of choirs for a number of years I have found the zest for singing again.

  • Misic is LIFE (good health). Ability to sing brings happiness: a happy mind is know to be a healthy mind. As prove by thinkers, “a smilling (being happy) indeed provoke soundness resulting from the ability of the body to secret medicine for treatment. Also, its a way of communicating unheard matters to outside…. I dread singing cos’ I got much to communicate!

  • Hi Per. My response to your question of what does singing mean to me is this.To me being able to sing is marvellous gift from God. I believe it is to be nurtured and used to glorify and give divine worship to Him. I sing solos occasionally, but am looking forward to being a part of a worship team in a nearby church. Your help would be of tremendous help. However I am not sure we are able to pay for this right now in Jamaica money is extremely hard to come by. But I will not give up. Let’s see if something can be worked out. Will keep in touch.

  • I hope this doesn’t get too long, but I’m going to use this to tell my story. I’m in my 40s and have always thought I couldn’t sing. I always sounded horrible. Well, about a year ago, my daughter started piano lessons. Since I was going to be waiting for her to finish her lessons, I decided to take voice lessons at the same time and find out once and for all if I could actually sing. In my first lesson, I could hold pitch on only 2 notes. I sounded bad, really bad. My voice teacher said if after 4 lessons I don’t show signs of improvement, I should just give it up. After those 4 lessons, she said I was good enough to join my Church choir. After 8 months, I had progressed enough to get a supproting role in a community theater production of Pirates of Penzance as a policeman. That experience has become my primary reason for singing. I was surprised because I had no stage fright even though it was the first stage performance of my life. Turns out, I love to sing and be on stage. When it was over, I felt like I had hit a plateu and needed something to jump start my singing. I came across your program and decided to purchase it. I haven’t received the DVDs yet, but I did watch the first video on your website. That video made me realize that I needed to pay closer attention to how it feels when I sing, in particular at the “breaks”. I have 2 break points, one low and one high and they have always caused me problems. I have a tendency to lose pitch arround those points (both around the two B-flat notes below middle C). Last night, I had another voice lesson and I focused on how I approach those points and tried not to struggle with them. This resulted in my holding pitch at those points and expanding my range to over 2 full octaves! I was stunned as was my voice teacher. She asked me how I did it and I explained to her what had learned from just the introductory video and that it felt different this time. She told me that whatever I was doing, keep it up. I’m eagerly looking forward to watching the DVDs when they arrive today. Thank you for allowing me to ramble here.

  • I’ve wachted a lot of movies, videos and listened a lot of songs and clips and got in a relationship with other people. while these things happen I always feel bad emotions when ı see the female singers. they can sing, they dans, actually they can do whatever they want in front of all that people’s look.they trust theirselfs. ı always knew that ı can sing betifull and ı’ve been singing since ı was ı little child but ı couldn’t get my unique voice. ı had a lot of hard times.and ı stop singing and playing. I was always thinking and trying to sing like the singers ı sing while ı was on the stage. I’ve started your lessons 2 years ago bu ı had the stop for all these reasons. now I can handle the other thigs but ı need your help about my voice. now ı can see clearly. when ı can “sing with freedom” without any bad thought I will past my blocks. I will be real me that alredy has to be. it’s not just about singing. IT’S ABOUT ME. and ı’ve chosen singing way that ı can do better the other things in life. and ı feel very good when ı sing and hear my voice. I want this last forever. so ı’ve started your lessons. and it’s going very well. I’ve just met wiht my vocal chords:) thank you a lot Per. your energy and you behaviour make me feel very safe and happy:)

    sorry about my english by the way:)

  • I adore music, anything to do with it, play c d’s constatly, dancing in most forms, but for the life of me I cant put a tune together. I’m not what you call a youngster any more, at 68 and having lost 2/3 of my right lung. I’m not going into medic al history here but this is a major concern because of the lack of breath for singing. I dont want to sing in front of thousands or even in front of friends, it would be just for me, my self esteem would prabably sore. If I could sing a song, keep on pitch, finish and not run out of breath I would be a very happy lady.

  • I like to sing cause well….I just do. It comes naturally to me. I have no idea on how my life would have been like if I never sang ! Also, what makes me continue to sing is that 1) Its a habit. 2) I love it when my friends sing along with me. And 3) I used to sing amazing when I was younger but now….it’s still pretty good but not AS good. In other words, I can’t live without singing and I have to achieve my old voice range back !

  • singing for me is a way of release. its always a way for me to say the things i cant actually express with words. its also my way to fly off the real world for a while.but then it recently became a thing that i wanna prove i can do…

    i hope to learn a hell lot from you..:)) thanks..:))

    <3 cathy

  • What singing means to me?
    The first word I would like to quote is that “Singing is my passion not profession”.I place myself in the lowermost step.
    Singing is my language to convey love and happiness.
    Singing is a platform where people unite together and share what they think about themselves.
    I have my Own ways of Yoga and Breathing practice which i do before I Sing and of course this brings down my fear and b.p. and I’m sure it keeps one in his/her cool sense.And much more……………….. i will tell you later

  • when i was younger i had an amazing voice..i joined my school choir and singing was my life then i went i left primary school i stopped singing so now i cant sing as good as i use to …i always wanted to get a voice trainer so could get back my ability an now i have found this site an i hope that it would help me tremendously.

  • What I think singing means to me is just having fun with it and making my voice sound better. I really love to sing my dream is to become a singer and being famous and having lots of fans that loves me for who I am. I also been singing since I was young. I have my Idols which is Mindless Behavior, Beyonce, The Cheetah Girls and Chris Brown and more. Thanks for asking me the question that affects my life in a good way.

  • What I think singing means to me is just having fun with it and making my voice sound better. I really love to sing my dream is to become a singer and being famous and having lots of fans that loves me for who I am. I also been singing since I was young. I have my Idols which is Mindless Behavior, Beyonce, The Cheetah Girls and Chris Brown and more. Thanks for asking me the question that affects my life in a good way. It also touch me soul.

  • Singing is the world to me. When am lonely and have no friends i only sing to my self. its my best friend, its were i go and express my self.People gets tired of hearing me sing everyday becuz its what i do everyday..i wil love to improve my singing because it donot feel right i can’t sing very loud,after singing for a long hour i get soar throat. am shy bt when ever i see an opportunity i run for it but am just afraid of how people wil judge me, ONE DAY IF GOD’S WILING want to be a star[singing] its not what my mom want for me but its wat i want dat will make me feel happy i am willing to do anything i am willing to learn , study, workhard am jus ready to start dats all

  • Each life is another story. I remember me walking down the street and singing a hymn i heard that day. I was six then. I thought there is nothing to be afraid of, and I didn’t want to wait to get home to let it out. Every moment is time for singing. And the meaning of it is brilliant. Latin used to say ”Nosce te ipsum” and singing is my way to do that. Now I’m 18, and I sing in a group and the songs we learn are not easy at all. I often sing in some manifestations, too. Although I sing every day, I know that I am not so free as I used to be when I was six, but there are still moments when I catch myself humming a song i heard earlier that day in the middle of the street, not paying attention to passers-by.

    And yes, I have watched your video, not only once. I think it’s amazing that you want to share your experiences. And I know that maybe in your country, the price for it is not big. But for the seven members family, in the country where I live, with very low standard of life, that is not reachable. And I’m not saying that just because of me, cause I’m sure there are many many persons in that kind of situation.

    Still i think your idea is great!
    All the best!

  • i love singing in my Worship Group in our local church in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain. My wife also sings in the same group. I am 78 and Hilary is 74, but our friends tell us that we both still have strong voices. We both sing for the glory of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. We both originate from Wales the Land of Song, so that could account for our singing ability. Hilary sings soprano and I sing second bass – from one end of the scale to the other. But we are never too old to learn and I believe that your methods of teaching will be a great help to us both.

    In view of the present economic climate, luxuries are out for the time being, but if things improve, I will certainly purchase one or more of your offers.

    Thanks for the free video.


    Gordon and Hilary Williams

  • i am18 years old and i like singing, more than anything. i am a student, but i can see that singing for me is more important than studying. because, though i am good in some subjects, i have a bad combination. so. it is only singing that would ensure my future. some of my friends and family members told me that my voice is good, which i believe myself. and i have always seen myself singing, whenever i am alone. and even while walking or cycling, because i like it and it means a lot to me. , but the thing is that i have never got the chance to focus and didn’t get any guide. and though i can now see this website, it is far beyond my reach, as it is not affordable and i don’t have the card (but i can pay for a single cd in cash). i only keep praying that this dream of mine would become true.

  • singing is were i express mi self when i was a baby mi father abanded me and today am strong because of singing.It has been 14 yrs of never knowing mi father and who he is!!!!!!!!! i knew i had a brother when i was 12 and when i knew that i jus wrote songs and cried. people told me i can sing and some just says no but i jus believe that they are jealous of me and what God give me

  • Singing. Truth be told, I’ve never really thought about what siniging means to me. It just naturally comes. When I’m down, I sing, when I’m happy, I sing, really siniging is just what I do everyday, even during exams I sing!
    Singing can tell many people things you wish to say but can’t convey it through sentences. Singing is just like speaking, but with more feel and emotion. I’ve always like singing, and like many others, I wish to be good at it. I want to tell people how I feel through music. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always aspired to be a singer. Even when my friends and family object to it, I still want to try. This proves alot doesn’t it? That singing is my passion, and being a singer is my dream. As what my teacher have told me: Find your passion, live your dream.

  • I love to sing but lack the tecniques, so loving it bis my main reason for wanting to improve. I dream of being a recording artiste as well. Thirdly I was inpired in 2008 to write songs for an album launch. I have written more than 30 already. I did’nt read other responses to know how to answer your question , so I can only hope that mine is one that u can appreciate.

  • To me singing is…. Well singing. It makes me happy. I can express how I feel when I am singing. Ex: when I’m sad I can sing a ballad and when I’m happy a pop song. It just makes me feel good. What doesn’t make me feel good is when everyone tells me to stop singing because I’m not good at it. That is why I watched the videos and am trying to improve my singing. Also, I love to act. Without singing, it is very hard to get a good part in a musical or theatre production

  • I will shrare my reason for singing. I recently suffered a massive stroke ,2005 part of my recovery strategy is to listen to my favorite songs and take my son to church.I found the music in the churches degrading due to loss of members.
    Lots of well meaning folks but not much talent or training.
    My son and I Listen to gosipal and country on Friday nights
    at a different church than ours. The Easter services are
    split between three local churches to give everone a chance to
    worshipin some way. The Vocals are pretty much one woman
    whom suffers from genetic hoarsness .My mom used to
    sing on the radio and has this same genetic defect.
    One of the musicians has a different but genetic problem
    also called atrial fib.I recently dicovered a mold may be
    causing this seratis marceneces.My stroke damaged
    40% of my right hemisphere due to this mold I am researching nerve growth and stimulation. Music works
    I walk talk and sing but have no rehabilitation funds left
    Sincerely Aron Combs
    stroke recoverer

  • singing makes me feel relaxing but i want to control how to take the breaths and sound good i want to know how to control my singing i want to sing from my stomacch not my throat and i want to sing loud i want to be like taylor swift

  • I have been a singer all of my life and have been blessed with a very nice voice. I have sung in choirs, solos, duets, trios, etc. and have sung for many weddings, funerals and have been a churh solist. However, in the past two years my voice has gotten very difficult. I used to have a very wide range and could sing all the high notes as well as down in the low notes. Now I can never sing in the low range. I can still hit the high notes but would be very shy about trying to sing a solo again and I miss it so. It was my gift from God and I feel I m lossing it.

  • To me, human voice is a great mystery. Could it be the soul trying to manifest itself?
    I am mesmerized by the voice of Bobby McFerrin, Irish singers and others.
    I don’t sing alone, as I don’t like the way my voice sounds, but I am happy to sing at every opportunity with others. While singing we interact at a deeper level and become closer to each other. It is a way to unite in a state of bliss.
    If I could really improve my voice, I would be a happier being, more relaxed, confident and fulfilled.
    I am 56, but I don’t care how old I am as long as I am able to learn and enjoy being alive.
    I live in a country with a low living standard, and the price is not affordable for me, but it is a great joy to know Per and his method exist helping people to approach their real self.

  • singing to me is how i show my love for God. i pray everyday that my voice would be used by God to reach through the peoples ears and down into their souls to fill them with the holy spirit and the love of Christ Jesus.

  • I sing because I love to hear and listen to nice tunes, and like to involve myself / take part in making good voice. I really sing when the words really meaningful to my situation or my life. I really sing to praise and pray to God, and to express myself. By singing I let out my joys and sorrows. By singing in a choir I can help my friends who are not familiar with musical notes, so we can together sing the right way, thys a better choir.
    I am interested to know your method and practice it. I am wondering how it works for people in a choir. Thank you for your very interesting and valuable explanation

  • I love singing and i m a professional singer. My life is really for singing only. I daily sing for God because i always use to sing Devotional songs. Really i m enjoying and giving life to songs which i sing. I cant stop singing till my death. I love music so much i had no words to say only I LOVE GOD & MUSIC forever forever . Daivasneham varnneecheedaan vaakkukal poraa nandhi cholli theerkkuvaneee jeevitham poraa, kashtappadin kaalangalin rakshikkunna snehamorthaal ethra sthuthichaalum mathivarumo…

    Sunitha India

  • Dear Mr Bristow, I love singing because when i sing i am then very happy, it seems to me that singing is an enjoyment of the soul if you wish, i can think of no greater feeling than when you are singing or listening to a song being sang, i am now 68 & no money to spend at this time, but when i have i shall most certainly be useing your services to see if you can help me become a better singer, i feel that my voice has improved with age & perhaps with some timely coaching from you i may yet become a singer & not an old man trying to sing badly, i do love country but also like most other kinds of music, i look forward to being in contact with you in the new year. Ps i live in france but am english Yours Faithfully Grinling Gibbons….

  • Hi Per,
    Im a woman in my mid fiftys. I have never sung, but I feel there is a singing voice trapped inside me somewhere.
    How can I get it out?
    But also, how can I find out if its really there.?
    Please help,
    Thank you kindly,


  • My voice seems to be trapped in my throat. I always could
    sing on key, however I can’t seem to do that anymore. I did
    enjoy singing at home, too. I could whistle also but I cannot
    do that either. I would be happy if my voice (talking) would come out normally. Thank you.

  • Per,
    I can say a whole lot of things about why i sing, ex: i started young, always sang, anywhere, everywhere, turned the radio on at work sang along without realizing, had everyone teasing me i loved it so much, when they past by the music box they would turn it down so i couldn’t hear it to tease me, when i was standing i danced along, as well as sang, but there is something strange that i have noticed, you know when the sky falls on your head and i’m at my lowest point, what a time to want to sing, it doesn’t make sense that that would be when i would want to sing, but it’s as though i’m saying to everyone, (because, i sometimes sang in the local bar) hey, look at me, don’t worry about me, i’m going to make it one more time! That’s what it does for me and that’s what i like about it.

  • Music is my world it keep me alive I breath it every second of the day and just cannot stop and I just want to get better and better

    Music is my life my soul

  • At age 16 I walked across in front of the Orange Blossom Chorus, a group of over 100 men who singing Barbershop Harmony. I came to a shoe squeaking halt, and was forever hooked! For years I sang in a chorus, and was able to match what the others around me were singing, and not know the music. I was one of the best leaners around. Then a friend encouraged me to try to sing in a quartet. I mean he REALLY encouraged me. Each week I was invited to his house where he brought other enthusiasts, and we began to sing together. (We once sang in a performance using his wife singing Tenor, and we called ourselves, “Three Hits and a Miss!”) but that’s a different story. With rubber legs, quaking voice and a great amount of fear, I finally agreed to sing in public and found that I loved the music so much that I didn’t care if there was anybody listening or not! Singing in a quartet leaves you no place to hide. We’d memorize our parts, throw away the music and listen to the chords. (That kind of singing will make a professional musician howl at the moon!) Once it became so much fun locking the chords together, and hearing the buzz that accompanies it, along with goose bumps that were standing up all over my body, I couldn’t get enough. You haven’t lived unless you have looked some lovely lady deep in her eyes and sung her a love song that almost made you cry! A little fruit of the vine helps with that as well. One night we got about 15 guys singing to a lady who had just broken up with her boyfriend. Tears dripped off her chin, Her mascara ran and every time we tried to stop, she would wail, “Nooooooooo! PLEEEEZZZZE DON’T STOP!” so we sang every song we knew, and then started over again till the bartender thru us out. There is also nothing that you will ever experience like standing in the middle of 6,000 men who all know the music and sing their hearts out! It is indescribable! Sadly, two of my quartet members died. We formed another quartet that had a blend that was supherb. People would stare intently to see who was singing what part. We’d be singing and rubbing the goose bumps away. Work demands caused that quartet to break up, and my health doesn’t permit standing for lengthy periods of time now. One never knows when there is nothing left – when you can’t look forward to hearing an overtone, or any tone at all because of age, infirmity, work and such. (An overtone occurs when you sing chords that are correctly sung, and you can hear 5 notes, and there are only 4 people singing! An Undertone can be sung as well, when a group of people are singing, and you hear a note that is an octive below the note the bass is singing. Talk about fun! Don’t give up SING!! There are barbershop singers all over the world. I heard a quartet from Russia, singing a song in English that the MC said they didn’t understand. What they could understand were the chords! And before I finish writing a book here, there are ladies who sing barbershop. Once you get over the grin when one of the ladies starts singing bass, you’ll like them as well as you like the men. Irving Berlin wrote a song the night his wife died called, “Last Night Was The End Of The World.” The last few bars, that we call a “Tag,” is enough to bring tears to just about anybody. If you can sing the lyrics to, “When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New,” and not have to stop because you are going to start sobbing, you are a better singer than I. We never could master that song, because one of us would start listening to the lyrics, and get so emotional that the song ended. Life is too short. Sing while you still can. We had people in their 80’s who helped, “Keep The Whole World Singing!” Geeze, I miss my quartet. I want to improve my voice, but now that I’m retired, I don’t know how I ever had time to work, much less sing. When you give yourself permission, you’ll be amazed at how much fun singing is, and you will be hooked for life….and THAT’s a GOOD thing.

    Best Regards,
    David Moseley

    THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  • When I sing I feel half fulfilled, and that is because I don’t feel I sing with my full potential. Sometimes though I reach a satisfactory threshold and thats when I feel awesome. However its temporary.

  • Well my friend, where do I begin? I sing for many reasons. My Momma was a singer. She always told me to remember that, “there is a difference between singing and screaming.”

    When I was little she would sit me in front of the record player and play her LPs (Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Hank Williams, Pedro Infante (Mexico’s Idol), etc. I fell in love with music.

    In High School I started playing acoustic guitar, and started writing songs during college. For many years I have been performing every chance I get, sometimes by myself, sometimes with other musicians. But I have recently had to begin focusing more and more on music.

    2009 was a year from hell for me! In January of that year I lost my wife (she told me she wanted a divorce). In March I lost my job when the Governator cut the Adult Education Budget (I had been teaching Musical Performance and T’ai Chi Ch’uan at Adult Ed. Schools and Senior Centers). Then, since I could no longer pay the mortgage, by December, 2009, I lost the house to foreclosure.

    So, since everything but Music and T’ai Chi Ch’uan got stripped away, I began focusing more on both. I’ve been writing lots of new songs, and singing live on radio shows, at the BART (Subway Station), and at Gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I want to improve my singing and record my songs. Unfortunately, cash flow is an issue, so I have been unable to get my songs recorded yet. As a single Dad with two teen-aged boys, most of my time is dedicated to keeping food on the table for them. But I have not given up! Where there is a will, there is a way.

  • I forgot to mention that I sing because it brings joy to the hearts of others, and to me. Music is Magic. Music is Medicine!

  • Why do you sing?..I love.. Why do you really sing?…It’s come in said.. What is it within you that happens when you sing?..Feel Free… Why do you want to sing better?..Every One Ask me to sing..every one love my voice…

  • I feel a deep urge to sing and music is going on in my head nearly all the time: I wake up with it in the morning, I sing when I do unpretentious things during the day, I sing when I walk on the streets or drive a bike, music comes to my dreams …
    And I have an admired soprano voice, but it would be of little use if I could not sing trustworthy and free. Alas, I had no oportunity to study music, I only got some private lessons as an adult, but my singing was not like feeling free. Then I came across your webpage and now I am actually getting better and better though I am not young any more.
    Your method is perfect Per !!!

  • I am singer- well, I was a prof. singer, from teeny years, till last year. Begun with “Beat”, went trough all style of music. At last I was musical star, sung allso in Operetas, even opera / kotra alto/ solist.
    My voice chords are very special, long and strong. Last outum, I became horse voice- there’s an nodulus on left side.
    Why? Because I sung even tenor’s part, next day mezzo sopran, or for my plesure in home studio, diferent style: from rock to clasic. Now I’m punished. I can hardly speak and in spring, next year, expect me surgery…Singing means to me way of life: I can scream out all dirt of this world, sadness, gladness….But now I’m mute like a fish in sea- very unhappy.
    Thank You, Maestro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Music lifts my spirit & sets me on a higher plane.
    I would like to be able to sing better so as to realize my dream of becoming an opera singer.

  • I am violinist! I have been playing violin 25 years.Music is so important in my life! I also like to sing,but my voice is not so great,like before,when i was little girl! Iwould like to improve my sining,and have such great voice like my violin has!thanks

  • sorry have been unable to go thru your videos but i shall be doing so in the n ext few days and shall contact you

    James James Bossino

  • Singing is an expression of oneself. It can help release inner thoughts through variations of tones. I have yet to commit myself, as I still lack confidence, but am still hopeful. Thanks!

  • Hi per, thank you for responding to my e-mail. SINGING to me is my inner self expressions, is what we go though in life. Through singing and music, i tell my stories. Per, singing lifts my spirits and makes me happy when i just sing out in my car,work, home, or at church..

  • Singing is my expression of myself. I had to quit singing for over 40 years because my voice would rasp and break from the buildup of phloem in my throat. This phloem was a result of dry air combined with second and third hand nicotine smoke I have since changed my lifestyle and am now on the uphill swing. I have started living in an atmosphere with humidity built into it, I live on a boat. I quit smoking myself in 1971 but was surrounded by nicotine smokers at work and play. I now shun nicotine smoke as it is a plague and I understand the damage it has done me all my 62 years. I missed singing for a big part of my life and want to make up time.

  • I have enjoyed singing until the last few years. In some ways I may have sung and got away with it because my voice was
    half decent. I had many voice lessons. But I just felt I wasn’t
    singing correctly. I would become hoarse after practicing. I
    knew something just wasn’t right. I would try this and that
    to rectify it. I had ear problems for awhile which didn’t help!
    However, now my range is small.. I attempt to sing higher
    but my throat tightens, and my jaw tightens. I have heard
    so many ways to breathe. So—I did enroll in your class, but
    I can’t log in. I have the 4 DVDS, which have helped. For the
    last few months I have paid $67.00. Please explain how
    the internet system works.I must have lost the directions
    somewhere along the line. i am 74 years of age. I hope
    this is not a problem Thanks, Elsie Lark

  • I sing all the time. I am hoping one day to record myown songs. Ever since I was a young girl, i have always dream of performing on a large stage. But dreaming isn’t enough. I also do not want to have my keys all over the place. Basically, I want to strenthten my vocal cords and muscles, to leaarn each techniques, to understand how to change various keys and feeling comfortable about doing so. As a result I could build on my confidence and br more outgoing. All the best.

  • I just sing for my own pleasure I have liked singing most of my life. I really don’t know if I sound good or bad when you listene to your own voice it’s hard to judge because I think everybody thinks they sound great. My type of music is met King Cole and his daughter eddyArnold some of Frank Sinatra and a few others. The question is on 13 December I turned 85 like you keep saying I would like to sing a little better. If you could send me in more detail what I have to do to sing better I would be interested. I noticed on one of your e-mails you have a discounted price I’m living on a small pension that’s why I’m hesitant to just jump into this

  • It elevates me … It touches my soul.

    Most important is to be in great shape overall … Mentally physically spiritually .

  • I sing because it is a way of communicating and expressing my-self. As a teenager I was very withdrawn, a real introvert. I wanted so much to be able to talk with others with ease and confidence, but instead due to my low self-esteem, fear, and insecurities I often found myself on the sidelines, holding back, time and time again feeling like I was forever on the outside looking inside.
    Singing gives me confidence, it lifts my spirit and it allows me to do the same for others. Through singing I get inspired to do and go places imaginable and by doing so I like to inspire, encourage and lift others as well. I feel at home, at ease with myself and with others. It is wonderful to be able to communicate my feelings, my thoughts, verbally, and it is great to sing to myself but singing in front of others and to know that I am positively impacting and influencing others takes it to a much infinite level.

  • I love country music and have done some, but have very hoars vioce, almost like alway something there that I have cough or clear my vioce, can I get my voise better , I am 79 yrs. old Would love to go to kareoka and do a sone .

  • I am 82 and I used to sing in clubs and parties when I was asked. and i was offerd jobs and so on . but i can not do it anymore. I love all the old country music songs and I would love to sing and play my guitar again I miss it so much .I would also be able to yodel again

  • i sing because it makes me really happy and sometimes it keeps my moods up (when i’m sad or when I’m happy). i want to sing better because 1- i love music and i love sing 2- i want express who i am through singing 3- i want to find confidence inside me and i think the way is- singing. (Also i want to sing for people i care for/ or worshiping God.) If i had a better/great voice in the future I’ll probably spend my days singing for people i really care about..And yes i’m
    disappointed with myself sometimes because i can’t sing or do anything/something properly- so i want prove to myself that I can do it too (confident).

  • I may not have tried the program before since i’m only 13 and my mom won’t let me get even a digital copy, but to answer your question, singing is my reason for being here. I keep on singing, even if others don’t like my voice, because my unique voice reminds me that I’m still me and I’m going to become different from the others someday. Singing is my LIFE and LIFELINE.


  • I cannot remember when I didn’t love to sing. As a baby, my mother always sung to us. I am number9 of 11 kids. Over the years, although I have always gone to voice class I was never satisfied with the quality of my voice. In Winnipeg, I never felt inadequate but when I go home to Trinidad and Tobago I will be so frustrated at the quality of my voice because I would attend the concert hall and the women’s voices would be so beautiful and the ranges so incredible that I would come back to Winnipeg and go to a different voice teacher, hoping that she would help me achieve that special quality in my voice. You can well imagine that the harder I tried the more my throat would close down. It was so frustrating. I have always sung to my children, and my special needs son loves to hear me sing and to sing with him. This is so important to me as it not only makes me very happy, helps my depression( I am on medication for Mental health) frankly, sometimes I am as crazy as a rabid skunk; but it is soothing for my special needs son. I was about to give up when I found darling loving, handsome, wonderful Per on the internet. I finally understood what I was doing wrong. Now I am practicing every day all the time.My dogs are so happy with me. I pant ,I bark, I howl they are so happy that I can communicate with them at their level. Thanks darling Per, you have saved my life!!!!LOVE YOU

  • Singing is a freedom to express so many emotions. Happiness,sadness,joy, excitement and even desire. For me to take an audience to a place of emotions you are singing and feel the room change is a feeling like no other.

  • A few years back I went through a 10 year period of time when I could not sing due to an illness that left me voiceless for awhile then for a period of several more years, unable to sing even one or two notes without coughing. Up to that point I had sung and directed choirs for nearly 35 years. During the last 5 years my voice has come back through the miracle of God’s healing power, and I can sing again but not with the range nor power I originally had. Through that experience I came to realize that singing is the voice of the soul.

  • for me singing means my life. Although i am not a professional singer, i cannot imagine a life without music around me. I am not good in philosophy to write about how important singing is, however it has also godly powers of healing people of their worries, pains etc.

  • singing means a lot to me, I used to sing in church a long time ago, but I don’t sing any more, however I will like to sing again, but I get the high notes, so I am thinking of gettingyour program.


  • I am a music minister, It is easer for me to preach the gospel in songs than i words. I feel so fulfilled when I sing but I av not been able to use my voice to the fulness of it capacity i know that i can do wonders with my voice but I need help.

  • I come from a family of 13 c
    hildren, I’m 3rd. to the youngest.
    Having a large family there wasn’t a lot we could do, but
    we could sing. My older sisters always sang beautifully,
    we younger sisters may not have been so good, but today
    we still sing for some churches. Are we ever perfect? No,
    I think we can all improve, and I want to be the best I can
    be.for the one who gave me a voice. I just don’t want to
    embarrass my sisters or myself. I have a daughter that
    was invited to sing with the Continental Singers, I’m not her calliibar, but wouldn’t it be nice to be satisfield just
    being me??????????????

  • I sing mostly to myself because it makes me feel good and makes me a happier person. I sang in high school choir and in church in my younger days. I stopped singing for a while while being in the military for over 20 years. Now I am involved in my church choir again. I want to sing in the church to inspire others to sing out in church and in so doing praise God Almighty.

  • I grew up being shy for most of my life, and although I enjoy singing, I am always hesitant in singing in front of people. I am musically inclined and have learned to play the guitar and often play along in private. I would like to keep improving my guitar playing and combine it with confident singing, so that I could entertain people. So far, I have written fifteen songs which I would to share with friends, relatives, and perhaps someday the world. Singing and music are very good for the soul.

  • Singing is an art to be improved upon; singing is one’s soul’s means of expression of feeling, of philosophy given the lyrics plus style: classical, popular, hymns to praise God, country, etc.
    Singing along with classical, popular, country, even rock’n roll singers as well as singing in church gives me pleasure and joy.
    Learning to sing well enough to sing for weddings (if I can keep from crying), ‘light’ concerts, i.e., some wholesome form of entertainment to earn additional income would be wonderful and is a goal of mine. (I have some other goals I’m working on as well.) Judi B. 2/3/12

  • I began singing popular music when I was about three years old. I never was a great singer, but I do love to sing. Then I learned how to play the piano, and then the violin, and then the clarinet, and the organ. I high school, I joined the chorus so I could sing. I became the choral accompanist. So I joined the Girls’ Ensemble, I became the accompanist. Then I was the first student ever to be allowed to accompany an All-County Chorus part of a concert. I began directing choir from watching and listening to other directors. And I’ve been directing a choir for 22 years successfully. True, it is a volunteer choir in a church, but we have a very good reputation in the city as well as the largest choir. I lost my voice to vocal node years ago, and became unable to sing in the upper range. I sing tenor with the men. I have begun getting some of my voice back but it cracks, squeaks, etc., and I
    sound like I’m doing falsetto. I can hear some head tone, but not much. It mostly comes from my throat. I have a very nasal sound, which I hate.

  • Singing sets my soul free. All very beautiful music does.
    That ‘s when I feel closest to God and his creation. I dream about singing beautifully for no other reason than that I love it.

  • I would like to improve my voice to sing at church. I am a christian and thats way I would like to improve my voice.

  • I have always sung very well, but in the last 2 years I have
    lost something. I use to sound like Loretta Lynn but now my voice won’t hit the high notes. I use to to play in church
    and would love to again. I cannot look at your video because my computer won’t download it. I’m getting another one soon. I play guitar, keyboard, and some french
    harp. It makes me feel so good to sing, it makes me feel
    alive. could you send me the offer on singing again? I
    deleted it. I think it said I could try it out first, and the program was about $200. dollars. is this correct? email me back please—-IN GOD’S LOVE—SHIRLEY G.


  • Well, I like to sing is because i can feel the spirits,happy enjoy singing. But,on the past, the bad thing is when i sing infront of many people, i easy to get lost even lost voice..
    I will try my best to do it. So, i try to go to KTV sing..practice and practice,but i can’t sing it louder..because it is on a ktv music are very loud.and I am standing in front of the screen but some people can’t hear clearly..what am i singing..
    When i sing i really feel release, happy and i want to share this happiness to others.

  • i love singing. Iget extremely nervous when singing for audience. My soul purprose in wanting to purchase your programme is to overcome my nerves. Is this course revelent to me?. Thanks Teresa

  • For me singing is the only way I can express what I really want to say: I believe if i am to hold a meeting in the ministry that i am in it would be ideal if I could sing what I wanted to get across to the audience. i am an usher and also a choir member, I would love to sing a song that will be able to touch the soul of individuals that listens

  • Daphne, Melbourne, Australia

    Singing for me has been a passion since childhood. A shy child, I forgot everything around me when I opened my mouth to sing and lost myself in the wonder and beauty of expressing my hidden emotions. So it was the torch singers and the blues singers and the love ballads that motivated me to sing with emotion, passion and soul.

  • Singing is for me the expression of a unique individual authenticity. Singing is the reflexion and expression of the soul emotion expressed. Singing as far as I’m concerned remains as of today a Dream but I intend to make someday hopefully soon that Dream become reality. The sounds emitted by the voice are as powerful as words. These sounds are the music of my being. Above all, singing is the expression of your inner deep true Love and when you posses a singing talent, it is and should be your responsibility to share it with whom you feel comfortable with.

  • as in the song by Harry Chapin, Mr. Tanner. Singing is my life not my livleyhood, “is in my heart and in my soul”. can’t say it better than that.

  • I enjoyed all the comments about why people like to sing. When i hear certain singers sing a particular song( usually it’s a romantic or sad song ) i get tears in my eyes, if it strikes me emotionally. I would like to affect people in the same way if i could rise to that level from the bottom where i am now. It is a wonderful thing to be able to bring out such strong emotions in a performance whether it be sports or any other endevour in life. Peace to all. Gene

  • Here is my answer to your Question.I have been singing from a very early age,coming from a family of musicians in Europe.(Germany.) Later I graduated from the music school
    l in Hannover. Soon after I emigrated to Canada,and having taught how to sing to many students and giving many recitals and workshops. Although I am 85 years old ,miraculously my voice still holds out. M.y much younger friend and student gave a very successful recital last fall and planning for the next one for the fall with R. Strauss and Hugo Wolff songs.The reason I was interested in your presentation was,that you did not give much emphasis to breathing and positioning of the larynx.But the main reason for writing to you is,that sometimes ,when I sing repeatedly high notes (from f to high C) ,I am a soprano, I get a terrible cramp in my throat and everything shuts down. It has never happened in a public performance,but in rehearsals.Since at my advanced age I am still asked for solos in concerts,etc. I think my techniques is good,but when these cramps occur,these ,I am helpless. That,s why I asked you whether I could only buy the disc on singing and sustaining the upper range,but that is not possible.For the whole set I don’t have the time or funds. Agnes

  • Mr.Bristow,
    I used to sing descant soprano part. however a few years later i got sick n lost my voice entirely for 2 weeks. Since then i haven’t been able to sing barely an alto part. every time I try to sing my voice cracks n breaks even on the lower notes is very frustrating. having been a smoker for many years I guess it is to late to do anything. Just browsing your website n dreaming I guess.

  • I lost my wife 7 years ago, nad i was getting depresed and then i suddenly started sining for no reason but it felt so good,Now i sing all the time at home or anywere else i even went back to church as i used to sing in the choiur It made me feel so happy. that i still do, bertie

  • What singing means to me is that I was always the shy kid in choir class scared to sing out loud because everyone around me sounded so good and I wanted a voice like that, but my teacher gave me advice about singing and that’s when it hit me so I started practicing singing like crazy everyday even if I was good I wanted to be better and now my voice is really improving thanks to The bristow voice method after taking his advice I sound alot better.

  • I’ve always loved singing ever since I was little. I’m not sure exactly why I love to do it. It might be because producing a beautiful sound makes me feel beautiful. 😛 I don’t really like singing in public, because I’m not that confident in myself, but when I sing in front of friends or family they always compliment me, and that makes me feel really good about myself. So, I’m hoping Per Bristow’s DVDs will help me improve so that I can be more confident in my voice. I’d love to sing on stage and have people cheer for me. I dream about that often, but right now I’m not confident enough to even consider singing publicly, especially when I listen to professional singers. Still, even if I never sing in public, I’ll never stop singing for myself or family/friends. I just love singing.

  • Singing means EVERYTHING to me. I have been singing before small congregations since age 5. Didn’t get the opportunity I needed to make it a career but I write my own songs with the hope that one day, if I cant do it myself, someone will take one of my songs and bless the world with it.
    Singing pulls on the me in me. In sad times, happy times or anytime, I just keep singing. Words are not enough to explain it. Singing comes from deep within the heart of my soul.

  • really have always wanted to shift the music i hear from the brain to the mouth and have only been able to do it in bits and parts not full songs……….. been told at times cruelly “you can t sing ” but i hear my self singing perfectly in my brain but have never been fuly able to sing it the way i have heard it in my mind … far have been able to sing to a degree but never near what i hear and it comes out different all the time ………..frustratingly yours for years


  • I started singing in church at the age of 16, my pastor’s wife at the time, called me up to the piano and asked me to sing a familiar song with her! I didn’t know I could sing, I never really thought much of it. Since then, singing means my way of expression! While I do prepare for when I am going to sing whether solo or in any size group, there is nothing like singing, it is like my second language, something so much a part of me, that I feel I would be so devasted without being able to sing!

  • i have been singing from age six ,singing in class for my friends. i love to sing it’s my way of expressing my self but having experience i still get nerves, sweating palm shaking knees . but i still continue singing for the lord by ministering to his people.

  • As a child growing up I always love to sing. I love to sing and worship God .Singing give me peace and joy when I am doing my household duties this help me accomplish my duties quickly.

  • Singing connects me with God,its an impression of my deepest way of comunicating with hidden past ore pressent feelings,timbre of love rhyme and melodie your voice-method-teaching is a real journey of healing.
    It is enable me to connect with others and sets me free,
    a few moments that leaves a feeling of bliss and a spirit
    of joy and health,renusaunce my soul.

  • i’m not into words so much as sound. making sound is really important, especially when i’m travelling alone in a car on a long drive. i like to make all sorts of sounds, high, low, in between – all to express my soul/heart. it feels beneficial, giving, clearing, soothing, divine, normal, commonsense, healing all at the same time.

    probably if i was honest with myself, i’d like to make a cd of sounds expressing the love and peace in my heart.

  • I’ve been losing my singing due to health reasons but am hoping that will change for the better at some point. Right now, the little I’m able to do is about expressing what’s inside (songs that I’m writing) and about keeping old traditional songs alive

  • I sing, have done so as a kid some decades ago and took it up again recently. Of cours age had somewhat diminished my voice but I am a determined soul even now. I restarted singing after learning the guitar and realised a song is not a song without lyrics and to my surprise the words came to me and I sang and played together. It took over a year to do it and the feelings I got when I produced a real good song is still with me. ther is nothing like comming off stage in a state of such high feelings which are hard to discribe. My voice is actually very good now but I know I can do great things with improvement. I love to see the look of shock on folks faces as my vocls unfold and the audiance relate.. why do I do it – because I am totally selfish and love it and I am addicted to the mic! Is that wrong of me?

  • My last concert with the choir was over a month a go, and then immediately after the concert, I lost my voice for two weeks and then it returned but not my singing voice. It shakes alot when ever i try to sing, and i also run out of breath easily. Do you think there is any hope for me, because i love to sing, but can no longer join the choir with this shaky voice.

  • For me, MUSIC is aa gift and to be able to use it is a grace. I am a Mezzo Soprano, and I enjoy singing. I have played lead rolls is several operas such as KOANGA, TURANDOT,OPHEAUS AND EURADICE, HIAWATHA to name a few. it was a great experience to have been a part of the productions put on by my late musical director Dr. Pat Bishop. Music for me is a form of relaxation when one is feeling depressed or frustrated. I would encourage anyone to get into music, be it singing or otherwise, hence the reason when I saw the package I took it upon myself to learn much more and to build and develop more confidence in myself, so I thank you Sir, always Joanne Pyle.

  • I sang so poorly as a child that I was told by my teacher that I could not participate in the spring concert. Later, my first wife asked that I not sing around our kids. After that I learned to play the guitar figuring that the instrument could be my voice, but I yearn to sing along but when I do I get horse and sore quickly. My hope would be to be able to sing, well or not, without my vocal chords being so strained. I am skeptical that even this simple thing may be too much to expect after so much dissapointment.

  • i’m 15 years old, i wanna be a recording artist and i wanna perform worldwide, it’s my dream. i can sing well already and i have a good vocal range but i can’t project my voice well. i think it’s because my voice is breaking. singing is my life and i hope you can help me improve my singing and my confidence – Ivon.

  • Hi my names is kamila.
    I’m from poland now I live in england.
    I love sing becouse when my dad and mum shouted me .
    I go to my bedroom and close the door.
    After when go to bedroom i star sing.
    I sing like 4years.
    I’m 13 yeras old.
    I feel fully alive when i sing.

  • Singing has been my life, all my life. I was an accomplished accompanist as a young person, but all I ever wanted was to sing. I had several people tell me to forget about singing and just focus on the piano, that I wasn’t very good, even teachers! I had a couple rounds of voice lessons, but it was my own burning desire and initiative that led me to join a band at the age of 20, to play and sing backup (I was always a great harmony singer). Through meeting other professionals, I soon picked up on tactics to improve my singing, and went on to perform professionally for the last 40 years.

  • why do i sing??
    well i sing because i love the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel free. I sing when i’m mad or sad and it just takes all that anger away and relaxes me. I love to sing loudly and joyfully when i’m excited or happy. now that i think about it, i can sing for any emotion.
    but i guess the real reason is that when i sing everything just floats away, i just take a deep breath and start singing. sometimes i dont even know what im singing until im finished then i realize that im singing about my life, about the love,about the hate,about the sun.
    when i sing i let it all out. I’ve been through tough times but singing gets me through those tough times and it lets me just forget about it.

  • I would love to have a singing voice that is as good as it can possibly be. I was a good treble singer as a young boy, but when my voice ‘broke’ I seemed to lose the ability I had. I am now singing in the base section of the church choir but I have HUGE room for improvement. I would love to have a beautifully resonant base voice. For a year I practiced the scales in the Bel Canto method with a top European operatic tenor, who was living in Australia, at the time. However that really did not seem to give me any worthwhile result. So I am impressed with what you have to say about your method and what can be achieved; including improved self and singing confidence, improved breathing etc. Sincerely, Christopher Ind

  • I actually earn money singing. I am a pianist/accordionist with an outdoor wedding coming up this week,and I am most unhappy with my voice at this point because I have had a terrible month with coughing. Whooping cough, I guess, and my voice is so lacking that I’ll have to do the instrumental only. People love what I do and start smiling as soon as I take my accordion out of its case, but to be able to sing and accompany myself is really my talent and it is my repertoire, too. I am quite nervous because I know singers can lose their voices more or less permanently. I am not entirely dependent financially on my music-making, but it has been an important source of supplemental income, and always a source of joy for myself and my audience. I don’t know if you can help me.

  • HI!
    Well, i love singing but, the bad part is Im not confidence enough to sing to ANYONE cause im toooooo embarace!
    With this program I want to learn how to become more confident to myself and too others I want to sing freely to anyone and to sing amazing with this WONDERFUL program thanks to you I can!!!! i just now I can cause of you!
    Im a artists in washigton Im 12 yrs. old but, can make tons of anime people and shade many colours but, the one thing I need to learn how to do is SING! 😀
    -Hannah Sessions

  • When I was younger, I used to sing nonstop. Then growing up, I thought that my voice wasn’t good enough. So I stopped singing…well, not completely, but I stopped singing in the shower, in the car, in the house. Through the free video, I regained my confidence to sing. And I even signed up for my school’s choir. God has given me a gift, and although I was insecure about it at first, I now want to use it to bring joy to others the best way I can.

  • When I sing I’m able to relese my inner voice.Singing is a part of life for me.I love to sing no matter what anybody else says.

  • Singing means alot to me, I believe by singing You can relieve your self from the everyday worries Of life., And free your soul from bondage. I Love to sing in church And want to Continue singing. I want to learn more about singing And how to hit different notes. I really do enjoy singing, And want to improve.

  • I always wanted to sing opera when I was in high school, but I ended up getting married and having a baby. Then I smoked for more than 30 years and lost my voice! Twelve years ago I quit smoking and started getting my voice back. It is such a thrill to be able to hit the high notes again, but I would like to be able to really soar again. I will be ordering this program as I am working for my Bachelor’s degree in Music and have a recital scheculed in a few months.

  • Singing gives me the most amazing feeling of joy it’s like feeling at one with my creator the world and everyone in it. Sometimes I cry when I sing … Over whelming joy flowing out my eyes 🙂

  • Singing is basic to my life; i sing in church, i sing in choir, i sing with people while i’m watching TV. It generates joy. And singing more effectively, with more knowledge, would make such a great difference; approaching the problems you mentioned, losing range – i can’t sing so high anymore so now i’m a 2nd soprano; having to take another breath during a phrase; those things have bothered me but i didn’t know what to do about it. You have the answers.

  • I sing because I’m happy I lead congregational songs in my church. I used to sing in the choir, but I can’t reach the notes. Plus I get headaches when I sing. Singing make me feel good.

  • I sing b’coz it makes me feel happy and free. to be honest i show my emotions by singing, i want to improve my singing so that i will have the confidence to go up the stage or something and show my emotions to other people. i knw this sounds lame lol…

  • In life im always called short and petite. hen i sing it makes me fell tall and stand out. Most people like my singing but some dont but know matter what anyone tells me i wont ever quit. Im pretty much saying that sining.

  • I like to sing it makes me feel good other friends like my singing that keeps me in to singing i like playing guitar making my own songs up i like singing it is fun to me


  • I’ve always loved singing! It just completes me, I really can’t go through a day without uttering a tune! Singing feels like apart of who I am but I can’t unlock my true potential! b That’s why I need HELP!

  • When I attended an Aboriginal Culture Talk in Yanchep WA Australia , I learned that music and dancing was understood to like a communication between their gods and dreaming and the people . Like a telephone line to God . It made complete sense to me for the first time , because when I sing , its like throwing open the windows of my heart and sharing my secrets and talking to something or someone . When I am distressed and I try to sing , my throat just feels cut and I cannot make a sound , the pain is indescribable . It is all of the above too , but I have never sought an audience , but I do wonder what it would be like to let the world see what my heart sounds like . Scarey !

  • Per, When I heard you speak on your video, I knew instantly that you know all about vocal production and that you take care of your voice. I was amazed at the volume you can produce and your range. I joined the women’s barbershop group – Sweet Adelines – in the eighties. I was terrified that I wasn’t good enough to be a part of a chorus, although I was in Church choir while in high school. The organization taught me how to sing from the diaphragm instead of the chest. I also found out what my problem had always been – I am a female bass, range of the male tenor. I learned to stretch some, but never to really open up for higher notes that I am unable to produce. I cannot scream! I may get into your program just to see what I could do at 79. Thank you for the hint of possibility.

  • I really want to improve my voice because it means so much to me. I want to be heard. I want to let people know my joy and sorrow, my feelings and thoughts. I want to have fun singing with freedom, and take my heart out for everyone to see who I am.

  • What can I do to hit the note. My piano teacher tells me I am tone deaf. I want very badly to sing, thats why I,m learning to play the Piano.

  • I couldn’t live without music, and I love to sing in church choirs. I would like to develop my voice so I can sing solos and leads, because I want to express my feelings through song. Music is the most emotive art, and the human voice the most beautiful instrument.

  • Singing is how I express myself. If I’m sad, I sing something soft and melancholy. If I’m angry, I sing something with fire in it like rolling in the deep by Adele. When I’m hyper, I like to sing a fast-paced Kesha song. When I’m in church, I love singing praise and worship songs, and I have written several. I like listening to and singing with almost all kinds of music. There’s just an undescribable freedom that comes with expressing yourself through song. I hope to sing proffessionally someday. We’ll see what God has in store:)

  • Why do I sing?
    I sing for many reasons. There’s no one big reason. One is I sing because it makes me feel good about myself. Allowing the music to wash over me and singing along with the song enables me to feel my emotions more …cry a little more if it’s a sad song. Laugh more if it’s a happy song. Reflect more on experiences in life as various lyrics ring true for me. I feel more passionate., more compasionate …. more human.
    Another reason flows out of encouragement (which happens sometimes) … and then I want to sing more and better. I guess singing brings on a sence of self esteem, the stuff I used to have a lot of when I was younger ….when I excelled at soccer, rugby, swimming, hiking, my job etc. Now that I’ve retired and there’s no more pressure of work and I’m no longer as athletic as I used to be, singing has become an interest that takes the place of all that.!

  • When I was a little girl, my only wish was to be a professional singer. I use to practice, practice,practice. But even though I had perfect pitch, I thought my voice was not good enough to be a professional. I did like to sing in Choirs in school where we practiced until we memorized all the words. This was helpful to me because I was a slow reader and would have trouble keeping up with words as in Church as I do now. I also in Church miss words therefore comfirming that I’m not good enough. My voice is very week, it quivers and cracks if the note is too high. All in all it has not discouraged me from singing. I still sing in our choir which is made up of three men and myself. The men over-barren me. So does the organ. So I am hardly heard. I would like to change that. Also I do not have a vibrato in my voice. I wish to also like to accomplish this. When I saw your video, I got so excited. Maybe there is hope for me at age 56. I love to listen to a beautiful voice. I would love to sing with no effort. Will you help me to achieve this. Maybe God did intruely give me a gift of singing. Roes Teuscher

  • I strongly have the felling that i was born to be a professional singer,but i did not get the backing to be able to achieve this
    I have joined my church choir for several years ut have not had the fufilment in singing which my soul desires.
    I was therefore vey excited when i saw singing zone and what it aims at helping me to sing with delight and satisfaction .and feeding my soul .
    My whole being neds your support to get to the top in singing.
    Thank you
    M T ASH .

  • Singing is one of the best thing that has ever happened to mankind, weather your a singer or not everyone sings and persons sing for many different reasons however, whenever i sing, it gives this feeling of warmth and comfort, it’s the best way to express how you truly feel and you actually can help so much persons by singing when they are down just by you singing if we think about it most persons tend to play music when they feel down and it has to do with someone singing in that recording but what if they had a live performance hence I just want to sing to one worship God, express myself and make myself feel better and also touch persons with my voice in millions of ways.

  • Ever since I was a little girl I had a vision of being on stage performing for a concert size audience. paradigmI would practice on a Karaoke. I loved the sound of my voice! I love singing because it makes me feel good. I better express myself through singing because it allows me be in touch with my emotions. I feel empowered, in control, and energized.
    Some people have actually cried while I sung for them. I liked the fact that I could actually touch someone’s heart and spirit. I feel I don’t have a great voice because my voice is weak and I always felt the need to use a microphone when I sing to carry my voice. Singing is an expressive, creative art and I deeply desire to become one of the greatest singers in the world. I tell people that I wish I had a voice like Whitney Houston. Bottom line is, I love music!!!!

  • I love to hear people sing, and I myself love to sing, but most of the time I cannot make the high notes and have to stay silent, more so if doing group singing. I always pray that someday I would be able to take those high notes and be proud of myself, I am over sixty and still hope that soon I will surprise myself and do what I really would like for myself. Some persons says that I have a nice voice,but for me it is not enough. Please give me some advice on what to do to change and bring out the best in my voice. Thank you in advance for hearing me out.

  • Singing is like a door. If opened it reveals who I really am. It allows me to express myself in ways that I can’t. Its how I unburden what I feel, joy, sadness, happiness etc. I always liked to sing along with the songs I love, but I always end up disapointed in a point my voice can’t reach those high notes. I believe I have a good voice, I might be taken for shows to sing, but I still don’t feel its good enough. I want to be able to sing to higher notes and soar with my feelings. Yes, soaring is how I actually feel. And the higher the better. I’d be a lot more happy if I achieved this.