Here's a special New Year video message for you:

And even if you are not a member of The Singing Zone... to ALL students. customers, clients and subscribers to my newsletter: I wish you a wonderful finale to this year, and an exciting 2012 filled with opportunities to learn, grow and prosper.


Per Bristow

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  • Hi Per! What a great news! Members from 101 countries!
    Congratulations! May the whole planet become the Singing Zone – the Singing Planet! May this dream come true! A very Happy New Year!
    Thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

  • Hey. Per .. Happy New Year to you and yours, and to everyone else too. May 2012 bring even more expansion to The Singing Zone, and to us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

  • Happy New Year to you.101 countries means there’s music all over the world–congratulations and keep up the good work. Thanks Per

  • Hi Per!

    Happy New Year and a year ahead filled with much happiness and good health.

    Thank you for your great training.

  • Hi Per, Congrats for having 100 members. I’m from N.H.. You seem like such a genuine person. Love you and the Singing Zone. Happy New Years to you and yours.

  • Hi Per, Good to receive your info, my Girl Friend and I receive your emails with thanks. She has a great natural voice and is always praised when we go to song rooms on the Internet Music Programs. Joining your membership is a consideration for us. Our Best Wishes come to you and yours from the West Coast of Australia.

  • Thanks for your New Year’s message Per, and congratulations on reaching 101 countries worldwide. I’ve just signed up here in Denmark, and am looking forward to getting through my first lesson. 2012 looks like a great year of accomplishment ahead! Best regards, Bill

  • Howdee from Texas.

    Love the program and just recieved all the DVD’s in mail…lotta fun.

    One question. Why does singing with a Texas Drawl sound so much brighter than trying to sing without it?? lol

    Enjoying everything you have to offer, and having a blast!

    Have a great year.

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