When Is Too Old To Learn To Sing?

I did something wonderful last weekend! Bear with me as I explain why I’m sharing this and why I think it benefits you.  See, in my teens I waterskied a handful of times, and I remember it as being so unbelievably fun.  But in almost 30 years I hadn’t done it. Until last weekend….

But was I even going to be able to get up out of the water?  What if I fell all the time?

Yup that’s me in the picture.  What was also so much fun was how well it went.  I popped up on my first attempt and was slaloming as if it was 30 years ago. And, boy, did I feel good afterwards!

As a side note I should mention something you may not know, and that is that I always cheat.
I’m kidding of course when I say “cheat”, but the truth is that it wasn’t the first time in 30 years at all. I had practiced several times the day before, and on the boat ride – even while my kids were trying to psyche me out. Yes, I had practiced in my head.

Well talk more about the art of visualization and mental preparation another time though. The reason I mention this event is because of this email I received:

"Per, I appreciate your emails, but I have a problem.  I used to sing solos many, many years ago, but haven’t sung much lately. The problem is that I am 65 hears old, and although I love the idea of being able to sing again, it is probably too late."

There is no denying that there are many physical changes in our body as we age.  There is no denying that we lose muscles strength and flexibility. However, too often we make "age" the culprit – or the excuse, if you will. Realize that many young people – even kids – also run into voice and other physical problems.  So although there are certainly things we will never be able to do as well as we once did, it is certainly never too late to have fun. It is never too late to do activities that inspire us and make us energetic and vibrant. It is never too late to learn and develop.

You should know that although we don’t keep track of the ages of our members of The Singing Zone, there are many who are well into their 70s and 80s who have spontaneously written and expressed their gratitude and joy.

The Singing Zone is not a program where a certain age or skill is a prerequisite.  Although many professional and semi-professionals are members, there are just as many who have never sung before. Since we are about developing awareness and taking you from where you are to where you want to go, your level or age is really irrelevant.  Singing is indeed for everyone.

I remember I felt I was “too old” when I was 26. Old or young is really a mental state.  As our bodies transform our minds transform, we find new activities that inspire us. Singing is one of those activities that has no age limit, unless we are judging they way we sound towards some limiting ideal.  My grandmother starting painting well into her 60s, my dad still sings in the choir. There have been studies that have shown incredible improvement among 80 year olds who started weight training, and we can go on and on.

What do you think a 100-year-old would think when a 65 year old kid talks about things being too late?  Take a look at this video of Roger Gentilhomme one day after he turns a 100 years old and then post your comment below.