Why would I ever raise prices in the middle of a recession?

That is one good question I got from a subscriber as I announced that the price of the Sing With Freedom program at www.TheSingingZone.com will increase on Monday.

I have also gotten an occasional email from people who are angry that my program costs money at all, and one accused me that I am like “ everyone on the Internet – ALL about making a buck, ANY way they can ”

I know few people are quite that cynical, but these are very interesting issues that deserve a response.

Now, we could also ask ourselves why I announce a price increase ahead of timeI could of course have said nothing and then suddenly raise it on Monday. One of the reasons I give you warning is to help you avoid paying more than you have to.

No doubt, the intent is also to kick you in the rear and help you take action. My job as a coach is to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. The greatest challenge for anyone is to get started. The greatest challenge for us coaches and trainers is to get the client to do what they need to do to get the results they so much desire. It would be easy to create a home study course with a bunch of exercises. The difficulty is to create a course where someone, who I won’t meet personally, will become inspired enough to discover, experiment and DO the things that make a tremendous difference.

The reason I created a home study course in the first place is because I got into a situation (lack of time) where I could no longer help people in need personally. Unless you were accepted as a private student you could never get access to this training. And if you were accepted, it would cost you many thousands of dollars to get the same training that you now have in a home study format. In addition, I am now able to give each member of The Singing Zone extensive ear training, rhythm training, music theory training and more – things I would never have time to teach to private students.

The bottom line is that if you have been led to believe the Sing With Freedom program is a program that is only worth $97, I have really done you a horrible disservice. I would never invest $97 in something that just enhances my life by $97.

The biggest problem we have when it comes to finances is when our mind thinks in terms of cost. People who learn, develop and go from where they are to where they want to be never think in “cost” terms. They only think in terms of ROI. ROI means Return On Investment and is the only measuring stick I go by these days – whether it is money or time. If I buy something that is cheap, there is a higher risk of wasted time and wasted money – either because I don’t value it highly and therefore don’t use it, or the thing breaks, or something else makes it a bad investment. A $5 purchase may very well become a negative ROI, while a $5,000 investment might have an incredible ROI.

The only thing that matters is what the return on investment is for you.

The greatest investment is always in improving ourselves. Many times this costs nothing in terms of money, but needs a high investment in mental resources, time, energy, focus, etc. Many times I study by myself to try and figure things out. Many times I gladly pay someone dearly to teach me faster than I could myself, and therefore has a much higher ROI. Education cost more than anything else we encounter in our lives, but also has the highest ROI.

What is being able to sing with greater freedom worth to you? What does being able to get in touch with your body so you can make changes and heal faster mean to your life? If someone has gone to music conservatory for years and then claim they have learned more from my program than they did there, should I then charge $40,000? If someone has struggled to sing for years and then has a major breakthrough from what they learned, what is the ROI for them? What is the ROI if you become more empowered, more confident, stronger, more authoritative, more attractive and a better communicator?

What is greater joy worth to you?

I’m not saying my Sing With Freedom course is for you.  Maybe there is other training that serves you better. But what I would encourage you to think about is where you would like to be in regards to singing, health, success, communication skills and more, and what you would be prepared to invest to get there (both in terms of money, time, energy, etc.)

Personally, I sure hope the benefits from my course is going to increase the value of your life by far more than a couple of hundred dollars (I seriously encourage you to request a refund if it doesn’t). But then again, maybe I just say this because I think life is worth living as long as I “just make a buck”.

What do you think?

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  • Per,
    Ultimately, I think you and your program should only be judged by its content and its worth and what it communicates. Is it worth $97 in that respect? Absolutely – no doubt about it. With regards to the person who said that you're like "everyone else on the internet…" that needs to be looked at in a little more depth. We all know there are enough shady salespeople on the 'net, willing to sell ANYTHING to make a quick buck. In that case, you need to look not just at the content of what they're selling but their resume too, their background in what it is they're selling. I don't see how you, Per, could be accused of selling something you're not intimately familiar with (singing, music, teaching and coaching etc.), that you're not willing to back up. Am I right in saying that there is a money-back guarantee with this program? Is there not a website that provides additional training for a reasonable monthly fee? Anyone who thinks the $40+ for the Singing Zone subscription is pricey needs their head examined. I'm a classical guitar student in the L.A. area, have an AMAZING teacher who charges me just $50 per 1 hour lesson. For one lesson a week, that's $200 a month and I gladly hand it over. 

    The teacher assumes his share of the responsibility to ensure that he's providing me with appropriate material to study and that I'm progressing at a rate that's consistent with my goals and ability. It's up to me to ensure that I put in the hard work and quite frankly, the time involved (you CANNOT achieve something great without sacrificing a decent amount of time, not with a musical instrument in my opinion) to make use of the knowledge and lessons that my teacher imparts to me.

    I believe Per that you have fulfilled your part of the bargain with an affordable program that has substance and lots of fun too! Also, for those who question the price increase during a recession, I'm sure the recession has affected you too. Shipping companies have raised rates, production companies are probably charging more for creating DVDs, internet service providers increase their costs every year – in short, I'm sure your overhead has increased and the price increase isn't exactly outrageous. We've had lots of time to get the program for $97 and we had a warning that it would go up too.
    And so my rambling ends. Happy New Year Per!

  • Hi Per,
    I am an aspiring singer/songwriter.  I purchased your program in August and have benefitted tremendously.  I could barely hit a G-3 note, and 6 months later I can hit a tenor-C with good tone and resonance. 
    I agree, the results you get are what you put into it.  I really appreciate your positive attitude –  you believe not only in yourself, but in your students too.  Thank you again.
    You can hear me hitting the tenor-C in my song "You Belong in the Light" posted on my music page.
    All the best to you….

  • I'm suddenly aware this year that the value of things has little to do with numbers, and that if you concentrate on counting, you keep yourself stuck right where you already are.  I can see I've been doing this for more years than I care to … er … count.  So, it's not surprising I'm still hesitating.  However, it's a new year and I'm trying a new way of conceiving the material world – or rather, my relationship to it.  So, no I haven't ordered up my copy of the program … yet.  And quite frankly, if and when I decide it's for me, it won't matter whether it's two dollars or two hundred.   When all conditions ripen … numbers won't mean so very much. 

  • hello Per, I only found your wesite last week and from what I have read I am thinking seriouly about purchasing your programme. If I don't do that before monday then that is my loss, "forewarned is forarmed' as we used to say in my previous career. While you may have the commendable attitude of wanting to be there for your students, you are still in business and if people can't see that then they will probably not see the value in your programme any way. Your business you charge what you fel you should and let the prospective purchaser decide at the time. If I had found your wbsite after Monday then the new cost would mean nothingto me anyway.
    Good on you
    New zealand 


    Per, I'm not going to excuse you for raising prices. I gave up quite a few "necessities" to be able to pay for this, but I don't intend to stop now.  I still take regular voice lessons from a classical teacher (you don't teach how to sing Italian =8^). I take time with your videos, play them over and over several times a week and the progression you promised has absolutely taken place. My voice has improved 100% and not just once! Many times over since I started your online course. Oddly enough, when you yourself often say you don't teach classical style. I originally signed up to try to learn a more popular style, which I hope I'm doing, but my teacher recently could barely finish the piano accompaniment because she was surprisingly moved by my singing (ok maybe she was tired) — in fact, maybe we both need a course now on how to deal with powerful emotions =8^)
    I do this purely for the pleasure (not to be able to launch a career) and I achieve this objective every time I practice … am in the 9th month of your courses (soon to give birth to a great voice?). It is very gratifying to be able to "just do it."  I enjoy your sessions where you teach other students around the world and hope one day to be able to scare up the courage to claim my own session! Oh, and a bonus: I had many comments on my speaking voice when I was part of a panel discussion recently (made me blush!). This was after completing a segment in your program on that subject. So Per:  Thank you (and simply repeat many times for practice)!

  • Hi Per,
    I wish to comment on your post about feedback to your price increase. But I need to give you my background so that you know where I'm coming from.
    I have been receiving your email for about a year. I have been a choir member for many years. I find your training method very refreshing and attrative. Maybe I let you know my age to give more transparency. I'm 65 years old. I have enough to retire. However, I am picking up my skills as an affiliate marketer. It would be a year before I can get a respectable online income. I will definite get your training course in mind, irrespective of price increase, when I have cleared my online marketing training. Focus, as you know is important, during the initial phase of skill development.
    Now about your blog post. Your most important point is that we should not just focus on the cost of anything. I agree with you. I almost forgot. We should look at the cost, which is important, but this cost must be held against the rate of return on investment. If I spend US$2000 to get my online business going, and I get a return of US$500 per month for many years to come, I would say US$2000 is well spent, because the rate of return is more than 100%.
    As a parting shot, this full range of responses to your decision, is part of life – remember the bell curve. Keep up your good work.
    Warmest regards,
    Timothy Chng

  • I have purchased your program on line in december.I have been really busy and have not covered all to date. I sing with a group and I know that I have learned things that will be helpful. I do a lot of laughing at first .It feels so comical to sit or stand before you doing these crazy exercises. I often yawn and wonder if I am bored or just so relaxed. I will continue as long as I feel that this training is beneficial. I think that I will enjoy more as I progress.It is fun. as for the money ,if I don't feel it is worth it I will opt out. You have got singing anatomically correct for sure. I am hoping to get working harder.thanks Per

  • Per,
    I do agree with what you say in your blog.  I am very pleased with your program and it does bring amazing success.  I can find no fault with it nor with your need to increase the fee. I feel blessed to be apart of The Singing Zone. I'm still coming out ahead. I was getting ready to pay 50.00 a week for a lesson (200.00 a month) as well as having to drive approximately 40 minutes each way for the lesson. I love the convenience and success your program affords.  For me, it is a great ROI. Thank you for offering it to me and for the kind way in which you teach your method. I truly wish you great success in life and in business!   It's your right!

  • People cannot possibly expect you to give away your course for nothing. Unfortunately in today's world there is no such thing as a free lunch. Also when you do things for people for free in the long run they often do not respect you. For example friends asking for advice about personal problems which really they would be better off talking to a psychologist about. As far as singing lessons go, to see a teacher one on one is much more costly than your course. Besides you need to be paid so you keep the website running, pay your everyday bills like the rest of us, eat now and again, and have a holiday. You cant work for nothing! That is just stupid. This is your living. And of one am glad i found the singing zone.  Happy New Year Per, from Sarah

  • Hola Per
    I want to thank you for making availabe to me your singing classes .  I have taken some great group lessons that one evening cost as much as your monthly fee. I hope to hang out for the year and I can do that from anywhere I am. Such a great idea.         
    Singing lessons were not what I thought they would be. They are so much more than just singing. It is an experience of freedom hard to put into words. I love the challenge and I sing the few songs I have learned [ three ] any time I can and know that I sound better as time goes by. The neighbors dog quit howling was the first sign.
    I am out to have fun and I wish for you the riches you deserve for making it so easy and affordable to access.
    For those who think they can't afford this course. Your right.
    amigo roberto

  • Hi Per,
    I just purchased your DVD program a week back and though i have not yet received the DVDs i did do the first lesson and also went through the various training programs available at the Singing Zone. Prior to this i have taken vocal training and learnt a bit of Hindustani Classical. I loved the first lesson. i loved your voice, your positivity and the way you communicate. I have enjoyed the first lesson and i am sure i will benefit from the rest of the program.
    I agree with you one should think in terms of ROI but there are so many quacks out there that one needs to search for the best. Fortunately you are one of the best and i can thank the internet for getting us together which otherwise would have been impossible with me sitting here in India and you and India.
    So to sum it i am having fun and i actually thank you for making it afforable to us to discover our own selves at a very economical price. No price is big enough to discover your self!!!

  • HI Per,
    I have purchased your program when it first came out and I can say I have spent many more bucks on things fas less valuable than that! Not only I have become a better and more confident singer, I became a better teacher as well (in a field unrelated to singing). Talking about return of investment, a bunch of choir members I worked with as a soloist recently asked me if I would be willing to coach them. Needless to say I will credit your work and we will be both better off in the long run. Plus a few more people will rediscover the pleasure of singing with freedom 🙂
    Than being said, at the time I stopped with the subscription, because my schedule was too tight to invest enough time into my singing. Back then it was not possible to subscribe again later and pick the course up at where one left. Are the any changes in this now?
    Good luck to all and lots of good singing in the year 2010!

  • Hi Per, Like a lot of people I wondered for weeks whether to go ahead and purchase your course. After a fair bit of internet searching I couldn't find a single negative review, so went ahead with it. I can't say that I've been the most diligent student, but what I have done has made a difference, so I will endeavour to do more with it, after all it's my money I'm wasting if I don't do more with it.
    As for price increase, well it's like so many have said in other posts, you've got to make a living, and I honestly don't think your program is a rip off. Also, you have given plenty of warning.
    Your lessons are fun, full of enthusiasm, contain some great information about how our bodies work with regard to singing. I have also investigated singing lessons from private tutors, and overall the cost would probably be more. I would guess that the first four lessons would probably be more than enough for most as they alone contain a wealth of information, and are well worth whatever reasonable price you want to charge.

  • Hi Per,
    l see no justification for the increase in price. General  inflation and most costs are remaining fairly constant and you should be challenging your supply chain  to reduce costs. The economy is much tougher , everyone tis tightening their belts and working harder for the same. The price increase in this slack period after Xmas is just a typical sales ploy. Per here is the challenge, provide me with the DVD's foc and  If I think that the material is worth the price I will gladly pay you. I know that is a rather big leap of faith on your part and I don't expect you to provide everyone else with this opportunity. 

  • That are easy words if you have $96. Yeah for you it's just "a starbucks coffee a day" but the world isn't USA only… there are so many people who get $50 each month on payday… yeah sure I want to sing great but is it worth starving for two months?

  • What people say and believe means NOTHING about you.   It merely means that they are looking out from their beliefs.        I've found that if you are in touch with your 'gut' feeling then you are generally empowered and make the right decision (to all concerned)

  • Dear Per,
    I am an actor, not a musician but here in Japan I teach and help a number of singers, some quite famous, who specialise in English song, mostly of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. I act on television and in plays here, and do a lot of poetry reading: I have read Marlowe's poetry at the Poetry Centre in London, and will be performing Milton's poetry here in Tokyo at the big Milton conference that will be held next year. I have found what you teach immensely useful, both for myself – I use my voice much better, with greater ease and expressive range – and in helping singers: I can see – or hear – more clearly what some of their problems are (other problems which I was able to help with before include being on stage and how to relate to an audience, but now I am able to help much more with problems of pronunciation and with problems that derive from not having a relaxed tongue and throat). What you provide is an excellent basis for both singers and speakers. Of course, you charge money for this – and why not? There is a silly purism – like that of your critic's – that seems to suppose that anyone who charges money is a shark. It's simple nonsense. I charge money for lessons that I give, though if I know that a student is poor I will charge less and sometimes very much less than what I should normally charge. And certainly, what yolu are charging at present does not seem to exorbitant, or anywhere near exorbitant.
    All good wishes,
    Tim Harris  

  • I have to say that as a singing teacher myself I really enjoyed the program and felt it really changed my attitude towards singing in general. I think making money off of something that you are good at is more than fair enough

  • I have the same approach as Tim Harris above, concerning charges in my own work as health coach and therapist. Simply because I live in an "outback" municipality where some people can´t afford my services otherwise.
    Well I chose to live in these surroundings and I´m so glad that I can take part in these great lessons of  The Singing Zone via internet. I started with month 2 now. It´s inspirating and uplifting and that´s just what I need in these times. Yesterday I meowed a "cat blues" and "Memory" to my cats and they seemed just enchanted!
    I really hope to get the momenum and charisma in singing (just for fun) and also in other life projects, including the attraction of people to build a sound social and economical basis. Your course is helping me, so I find it a good investment.

  • I had to leave this program because the recession severely curtailed my income.  Things have improved a little, so i was thinking maybe i could come back.  i can't say i experienced the benefits many other people say they have from the program.  Even so, I was thinking of giving it another try.  However, the new higher fees are going to make that impossible.  Are you SURE you really need to do this?  Do you not have hundreds of people all over the world paying you these monthly fees?  Do you REALLY not make enough money?  Of course, if the market will bear it, good for you.  But it'll have to be without me, and I'm sorry about that.

  • Hi Per, I think your program seems good and I plan on buying it when I can. If someone is angry you raised the price bec. of the recession, I think that maybe it's not your prices going up being the problem, but just the fact that they feel lack in general in their lives.  Honestly speaking, if the recession is that beig of a problem that people can't afford your program, then maybe they need to do the program later when they can afford it as I will have to. I can barely keep a roof over my head as my husband's been unemployed for six months.
    Maslow's hierarchy comes to mind as one needs to have their basic needs met before they can have anything self-actualizing like singing or school, etc.
    Hope this helps, Elizabeth

  • I signed up for your courses a while back and recently discontinued service, not because I didn't like what you offer….your offerings are amazing!!! I just realized that I wasn't doing my part and the monthly fees were going to waste because of my lack of effort.  I plan to pick it up again when my life is not quite so crazy….
    You are clearly a man of highest integrity and talent and your program is so well thought out and excecuted.  You are so FAIR…there are no surprises…I was shocked when I received an email/video just before the trial period was over reminding me I could cancel at that time…unheard of!!!
    I thank you for everything you offer and for the heart and soul you put into everything.  It's not just about singing, it's about igniting the spirit and watching it soar.
    All this from someone who has yet to reap the benefits of your program!  
    Many blessings,

  •    Hi.  I think your price is reasonable, because you have a truly unique method that not only teaches a person to sing, but also teaches a person to perform in front of an audience.  When ever you have a unique  item for sale, – then you name your price. 

  • Dear Per
    I am someone who has looked at your website and have great intentions of taking advantage of your skills when my life is not so full of other 'stuff' to do!    When I am ready, I will have no problem in the cost because I respect the amount of time and effort that had gone into creating the course and the amount of time and effort you put into sharing your skills and experience.
    What is interesting is how often the people who seem, at first, to be working against us (as in the case of those who have reacted negatively to your adjusting your prices up to a more realistic level)  are often, unwittingly, providing us with a gift.    If this had not happened, you would not be getting all these supporting emails and might not be so aware of how much the majority of people appreciate your work.   
    It is not your job to make everyone happy.  It is your job to take care of yourself and enjoy your life in ways that allow and encourage others to enjoy theirs.   Good luck to you.

  • Per, I for one have enjoyed your course, I just wish I could afford to stay in the web site end of it.  You have helped me a bunch, when I first started I could not sing long nots at all, now I do them just fine. I am only half way through and hope to finish soon.  Your student,  Lynda Hartley.

  • Hi Per,
    I direct four community type A Cappella Choirs. I'm sure there's some people out there who might come to the choirs, if the cost was a bit lower. Some just don't like to pay the money and some really can't afford it. If I was to half my fee, I might get a few more people, but I would be worse off. I have to eat etc.
    I imagine you're putting up your prices because your costs have gone up. You'll soon see if it effects your sales. A small increase is usually OK. I couldn't find the new costs on your website.
    The monthly thing was not for me, but I learnt a lot from your first four lessons, and the articles on your website. I didn't expect a huge increase in range as I already have quite a large range. I sing bass, tenor, alto and sop up to about C on top of middle C.
    I've learnt that's it's impossible to please everyone! Some people will just get upset whatever you do!
    The occasional comment from you to other people's comments could be good.

  • Per – I think it is quite odd that you have made such a big deal out of this, given your usual professionalism, kindheartedness and dedication to your students. I don't think it should even be discussed.  It is your product, you do excellent work motivationally and marketing-wise and your course is a success with many people. Charge whatever you need in order to feel that a fair exchange has taken place between you and your students – that's personal integrity and as professional as you usually are. You have a HUGE fan club – – as for the complainers – I'd say charge 'em double (really – just let them find the right teacher for them). Peace.

  • hi, just wanted to say thanks for letting us know about the price increase before you changed it, you gave us the chance/choice to buy now or pay more later,  If you look at all the famous, wonderful, great people in this world even the ones you admire most, you will see that Not only do you not always share the same feelings about the people others like or love but others don't feel the same way about the people you think are great too, for instance even though it may seem that everyone loves oprah winfrey or michael jackson or fill in anyones name you can think of _ You Will find alot of other people who do not agree with you, even God himself said something like if the world hates you, remember that it hated me before they hated you, that did not stop Him from going on, If everyone who is great lived by what other peoples thoughts and judgements were of them, then they would have never become great or famous, (to anyone) What would life be like if noone ever stepped out because they feared or cared what other people thought of them???

    dear per,
    The prices go up and went down…so no mysteryif your social euroting and dolarting go up it is good only when you get new value in your course…Of course administration always costs you can  always defend your  b. decision ..This is a privilege of salespersons…Always someone wants to pay..So do not worry , be happy…

  • I don't normally interject with my own comments on my post, but just want to say thank you for all the wonderful comment.

    I also want to remind everyone that the intent of the article is not to disucss my prices, but to help change people's thinking from "cost" to ROI" – whether it is about money, time, energy, eating halthy, exercising, practice singing, or anything else.  That's how we can make real changes and propell us from where we are to where we want to be.  Think about when you have viewed what you do as a "cost" versus "ROI"?

  • Apart from the value of the service one offers, wise political decisions could be discussed regarding our freedom to buy these services.
    As a Basic Income Guarantee. http://usbig.net/
    But that  topic doesn´t need to be discussed here on this blog perhaps…

  • Hi Per,
    I am a 73 year old guy who just got started with you and I can see from the very beginning that what you offer is worth every penny that I will spend. Time is my most important consideration. I am also taking guitar lessons and my singing has "already" improved.  I'll stay with this program until I see it through.
    Best regards, Doug Clarke

  • It is as easy as exercising your freedom of choice. Can you buy it? Great. Do you have what it takes to be a better singer? Great. Then GO AHEAD.
    Ultimately, only WE determine if the 'cost' was worth it, no one can figure that out for us.
    Blessings Per and a great 2010 for you and all your students around the globe.

  • I think the explanation is quite reasonable. Also you lot are hypercrits because if you were marketing a product and you found a way to make more money you ALL know you would. Also this person is recovering from the recession and by raising the price a little its helping to overcome the recession quicker. And if someone has to pay a little more then it will give them more drive to succeed and to stick to what they are doing.

  • Also if you don't like the the price all you have to do is stop doing this. There is no need to moan if you want to continue with it then pay the extra and quit moaning, your wasting valuable time moaning that you could be thinking of ways to save money in other areas to pay this or ways to succeed more at singing.

  • Dear Per
    i watched your news years video and I thought you were "right on the money"  I cant afford your course at the moment and don't know if Singing is something I am going to pursue but it sounds well worth it to me. The healing part sounds great even if you never end up being a "singer" We all need to make a living and we do that one way or another by selling our skills. I wish you all the best with your business

  • Hi Per,
    The Return On Investment does't have to mean that you get more value from something depending on how much you paid.
    I've had great return from things that have been cheap or even free. I've had little return from things I've paid a lot for. It just depends. So if I'd paid the higher price for your four lessons, they would have been the same value to me, so I would have had less return. In other words I wouldn't have learnt more because I paid more.

  • Hi Per,
    Actually thinking about it more, "return on investment" means nothing to me.
    I never think of buying things as an investment. I just spend the money if I have it, on something I think I might want or use.

  • I find it hard to believe that anyone would expect you not to charge for your services, would they do their job for no pay, probably not. There are many people with negative personalities, the hard thing is not to let this infect us. Pers I've been singing & gigging in band on average 5 nights a week for the last 23 years, last year I purchace your home study course with amazing results, you are a great teacher. In fact you can hear the diference for yourself if you goto ww.myspace.com/petesharpband & listen to a song I recorded before using your Sing With Freedom and then goto http://www.myspace.com/oblivionrockuk & hear 5 songs I recorded straight after. I must say there is a difference & I'm going to record more as I am still improving using your system. Thank you

  • i think the price of this product should actually go down because i still have not been able to afford it and i really want to learn how to sing.

  • Hei Per. I recently landend on ur website and liked the stuff, and i wil be buying your programme soonest when the finances allow. The price increase: I dont know about others but i have ni problm investing all i can afford to better myself. And this is about my voice!!! Am working on getting into the music industry and the media in general, so voice trining and your programme is right on! Keep up the good work an dwhat an amazing voice you have. I will definately put the hard work after i get the programme and will definately give u the feedback….I will rather give up my cabel telefon subscription if i have to to get ur programme, but i will get it for sure….

    "Give your course for free!! – You are the same as everybody on the internet"  – Very intresting thoughts…. 
    Who thinks this, – as far as I see – does not understand 3 things.:
    1.) – the value of your services, which is obviously very high. I think, those, who do not see and feel, how great
    help they can get from you – based on the very first promotional video, should be top professionals, or should
    not have any clue on what is singing all about. Most probably this second.
    2.) – World is based on balance or lack of balance. Life is all about giving and receiving. People never throw away
    their valuable things, we exchange value for value. Else – we would very fast amollish our existence.
    3.) – Internet is nowadays the land of opportunities, and land of egality. We can do anithing there. Many kind of entertainments, studies, or our everyday job – can be done here. People who want to sell things on the Net, are working through the Net. And this is a possibility for everyone.
    If they see : everyone wants to make some bucks, means for me – they want to get everything for free. But would they work for free?
    I am an employee in Hungary, where we have the highest taxes and fees on employment on the whole world, and very high prices in regard of salaries. I have to count and review each cents spent even for food.
    But somehow I resolved to buy your program. And it is an extraordinary joy for me!! And I see really developing myself . So it is a right investment.
    Thank you a Lot Per!
    Wish you find happiness in your job for long…


    I'm very new to this site.  In fact, I just found it today.  I am interested in high quality vocal coaching information, but I'm concerned over your program.  The Internet is a tough place to market and there are scams everywhere.  I'm not saying this course is a scam.  What I am saying is that you have a tough road in this endeavor and your site's marketing approach has scam alert written all over it.
    There are two major problems I see facing this site.  Just like you want to impart proper singing to your students, you need someone to impart proper marketing methods to your web site. While I'm not going to charge you $137 for my advice here, I will give you what you need to overcome the two major problems with your site and program.
    First, you need customers/students in videos who are actually singing.  Talk is cheap, results speak volumes.  Right now, I'm not seeing it. You can claim to be 'an excellent vocal coach', but without some concrete before and after examples to prove that fact, a lot of people will walk away from your site without spending a dime. Further, if you are a singer, then sing.  In your videos, you do a lot of talking. Talk is easy.  We learn how to do that between ages 2 and 4.  Since you are a vocal coach claiming to sing, then sing something.  Tempt us. Give us even a hint that you actually sing.
    Second problem, you need a teaser. The email PDF file is fine for whatever it is (even though it still hasn't arrived).  But, that's not a teaser. Clearly, anything I receive from you will be geared towards marketing and selling your program (including this site and even this blog).  But, if you want to sell your product, give us at least ONE freebie tutorial that shows us that you actually know what you're doing.  You may have a reputation in Hollywood, but that reputation may not exist on the Internet and around the world.  If you want to increase your notoriety, then you have to be willing to impart something that shows your skill as a coach and why someone would want to spend 'thousands of dollars' for live coaching, let alone $137 for a DVD program.
    I know, you're saying.. but I have Case Studies up.  Well, yes you do.  But, those case studies are, again, all talking.  If your students/customers are actually seeing improvements, then let's hear the improvements through them singing.
    In other words, to market this program successfully, you have to be willing to show your prospects that you know what you're doing and have the skills to prove it, that your customers are seeing improvements using your program and that we can see all of this by actual singing examples.  You have to also be willing to give at least one coaching freebie on your site to entice us to want more.  A teaser is the clincher here.  Always leave people wanting more.
    What you can't do is what you're doing now: a teaser site that makes all kinds of claims about singing with no concrete examples of people actually singing.  That makes it difficult for anyone to spend $137 sight unseen (or ear unheard, as the case may be).
    Finally, get rid of this site format.  Legitimate corporate entities selling products do not make a product page that runs on for days.  Instead, you need to break up the site into a more legitimate format.  Just visit any corporate web site selling a product or service and the difference between your site and theirs is immediately apparent: Short page formats, product descriptions that are clear and concise, store fronts with a cart, actual checkout forms that work right, etc etc.  You should probably set up about and contact pages.  Right now this site screams scam. Making the change to legitimize your web site layout will legitimize the products you sell and actually make it far easier to sell your products and services.
    Good luck.

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