Welcome to Per Bristow's new blog!

Yup, once upon a time I used to write articles/blog posts and they were often well received. So here’s my thinking: Why not start again?

Yes, the time has come to get this blog rolling again!

So what will I cover? Well, as you may know, my passions lie in areas such as effective skill development, mental and physical conditioning for success, peak performance training, and more, to be able to draw out far more of what you are capable of in life.

I have used these strategies to help people improve their voices, including overcoming voice dysfunctions, to to be able to express, communicate, perform and live with greater confidence and freedom.

Many think of me as a voice and performance coach since I developed the Bristow Voice Method and the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone and Speak With Freedom courses (which are the home study versions of the Bristow Voice Method.)

So let’s begin here by addressing the “voice”.

What is the “voice”, and what does your voice mean to you?

Everyone who has experienced a voice problem knows how devastating that becomes. Suddenly you can’t express, you can’t communicate, you can’t be you. The voice is the most powerful instrument we have for communication. The first thing that you did in this lifetime was to engage your voice to begin the breathing process.

Your voice is intimately linked with who you are. But many are the voices (perhaps most) who have been held back. Many were never allowed, or they never gave themselves permission, to express and explore this instrument. Nor have many really explored what they are truly capable of in life.

We can argue that we all “sang” before we were able to construct words into sentences and create language. Not surprisingly, song (and dance) is the universal language of expression and bonding. Every community that is not repressed sings - in joy and in sorrow.

Yet, we all want to express. We all want to be heard. We all want to be able to share our thoughts, ideas, views, and be able to have an impact on our world. We all want to be able to create deep connections with other human beings, to attract, bond, and be able to inspire, empower and influence.

Yes, the voice is so much more that just a sound. And yet the sound of your voice - or rather, the energy that is emitted when you make a sound - has a direct impact on how you resonate with other people.

What does your voice mean to you?

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