So in the last blog post we addressed the voice. Let’s today address the issue of “performance”. I am known as a voice and performance coach, so let's address the issue of how to perform well. What does it mean to "perform"? What does that word “performance” mean?

“Performance” to me is not just about getting up on stage, or performing on a sports field. Being able to perform well is about being able to live life with greater enjoyment and greater success. We want our body and mind to perform well. If the body and mind doesn’t perform well, life becomes tough. Training - i.e. being engaged in activities to improve - is about getting the the body and mind to perform at higher levels and with greater functionality - whether it is about getting the vocal cord to operate with greater functionality, or getting your body and mind to operate at higher levels during times of pressure and stress.

Being able to perform well when it matters the most is perhaps the most valuable skill we can ever develop.

It is the person who finds creative solutions when the pressure is on who becomes highly rewarded. In fact, the person who can perform at high levels will likely be seen as a role model and leader, and therefore becomes very influential.

On the other hand, the person who chokes, panics, loses composure, focus, or becomes stressed and weaker during times of distress, does not only create havoc to his/her own body and mind, but also to his/her surroundings.

It is the person who can turn things around when things aren’t going well, who lives a more empowered, healthy, confident, joyful and peaceful life.

The person who can be confident, free, spontaneous, creative, alive is not only the person who becomes very attractive on stage, but attractive in life.

Realize, however, that these are developed skill. It is not just about mindset, although mindset is crucial. (Operating with an empowering mindset is also a developed skill.)

Being “confident” is a developed skill. Becoming more spontaneous, alive and more creative are developed skills. Getting your body and mind to operate and perform at higher levels, whether in life in general, on stage in front of people, or in other “pressured” situations, is not only doable but highly rewarding.

What is “performance” to you?

It is the person who can be resourceful in the midst of chaos who becomes valuable in any field. It is the person who has developed skills to find inner strength during challenging times who can heal and live with greater well-being.

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