I recently had the pleasure of attending the Academy Awards and it sure is a fascinating experience in many ways, from stars flaunting their costu— I mean outfits, to stars pulling media stunts, to the intense security.

But what I really want to address is the creativity and the innovative thinking that is part of creating a movie. In fact, I think it is exceptionally valuable for us all to look at our lives this way… well, not as a fictional movie, but … well, let me explain.

From an outsider’s point of view it might seem that life in Hollywood is all glamour, and maybe it is for people who are more into fashion and parties than I am. But what I find when I’m around people in the movie and music industry, is that there truly is a genuine love for the art of telling human stories and to make a positive difference in the world.

A great story, whether orally passed down through generations, written in the form of a book, or told using the latest technical devices, can have tremendous impacts on us. It certainly has for me. Stories touch us in so many ways.

Art in all forms touch us in so many ways.

What is also fascinating with movie making and the Hollywood industry in general is how it also has helped push human creativity and productivity in the field of science. Thomas Edison was in the forefront, but the movie industry has been instrumental in many technological advances, such as imaging techniques that benefit health industries, manufacturing and our daily lives. Let’s also not forget that Steve Jobs had one foot in the movie and music industry.

Arts and science have been tied closely together since the beginning of human innovation, and it’s not surprising that the great innovators were often great musicians and lovers of art.

Let hope our educational systems never forget that.

Like in all fields there is, of course, much produced that I would consider speculative nonsense - made without any purpose and coming from a low level of consciousness. But there is also an enormous amount of work that is done with the intent to influence, inspire, and provoke to create positive changes within us human beings and in the world.

And what I admire most about people with such a creative and innovative mindset is their appetite for learning and growing - learning about themselves and others, such as other cultures and other ways of thinking. For innovators and creators it is not about doing what you once already did, but about exploring new ways creating and doing.

Now, you may not think of yourself as an innovator in that sense, but I recommend you do. You are in fact being creative and innovative every day. You need to. You need to be innovative when it comes to your career and life, in solving problems, in helping others with their problems.

You are creative and innovative when you sing, when you create an exciting dinner, a birthday party, a poem, a joke, a process to speed up your workflow, a way to get something done more efficiently than before, even exploring a different route to work. You’re even being creative and innovative when you practice your singing (at least that’s what I encourage), or when you figure out a new way to motivate you to get up in the morning, or when you explore new ways of thinking about things.

The Oscar goes to YOU, who is forever innovative and creative in your own way.

How have you been creative and innovative today?

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  • Love your article! It’s a positive way to think of our activities and something to incorporate into our plans for each day!

  • Hi Per,

    Thank you for such an encouraging words!
    I never thought of it like this, and this way of thought motivates me to be innovative conciously every single day.
    Indeed innovation is not just break throughs but every bit of positive energy you put in to make your life more enjoyable and learn so much each day.
    Today i was able to explore my work in a new dimension.
    I put together some metrics which can help measure the quality of my work over time and my value add to the team i work for.


  • Thank you Per. I love you for what you do for me, for us, so inspiring in such a lovely way.
    The sun is here shining to and the birds are singing in Amsterdam. And it is Woman’s day!!!
    love Annelies

  • Thank you, Peter! I’m being innovative in having read all the posts and after analysing them… I dare to risk being called repetitive and non-innovative because I simply choose the same words to express my feelings towards your muse-like words: THANK YOU!

  • After 3 hours working on marketing my self as a singer-songwriter via multimedia, I went for a run to prepare for my vocal lesson today. I’m on lesson four, Mind and body fed, I am in a place to create and experiment vocally an mentally, very important for a continued upwards journey… on the way up and especially at the top, one should try their best to give back to humanity and our planet.

    I found an app called Onething that seems to be all about positive feedback, I think many people could use such a platform for personal positivity. 😉

  • Per–Very well stated. Your words are for all people in all walks of life. I am a senior who has enjoyed music especially singing, but I never joined a singing group. Over the years my church choir director had asked me to join the choir. Last year I joined. What a new creative experience this has been for me. It is this reason I joined your Singing Zone. This has been a wonderful creative ride. Your passion for your personal gift and talent is obvious, so Thank You.

    You asked how we have been creative today–I have a new blender/mixer and I am having fun trying the recipes. My plan is to try a new one each day. Making the drinks and meals from scratch are certainly healthier than buying the food from the stores that have additives that we do not need.

    Anna Jean Venable

  • Hey Per – How can a person not be [positive with all the people who gave a resume of creativity . Reading your material can only inspire anyone . thank you .

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