Remarkable Performance at Per Bristow Live Event


At "Per Bristow Live" in Toronto, I had the pleasure of inviting Deidrey Francois up on the stage. Only a few years ago, she didn't believe she could sing - that she wasn't "good enough". No one in the audience was prepared for the emotional impact she would have on us all. Here's the video. (Although this video does of course not do justice to the amazing experience we had in the room.) Much of my Live Event is about learning how we can recognize the restrictions that hold us back in life, … [Read more...]

Sing For Good – Tania de Jong – How Singing Together Changes The Brain

Per and Tania

Here's a beautiful global initiative to sing for good - Yes, to do good and feel good through singing - to help our brains and lives become healthier, happier and more creative. The benefits of singing, as you probably already know, are numerous. There are significant changes in your brain chemistry from singing. In addition, this global Sing For Good initiative gives us a way to help others. … [Read more...]

Use This To Achieve Your Goals

I'm sitting here in the Los Angeles sunshine today (we have had a couple of really warm days), doing what I love to do this time of the year. And that is to reflect. I am in one sense a very future driven person.  I have always been a big dreamer. However, part of dreaming big and being able to accomplish big goals and dreams is to also be able to reflect on the past. In order to achieve goals we need to learn, develop, and grow in some way.  Right?  After all, what point is a goal if … [Read more...]

The Abuse That Kills Children’s (And Adult’s) Voices

I am addressing this for the sake of our children, for the sake of you adults, as well as society in general.  In my previous article, I wrote about the tragic beliefs that prevent so many from living fulfilled lives.  In fact, it prevents people from fulfilling some basic human needs.  As a parent, educator and coach, having personally coached hundreds of people (thousands probably) with belief systems that stem from subconscious traumas often formed in childhood, this deeply concerns me. When … [Read more...]

Is It True People Believe This About Singing?

Is it really true?  Please say it isn’t so.  Help me out here. Is it really true that people in this day and age believe this about singing? Here are some examples posted from people on Facebook: “U can not teach anyone to sing! It is a gift!" “If you aren't born singing, it is like art, you can't be taught.” “If you can sing, you can. If you can’t, why pretend” “You either have it or you don’t.  No singing lessons will help you much” Can it … [Read more...]