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Aussi singer / songwriter Brioni Faith

By Per Bristow

Here I got to chat with fascinating Australian singer songwriter Brioni Faith on the creative process, voice and more! Hopefully you will find this helpful and can apply what we chat about into many areas of your life.How does she write her songs? How does a mix of her song come about? What does she do with her voice? Does she practice?...[Read more... ]

When “Follow Your Dreams” Gets Tough

By Per Bristow

“Follow your dreams”! You’ve heard that all your life. And you’ve done it. Maybe as an artist, athlete, or entrepreneur. But now with all the struggle… the challenges… it’s not so fun anymore… you’ve lost the joy… It’s a common feeling for artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Dominic Cincotta is an amazing singer. But he lost the joy he once had...[Read more... ]

Peak Performance: A Lesson From Tom Brady

By Per Bristow

peak performance

Those who watched the Super Bowl Sunday witnessed something absolutely extraordinary – a remarkable display of peak performance that became the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Now let’s see what we can learn from this… I’ll be honest, I’m not a super fan of American Football. And however much you love or hate Tom Brady is irrelevant in regards...[Read more... ]

The Power of Vulnerability 2

By Per Bristow

In the previous post I addressed performance anxiety and the power of vulnerability, or in that case "how to get a standing ovation". Here's another example, although maybe in a different way. Below you see a clip from my Live Event in Las Vegas (Click here to register for next event). This was a moment that became very special and...[Read more... ]

The Power Of Vulnerability

By Per Bristow

Yes, the power of vulnerability — or we could in this case call it “How To Get A Standing Ovation”. The video below is from the recent Live Event in Melbourne (next event is in London May 21). Every event is slightly different, and this time we had Alinta come up on stage. As with many performers, performance anxiety is...[Read more... ]

Paul Shortino at Per Bristow Live

By Per Bristow

At “ Per Bristow Live ” in Las Vegas, Paul Shortino – star of the Las Vegas hit show Raiding The Rock Vault – showed up. Why? Even though he was struggling with overcoming the flu… “Raiding The Rock Vault” is known not only for the amazing vocal performances and musicianship, but also for the beautiful connection with the audience....[Read more... ]